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Coopurr 360

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What's in a name?

February 19th 2010 6:35 pm
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Well...I'll tell ya what's in a name!

Anyone else out there named after someone on TV? Well, I've got a real paw-blem here.

There's this dude on CNN. His name is Anderson Coo-PER.

Now, apparently, the Meowm has admired him since long before he put on that red rain slicker and told off some governor or someone like that in New Orleans.

Anyway, Meowm digs his messages. She understands his "paw politics." And she thinks he's kinda cute.

And...since he has gray hair...Meowm thought it would be awfully cute to name me after him.

However, as I said...I gots me a little paw-blem with that. Not that he always sticks up for the downtrodden. Not that he's an advocate for wildlife. That's all good stuffs.

BUT...dude spells his name WRONG.

Meowm says that technically, I -- underscore that -- am the gray beast who is wrong here.

She claims she had a couple of names picked out before she adopted me. "Eddy" was her first choice...after her favorite French rock dude. Nah...

"Stewie" was another. After the "Family Guy" Stewie. But after that one time when she put me back in my kennel at the shelter...and I stuck my paw out...and she put her finger up...and I wrapped said paw around her finger...wellllll...she didn't think I was remotely capable of matricide.

So that apparently brought us to Cooper...only...she realized that there was this combination of her COO-ing and me PURR-ing...and...that's how it all came about.

Now...I ain't gonna argue the chicken before the egg thing. Really...if a tree falls in the forest...who CARES anymore?

But when I hear "Anderson Cooper" on gets kinda confusing!!!!

Now, I KNOW my name is Coopurr Anderson Hays Vanderbilt. But I only get that when I'm getting into things I'm not really supposed to get into. Usually, it's followed by the presentation of the water bottle, at which point I run for cover.

Like...not only can't the dude SPELL...but he mixed up the names!

And don't even get me started on those Vet people. Do you know that the receptionist at my eye doctor called me COUPON? COUPON? Meowm said, "I don't have a coupon!" And the chick said, "Noooooo...your CAT'S NAME..."

Oh, yeah. Even my regular vet girls can't seem to get it right. They call and say, "Coo. Purr. Hasanappointmenttomorrowatnoon..."

Meowm sez it's like Rick Springfield and Bruce Springsteen...and I don't know what she's talking about so I'm not even going there.

WOW...I'm tired. It's time for cookies. I gotta go snack and nap. I'm already a half hour late on that!

Have a pawsome weekend, everyfur!


Tonight on 360...a NEW segment!

February 18th 2010 5:51 pm
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So tonight we're going to start something new on "Coopurr 360." When I feel like it -- READ, my fur-riends -- when I have something to comment on...I shall explore the Catster Question of the Week in depth.

This will be (at least for this post) a Coop Sez/Meowm Sez segment.

So...we begin...

"If your kitty could choose to be a famous fictional cat, who would s/he be?"
* Garfield
* Hello Kitty
* The Cheshire Cat
* Felix the Cat
* Other

Meowm Sez: This was sort of a difficult one to choose....

Coop Sez: Sooooo...which one did you pick for ME????

Meowm Sez: I actually had to choose CHESHIRE CAT.

Coop Sez: Say WUUUUUT?

Meowm Sez: default...and due to the cuteness of your SMILE. Just naturally. All the time.

Coop Sez: (*turns head to side, questioning) You sayin' I'm...weird or something?

Meowm Sez: OH, NO! I ARE weird about certain'll ONLY eat seafood...and you're very particualr about when and where you suck your thumb...but...

Coop Sez: Buuuuuuuut...?

Meowm Sez: But you're a happpy cat. Um, like...abnormally happy. Like...I've never witnessed a cat so...happy. And sometimes...just when you're about to do something you KNOW you're not supposed to do...your sweet little smile looks like a devious grin...

Coop Sez: Hmmmm...good point! I like devious...

Meowm Sez: Would you preferred that I'd chosen "Hello Kitty"?

Coop Sez: Hell-NOOOO, Kitty.

Meowm Sez: Um...Coopurr Anderson Hays're not allowed to swear until you're 4!

Coop Sez: OK. Good-BYE, Kitty. But what about Garfield?

Meowm Sez: Nah. He's the quintissential orange tabby, which was Meowm's favorite until she discovered the BLUES...

Coop Sez: 'Nuff sed. 'Nuff sed. THE BLUES RULES!!!!!!!!! (*Paw-ses in sadness*) And I know I'll never be a Felix. That was my brofur...

Meowm Sez: Actually, Felix was NOT named after Felix the Cat. He was named after the hero in Meowmmy's favorite book/movie/musical, "Grand Hotel": Felix Amadeus Benvenuto VonGaigern....

Coop Sez: Yeah...I don't like musicals...and Felix liked most musicals...except for "Grand Hotel."

Meowm Sez: He didn't like the gunshots on the CD...

Coop Sez: (*covers mouth and mutters*): Wusss...

Meowm Sez: Coooooooopurrrrrrrrr...Anderson....Hays...

Coop Sez (cutting Meowm off): So maybe I DO kinda fit into the Cheshire Cat-egory...

