World Vets is on the Ground in Japan but Rescues Don't Come Easy

 |  Mar 19th 2011  |   2 Contributions

This cat was found 4 days after the tsunami by a soldier in the Japanese army and was brought to the shelter!

World Vets has been in Sendai, Japan this week, attempting to rescue and treat as many animal victims as possible. Here's their latest report:

World Vets first responder deployment has been in the strike zone of Sendai Japan this week, working alongside local rescue group Animal Friends Niigata. We are happy to share pictures of these animals that were rescued after the tsunami and are now safe at the local no-kill shelter in Sendai until they can hopefully be reunited with their guardians. Donations are still urgently needed as we help the animals of Japan. Donate here:

and here is their Sunday 3/20 update:

We have three teams going out on Tuesday to each of the stricken prefectures: Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate. All teams will be taking supplies and two will definitely be picking up animals. The difficulties of the fuel supply and the road situation means that all journeys are far more challenging than normal. We are going to focus on the areas that are outside the centres where we know that help is not getting in.

They are posting photos and updates on their Facebook page:


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