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Wait, This Cat Is Riding a Bicycle AND Wearing a Tiny Hat? Say It Ain’t So!

Riding the bike is one thing, but wearing a tiny hat while doing so is another thing. Mind = blown.

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 31st 2012

Okay, folks, want to see something really cute? It’s Tuesday — of course you do. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through Monday, and let yourself take a couple of minutes to watch this video of a cat riding a bicycle and wearing the most adorable tiny hat. And not just any tiny hat, but a tiny leopard-print cowboy hat. How on earth did her person get her to wear that little hat? And ride a bike? It’s probably the silliest, cutest thing we’ve ever seen! (Also, where on earth does one purchase a tiny leopard-print cowboy hat?)

Video via BuzzFeed.

Maybe cats are more into bicycles than we think? Just check out this kitty going for a ride in someone’s bicycle basket. So peaceful, so serene, so adorable! How do we get our cats to ride on a bicycle with us?

And here’s Winston, formerly of FourFour, going for a bike ride in style on a pink cruiser. What Winston lacks in a cute little hat, he makes up for with his pink leash.

Does your kitty like to wear miniature human clothes? Go for a bike ride? How did you get them to do it? We want to know!

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