Meowm Sez: And you can be a little ornery boy...which really is soooooo charming...even when you wake me up in the middle of the night...

Coop Sez (*with a look of REVELATION): I'm kinda diggin' it now, Meowm. Cheshire Cat...yeah...I get ya...

Meowm Sez: Whew! Glad we settled that! It's one less thing you'll need to discuss with your shrink.

Coop Sez: Shrink? What's THAT? Sounds like i'll have to be shoved into my carrier to visit him/her...

Meowm Sez: Sweetheart...dearest...LOVIE of my were born and found on the streets of Brooklyn...taken to a shelter in Manhattan...then returned to Brooklyn in a taxi to remain in your Forever Home. You are, little one...a NEW YORK CITY CAT...and BOUND for's why we're soooo concerned with medical benefits here!

Coop Sez: Yeah, well, good for us. God bless America. God bless New York. And God bless YOU, Meowm, because it's gonna be a looooooong night.

Meowm Sez: Whaaaa...?

Coop Sez: Let's just say that I'm in my rambunctious stage, as you like to call it -- and so does that shrink person, probably...and I LOVE staying up when you're trying to sleep. And as YOUR favorite band, Duran (*insert paw in mouth and GAG*) Duran once said: "I like noise...cuz I like wakin' up...the HOUSE...cannot sit down...CAN'T SHUT MY MOUTH..."

(Coop doubles over in laughter.)

Coop Sez:'s the Cheshire Cat in me...yeah...CUZ WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND ME...YOU MIGHT FEEL GOOD AROUND ME NOW! Ewww...I hate quoting Duran (*insert paw in mouth and GAG*) Duran...

This concludes another episode of COOPURR 360. And the segment, "Coop Sez/Meowm Sez."

PS Does Anderson Cooper have to SUFFER through these things with HIS Meowmmy????


I love you, Ro!

February 18th 2010 7:26 am
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Cow Kickeroo...buh-BYE. There's a new toy in town!

Yeah, I kinda have a new favorite toy again. Please see my photo album. It's the last pic...and yes -- that's me with little Ro clenched in my teeth! Isn't she pretty?

Her name is Ro. That's short for RoDENT. Meowm and I aren't quite sure what kind of rodent she is I'm just calling her Ro.

I've been going crazy with Ro, keeping Meowm up late by scooting Ro across the floors and making LOTS of noise while she's trying to watch the Olympics.

I've even started doing some acrobatic tricks with Ro -- batting her in the air really high and jumping and turning to catch her inmy teeth. Meowm said that would qualifity me for GYMNASTICS. But unfortunately, that's a SUMMER game.

Ro, I know I chew you up and spit you out and dig my little claws into you...and you already have a couple of war wounds from our playtime...but I LOVE YOU, Ro-Ro!



Kitten Fun

February 16th 2010 11:06 am
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I had some fun last night...after Meowm took two Tylenol PMs and crawled into bed.

You see...the Meowm was all caught up in this stupid Bachelor show last night. No, she didn't completely ignore me -- in fact, she petted me while I sucked my thumb and napped beside her during most of that tortuous show.

What she forgot to do was run me around the living room with either one of my cat dancers or my laser light!

You know what that means...Coopurr's 9 p.m. nap was just enough to PERK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, getting back...Meowm was in bed, trying to go to sleep. And I was bored and wide awake.

And OF COURSE, rather than taking my new undiscernable rodent toy to the other side of the house and gnawing on it like a good boy...I HAD to go flipping and bouncing and sliding around on the hardwood floors in the hallway right outside Meowm's open bedroom door. (She wouldn't dare to close it -- she knows I might need her during the night!!! Or...decide to grace her with my presence!!!!)

I think she finally went to sleep...I think I might have as well. But I kept her awake for a good hour...

I also woke her up a second time when I jumped on top of her to suck my thumb. (Don't laugh -- I had a bad dream, and I wanted my Meowmmy, OK?) She never gets mad when I suck my thumb. So I don't think she really cared.

But, my fur-riends, this should teach her a lesson. The Coop MUST have a run every night before bedtime...otherwise...well...MOL!



Some Valentine's Business...

February 14th 2010 11:17 am
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Happy Meowlentines' Day, everyfur!!!! This will be a lengthy one!

I hope you're having a wonderful day filled with treats and toys.

The FURST order of business today is a BIG MEOWSAH to my two Secret Pals from my group "I'm no longer alone" -- Ishtar (I was her SP) and Michis (she was my SP). I just want to thank both of you special ladies for being the bestest! A furry big hug to both of you!

Ish, you really made it fun being your pal. And you were always so appreciative of all my poems and rosettes. It made this Russian Blue smile even bigger every time you wrote about how excited you were.

And speaking of Russian Blues...Michis, you did a top notch job of keeping this kitten-cat on his toes! I had no idea it was you...and you kept me guessing until the very end! I love all of my gifties, and I'm so glad you got my name!

BTW, Michis...that was my very furst "Girl Kiss" that you sent me. I never had one except for Meowm and my Aunties Jen and Joyce. That was Pawesome!

