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Happy New Year

January 2nd 2014 7:39 pm
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We are glad to put 2013 to bed. While there were some good times, there was much sadness for us. Stressful things, like all of us have. Things are settling down a bit - Momma has the last dregs of year end crap for the company to finish up, and then hopefully things will be quiet for a while. Human sister is doing ok, she has had some sad times - this starting over is hard for her, and she is still very hurt by the jerk-head dude, but she is trying to keep her chin up. Momma told her that great things are in store, and sometimes a door must close for another to open. Human brother will be getting married in 4 months! - Momma still cannot beleive it, but it is all good. I have been a bit ornery, but Momma says the stress of things probably has made me cranky, so in a way it is good that the holidays are done. I can chill down. We are trying to slowly get back here, but wanted to wish all of you blessings for much happiness & for a great 2014! pawtaps!


A Holiday wish from The Quartet & updates

December 22nd 2013 6:57 am
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We really have not been on Catster too much - things have been insane around here. Mom has been working so much, and with trying to re-arrange a bunch for our human sister to come home, and then throw all the holiday prep in there - well all of you are just as hectic I'm sure.
We just wanted to take this few minutes to wish you a lovely Holiday season whatever you may celebrate, and a Healthy,Prosperous New Year to everyone. Hopefully after the holidays, things should start to settle down. Our human girl will be home, and then Momma has to start preparing for our human brother getting married. To Momma he is still her baby boy, and will always be, but he is 26 - so he isn't that little... Our girl should be home tomorrow. She took 10 days to drive back from Seattle, visiting the Grand Canyon, Vegas, a cousin in Texas, and a stop New Orleans. (which she says is SO AWESOME she thought she would explode!) A cathartic journey to help heal from the heartache of recent events. Momma is glad that she will be home, and close by again. Now she just needs to start the job search all over again. Also Felix will be going in for full xrays - he is just not any better, and a 1 year old kitty should not spend his days just laying on a bed or on the cat-tree looking out the window. He must be in pain, so the vet will be checking all his bones & conferring with another orthopedic specialist to see if they can do anything for him. Momma just wants him to be able to run around like the 3 of us all do - he deserves it. So we will keep you posted on all that business. Thank goodness for Care Credit & insurance, otherwise this would be impossible.

Oh something horrible that happened - on Thanksgiving, The Dad was outside getting ready to fry a turkey (he has done this for years...mmmm) a few doors down, they have a little black & white shitzu type dog - very yappy but whatever. All of a sudden, The Dad hears a loud yelp & a lady screaming - the big pitbull a few doors down on the other side of us was in their yard & had grabbed the little dog by the neck. The man there was kicking the dog to drop his dog. Well, we have not seen that little dog since, so it probably either was killed, or had to be put down from injuries. We also have not heard the other dog barking in his yard. The people would chain him outside all the time, and he would bark non-stop & then get loose and go after people. So it was terrible on so many accounts. The pit could have been a nice doggie if trained properly & kept in his yard, and the little dog would be safe. That is why Momma ALWAYS keeps our gates closed no matter what even though I am out on a leash, she worried what could happen if he got into our yard. Shudder.....

Also, please watch where you place a burning candle. Momma did not know this, but Nana had a candle on her dresser, and I decided to jump up there to see if she had anything good to sniff at, and got too close & singed a few whiskers. Nana felt so bad, but now when she burns it, she will close her door. That is why Momma only has one in a spot where we cannot jump. So be careful out there! I was lucky, I only have a couple of crispy whiskers, and learned my lesson, but somecat could get hurt. I sure hope Santa will still bring me something.....I try to be good, I really do, but Tiggers is just so bouncy....

So, we thank everyone for any wishes,, and send our best to anyone we have missed for bdays or gotchas or even get wells - but we really will be back soon, Momma misses everyone very much.

Peace, Love & Joy to all purrs from Tig, Maizy, Smitty & Felix


here for a quick minute

December 4th 2013 6:53 am
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Thank you all for the gifts, from all of us. We have not been on & missed Thanksgiving here due to some stressful stuff. Momma's daughter (our human sister) that lives in Seattle had a nasty falling out with her BF (his fault completely)- and basically had the rug pulled out from under her - she has to quit her 2 jobs & come home. It is too expensive for her to stay out there alone and she misses family too much. It has been a mad scramble to figure everything out, get ready for 16 people on turkey day (since The dad decided to tear up the basement floor like 2 weeks before, argh!) and Momma now has to turn around & move her office back down there so there so she can have that bedroom available. Momma feels so awful for her girl - what do you say & do? It will get better, but getting through it is difficult & it is hard to see your child hurting so very much & basically starting over. It was sad for Momma when she went back there, but there is packing & arranging & getting a car back here...eesh. I have been extra lovey to Momma & to my human girl too. So Momma has not had any extra time to pop in here. Hopefully in the next few days there will be a few minutes to catch up with everyone.
We do want to say that we are thankful for all of you friends, and for our family. We have full tummies, and a roof over our heads. Even the colony kitties have their own little roofs. Peace & love to all - be back asap.



November 3rd 2013 7:06 pm
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gosh thank you to everyone from all of us for the skellies! We were on Halloween, but for some reason did not pay attention to the free gifties. I dunno - Momma has been out of it lately, trying to fix the office & staring down a birthday with a number she really don't like eeek. Very thought provoking & souls searching for her (momma it is just a number...)
Things will be hectic the next couple days, there is soooo much filing for her to catch up on. We are also wanting to ask some true opinions on Felix - in a couple days. Mom wants to see what everycat thinks.

anyways thankboo for our stuffs, and we loves y'all. Meowska!


stars & angel dust

October 24th 2013 2:20 pm
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I was outside last night taking a stroll in the yard with The Dad as he was grilling up some chicken fajitas (Momma says they were YUM) I looked up & I swear that I saw a star twinkling at me! "Kaci? That is you isn't it?" I thought...The star twinkled again! and I KNEW it was her letting me know that she is watching over us all. Sweet purrs my girl!
Thank you also for the DDP wishes - I am thankful, but I was pretty worried about Kaci. MOmma says she REALLY needs to put some new pics up, and she has them, the lazy bones...Mom, ya need some nip in that coffee!

