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7 Ways My Cats Live Better Than I Do

My cute little yoga and meditation masters live beautiful, carefree lives. I wish I could, too.

 |  Apr 18th 2013  |   6 Contributions

I’ve already confessed that I spoil my cats rotten, but there’s a good reason for that –- beyond being an indulgent pet parent, that is. The fact of the matter is, their role as mentors and teachers makes all the crazy toys, deluxe condos, and premium foods worth it. My cats are the masters of teaching me what really matters in life, and until those lessons finally sink through my thick skull into my brain, they’ll always live better than I do.

Here are just a few of the ways my cats’ quality of life surpasses mine.

1. They get all the vacation time they could possibly want

Every cat has a take-it-as-you-need-it vacation policy. If only more employers had the same awesome idea!

Bella's ready for a road trip!

2. I clean their bathrooms more often than I clean mine

Why not? Scooping clumps out of litter boxes is a lot less of a pain in the butt than spending quality time with a mop, a toilet brush, Barkeepers Friend, and a scrubber-sponge.

Cleaning a litterbox by Shutterstock

3. They sleep in luxuriously soft beds all day

If my office chair were as comfortable as my cats’ beds, I’d probably sleep all day, too. Well, actually, I probably wouldn’t -- but I would take plenty of naps.

Siouxsie didn't even wait for me to take her new bed out of its box before she claimed it.

4. They get daily massages

There’s no shortage of relaxing touch at Paws and Effect HQ. In fact, my cats are pretty good about taking turns, so each one gets equal petting time.

Kissy gets her regularly scheduled rub-down.

5. They have lots of time to practice their yoga

Since they don’t have to go to work, they can spend hours and hours in the discipline of becoming more flexible and bendy -- and all that flexing and stretching has lots of health benefits!

How did Thomas manage to get like that, and which part goes where?

6. And they have plenty of time to meditate

Once they’re finished with their yoga exercises, my feline overlords move on to their daily meditation sessions. These usually involve a sun puddle or a nearby heat source.

Siouxsie meditates in a sun puddle.

7. They’ve mastered the art of serenity

Because of their lifelong study of yoga and meditation, cats can face life with a remarkable level of serenity. With the grace and compassion of a Zen master, they sit quietly with me when I’m crying myself to sleep (or trying to breathe away my anger and frustration) and recite the cat version of a calming mantra ... which happens to sound a lot like a purr.

Thomas and Bella demonstrate the art of serenity.

In what ways do your cats live better than you? Share the things you admire and envy about your cats in the comments!

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