Second order of business -- and Valentine's Day is kind of a business -- would be my prezzies from MEOWM.

She got me another bed. (I had two. Ripped one to shreds in my baby-hood, and the other one must stay in the dining room. Don't. Move. My. Bed!) So Meowm thought I'd like one similar to my other place...duh! IN THE BEDROOM!

And I got another kitty blankie to go with it. It's TIGER-striped!!! I just lovvvvvve blankies!

The condo was also a Valentine's gift, but she let me open that early.

She also got me some freeze-dried shrimpie treats! (Yummers, Yummers, Yummers!) Some toy fishies that crinkle when you gnaw on them. (I don't chew -- I gnaw.)'s favorite rodent. We're not sure what it is. But it's a catnip toy that I can fit right into my mouth and carry around the living room like the Giant Tiger I aspire to be. (See the new pic on my page.) I'll probably go back to my cow this evening, but for's a favorite.

I sooooo love small rodent toys and fisihies, and Meowm knows that. She understands that as I clutch them in my jaws and trot around like a great jungle beast that I'm just asserting my inner-Wilds. She also said that if a real mouse was in the house, I wouldn't have a clue what to do with it!

Anyway...I hope everyone is having a PAWESOME Valentine's Day! And thank you all again for reading my ramblings.

Big heart-shaped purrs,


Coop is Now a Condo-Owner...

February 13th 2010 9:55 am
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HA! And Meowmmy still rents!

Yes, I am now the purrroud owner of a kitty condo! Wow, that thing is cool. It has three levels...even a toy hanging down from the top purch. And a little tunnel. But the "bedroom" on the bottom is just PAWESOME.

I'm still sniffing my way around it, but I figured out right away that it was indeed MY condo. NO MEOWMS ALLOWED. Especially in my bedroom! That's purrivate space. I'm a young man now!

I'm SURE Meowm will post pics soon. She just wants me to get used to it before she starts snapping away.

But I'm diggin' it. Purrrretty cooooool.



Mewom is SO weird...

February 11th 2010 6:27 pm
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Sometimes Meowmmy is so weird. Like...if she likes a rosette, she'll just post it on my page and sign it, "Love Meowmmy."

Kinda embarassing for a young cat like me who is trying to make his way into adulthood. You know...having your MEOWM post rosettes on your page...

This time, she just had to go and post a Fleur de Lis. Fellow furs, let me tell you something: Between our dinng room and living room, you wallow in those fleur de lis thingies.

But the Meowm is a French-o-Freak or something...there's a name for people like her, but I forget what it is. And she just thought I needed one. ONE that specifically said, LOVE MEOWMMY.

Now, there is no one on this Earf that I love more than Meowm. But she gets a little carried away sometimes. And I just want everyone to know that I did not put her up to it. She did it herself.

But...she's still my Valentine!


Purrrrrease Purr for Pigeon!

February 4th 2010 7:27 pm
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I hate when my friends aren't feeling well, and a good friend of mine is sick tonight.

My buddy -- and fellow Blue -- Pigeon could really use your purrs right now. So let's start the purr chain going for him. OK?

On the count of three...






BRAVO, Official Catster Peeps!

January 29th 2010 10:08 am
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Oh, the lovely peeps who write the content for this wonderful website really did something super-wonderful on this week's front page. Some intelligent creature decided that it would be helpful to post an article called, "HOW TO TRIM A CAT''S NAILS."

Are they CRAZY? After all of my little troubles with the pawdecures...they go and post a HOW-TO??? Do they READ MY DIARY? Do they not UNDERSTAND that the Big C just cannot have them trimmed...(unless Meowm shoves me into the carrier and takes me into the pouring rain to the vet to have them done.)

One snip too close, and it's lethal, I'm telling you. Well...maybe not quite that bad...but bad enough. And I don't know about you -- but I just don't trust the humans enough to do it.

It ain't a trimmin' -- it's TRAUMA. In the third degree!

Now...somecat has to get off this computer and figure out how he's going to keep his Meowmmy off the computer until they take that horrible, nasty, scarey story down. She CANNOT see it.

Nobody tell her, OK? And BOYCOTT NAIL TRIMMINS!!!!

Ciao-meow for now,


Valentine's Tag

January 28th 2010 12:21 pm
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Hi, everyfur --

My bud Kally Kat tagged me in a fun Valentine's Day game! Answer these questions then tag five others.

1. Do you have a Valentine?... If so... who?
Nope -- unless Meowmmy counts. I'm not allowed to date until I"m three years old.

2. If not... do you wish you did? ... Is there anyone particular?... Or would you rather be single? ...Why?
I'm kinda still a baby. I mean...I still suck my thumb on a nightly basis. I think I'll enjoy the single life for now.

3. What’s your favorite Love Song?... Who sings it?
"Rock n Roll Heart" by Eric Clapton. It's the only song I like! (Meowm plays mostly crappy 80s stuff!)

4.What would be a Perfect Valentines Day for you?
Just a nice day with Meowm...maybe get a new toy...and treats!

I'm tagging...

1 Baby Girl
2 Athena
3 Ishtar
4 Loki
5 Michis

Happy Valentines Day! ♥

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