Wishing you all twinkling stars shining with angel dust from those we love...


we have lost our Sunshine

October 22nd 2013 1:11 pm
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Our sweet friend, and my special Valentine Kaci Sunshine has left for the Rainbow Bridge. She was fighting very hard, but she just got so tired and could not fight anymore, so she had to leaver her Momma. I know it was very hard, and her Momma is devistated. I bow my head & say a special kitty prayer for her. I will miss you my orangey girl-friend. With love to my Sweet Kaci Sunshine.


in honor of Feral Cat Day - a Salute to my feral colony

October 18th 2013 4:29 pm
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Tig's Momma Renee here... first off I was able to trap 2 of the last 3 ferals yesterday. I thought they were both females & one was getting pudgy so I was convinced "she" was pregnant. I thought the younger was the baby of Bunny, the 1 year old. So imagine my surprise when I called yesterday afternoon to "check on my girls" when they told me they were both MALES! OK - well maybe we need to rethink the names Bunny & Baby-Cat. Anyways, there is only one left & it is definitely a boy. He is very friendly, which makes me think he got dumped or lost. No signs are up, and I have been trying to see if he is lost, but around here - I doubt it. So Fritz will at least get neutered next week & get food & pets every day. So here is my ode to the ferals in honor of Feral Cats Day 10/16.

Feral Kitty
I see you in the alley, little one - dirty & scared, looking for anything you can find to eat - I see you eating the corn from the bird feeders. My heart breaks, and I find some food for you. I know you cannot trust, as so many places shoo you away, or worse. But little cat, welcome to my yard. It is safe here, there are bushes to nap under, lawn chairs to laze on, a cool patio in the shade when it is hot, a fountain with running water, and when the cold comes, there is shelter with nice warm straw. Here you will get 2 meals at least a day, and there are toys to play with - so that yes, for a little while, you can just be a cat, and not fear the unknown that you must face every day. Here you will get a name, here you will get sung to, here you will get talked to, and if you allow it, a good scratch & pet. Did I mention the occasional chicken & fish? Here you will not have to worry about having kittens or fighting - that option will be removed for you. I wish I could find you all homes, but I know that all of you would not be content with that either. I was able to rescue some of you, and you are off living wonderful lives with families, but to the rest of you, I offer all I can to each of you - you will have love, and will know what it is like to be part of a little family. I will fight for you if need be, watch over you best as I can, keep you as healthy as possible. I can only hope that one day, it will be rare to see a feral, but in the meantime my little ones, you can call this HOME. I salute your fight for survival every day, and I love you all...

To my little feral family: Fluff, Inky, Scaredy, Onyx, Mini-me, Tiptoe, Peanut, Jazzy, Bunny, BC & Fritz

In Loving Memory of: Boots - Rest in Peace at the Rainbow Bridge

To: Rocky,Tipper,Penguin, Panda & Foxy-I hope you are ok wherever you went off to, or are at peace.

And to those that have found a home: Felix (with me!) Cooper, Tazi, Jett & Pearl- have a happy life!

As you can see, with the exception of a few that were not related, how quickly cats can multiply. This was all before I found help at Triple R Pets to TNR my group (and they found my woodpile made a nice place to have litters). Now there is only the 11 - whew!

To all of you - give your kitty an extra pet for those out there that do not always get one.

Soft pawtaps to you all...



October 18th 2013 3:50 pm
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Wow DDP two days in a row! Thank you for the well wishes & gifties. Momma did see, but has only been popping in quick, got a bunch of work backed up, and the office is finally upstairs! Wow, I can sit on the top of the desk hutch & see out the window at the same time! Bonus for us along with Mom! The Dad is even repainting her file cabinet so it looks nice. Momma has been in such a good mood since her vacation & moving the office.

Momma want to write a separate entry in honor of Feral Cats Day that was October 16, so I will sign off for now. THis weekend is putting the garden/yard to bed for the season....bleck. I only like the cold weather cause Momma pulls out that fuzzy blankie I like.....
Have a wonderful weekend!


clearing up my entry

October 13th 2013 10:03 am
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I didn't really word my entry well - Momma & The Dad went to visit their daughter (my human sister) in Seattle. woops too much catnip...


We are back, but swamped!

October 11th 2013 2:50 pm
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Ok so Momma & The Dad abandoned us! Yes you heard it - they had the nerve to leave us for a week! Well, of course I got to sleep in Nana's bed, but that is beside the point. They went all the way to Seattle to visit our human sister. Momma was excited as she had not seen her since February, and it was the first real vacation they have had in 16 years, so I guess it was ok! But now, Momma says work is backed up so she will be doing that all weekend, and finishing moving FINALLY the rest of the office from the basement to upstairs. So we may not be on much all weekend, cause Mom has lots to do, but we may lurk a bit. I do know Momma has been in a VERY good mood since she came home, so I am guessing that seeing a human daughter is better than catnip! I was so happy to see Momma that when she called my name, I stopped midstride & yelled MEOW! & RAN to Momma so she could pick me up.- (I loves my mom)
PS Nana spoiled us all week too...extra treats....don't tell Momma...

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