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Meet Waffles, the Scottish Fold Sensation

Having a bad day? Just look at Waffles. Presto, you feel better! This is happening all over the Internet.

 |  Jul 9th 2012  |   4 Contributions

Almost too adorable for words, please meet Waffles, the precious Scottish Fold kitty who has become an Internet darling.

With his very own Tumblr and Facebook pages, Waffles has caught the eye of thousands of Internet surfers with his cute-as-a-button face. His photos have been reblogged and shared across the Internet, and we like to imagine that every computer monitor he reaches is sprinkled with a magic dust that makes viewers instantly happy. One Waffles fan even wrote that after having a lousy day, looking at pictures of the Creamsicle-colored kitty brightened her day. It is the power of Waffles.

How can you stay upset looking at that face?

Waffles (even his name is cute!) was the runt of his litter, but was lucky to find a loving furever home. His hobbies -- besides being aww-inspiring -- include people-watching, licking, and playing.

People love him so much that they've created T-shirts and artwork celebrating his preciousness.

Waffles as fashion statement.

Cuteness times 1 million!!!

And Waffles, of course, takes it all in stride. He still enjoys his humble creature comforts, purr-ferring a warm sunny spot to sleep in over a fancy cat bed. To a cat like Waffles, the ultimate luxury is just a basket of freshly laundered clothes.

But that's enough talking for now. Let's go back to looking at Waffles!

"Come here often?"

Speechless. Too adorable for words.

Well, this is awkward.

How Waffles makes us feel!

 Photos and images via Waffles' Tumblr 


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