New Device Prevents Pets From Eating out of Wrong Bowl

 |  Feb 9th 2011  |   5 Contributions

Dog foodphoto 2007 Chris Gladis | more info (via: Wylio)
Clients frequently express exasperation when one of their pets eats the other's food. Perhaps each pet has special dietary needs. Perhaps one is obese and the other is emaciated. Perhaps one is a cat and one is a dog.

Common sense suggestions, such as feeding each pet separately in separate rooms or keeping the cat's food out of the dog's reach are in some cases not practical. In many other cases these sorts of efforts require more wherewithal than the hapless owner can muster.

Human ingenuity has come to the rescue. An article from Houston outlines a new invention that prevents pets from eating out of the wrong bowl. The pet prone to inappropriate dish diving wears a magnetically encoded tag, and the bowl blocks access to the pet wearing the tag.

As far as I can tell, the product isn't on the market yet. But it has been patented. Perhaps the inventor also will manufacture special garbage cans (and litter boxes!) that lock when the tag-toting animal approaches.


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