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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

some people are really horrible

September 15th 2012 8:04 pm
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This afternoon, momma took Nana to a Fall Festival. Beautiful sunny day right? Having a nice time with more fun planned to follow, mom got a call on her cell from the alarm company saying they had a hit on the back door, should they have the police come? Mom says of course, I am on the way. Well my friends, they tried to open the 2 kitchen screens & 1 in brothers room, but mom always locks the windows when she leaves. So they cut the screen on the door of my beloved screen porch, then the back screen door & used one of momma's own heavy candle holders to bust in the window of the back door, and...they took The Dad's new tv that he just got a few months ago. They threw it so hard into the window that there was glass all over the whole kitchen, and the holder landed on our stoneware water bowl & broke that so there was shards & water all over. The police were there & the officer was so nice & felt so bad for momma. Luckily they did not get anything else, which makes mom feel like they waited for the house to be empty & they must have been watching thru the window & saw the tv. Dad worked so hard to save up for that tv. So of course after the initial beeps, that alarm goes off & it is VERY VERY LOUD. Then having glass shattering & strange men run into the house. Momma had to talk to the police right away, but then she ran downstairs to find us. I was under the pool table & came out. She found poor Smitty in the laundry room huddling behind the large pipe. Maizy finally came out from under the couch after more than an hour. Felix who is a scared baby to begin with is still so frightened he came out from under the very cabinet that the bad men took the tv from, and went downstairs somewhere. Momma keeps going down there, but he is still so scared. Hopefully he will get hungry & come out, cause mom does not know what else to do. She is not sure where he went. I even helped to look for him. He is so tiny & dark, he could be hiding in a corner anywhere. There is no place that he could get stuck & not be able to get out, but we are all so scared yet. Maizy keeps looking at the back door & staring - mom thinks she must have seen them come in -as she always runs to the door for The Dad. Luckily they did not get anything else, but it was bad enough. If the alarm had not gone off, they probably would have. We had to screw boards over the window on the door until the insurance man comes out. It is just so crummy that people can just do stuff like that - we are always nice to everyone, and some people are just are so horrible. Mom has a really bad headache, so I am gonna go & sit by her. Take care my friends.
thanks for the ddp wishes...I'm kinda famous lately!


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Purred by: Skylar db#39A (Catster Member)

September 15th 2012 at 8:22 pm

Aww man, I'm really sorry to hear that. How scared you all must have been. People sure can be rotten. Mom gets frustrated with that here sometimes too and says "you can't have anything nice" that they don't steal or smash. You work so hard for things and people have no respect. You feel so violated too. Ugh, I'm mad right along with you! Felix couldn't have gotten out, could he? I hope you guys will be okay. Purrs, Skylar
Purred by: Tigger (Catster Member)

September 15th 2012 at 8:45 pm

You said it exactly Skylar - you feel violated- I mean we were all napping and bam. Some good news, mom found Felix in the laundry room...he had crawled into one of the carriers! She brought him upstairs to eat, then he went back down stairs again. So as long as he ate, I guess we will let him alone until he feels safe. So everyone is accounted for & ate, albeit a little shaky.
Purred by: Tiger (Catster Member)

September 15th 2012 at 10:19 pm

That's terrible! I'm so glad none of you were hurt. Whet a way to spend your DDP day. Purrs for your family.
Purred by: Beepers (Catster Member)

September 15th 2012 at 11:31 pm

That's awful. I hope the insurance will take care of it, TV included. At least no one was hurt and none of you got out of the house -- thank goodness for that! Purring for all of you.
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 12:50 am

That's so terrible! Glad y'all were ok though.
Purred by: Skylar db#39A (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 5:55 am

I'm glad you found Felix. Purrs for all of you.
Purred by: Tigger (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 6:51 am

the insurance should help, but State Farm upped all the deductibles to $1000. I am not sure if that counts for theft too. Felix would not even stay upstairs to eat, and he has to be hungry. He was sitting up here & when he heard the can poptab snap, he ran downstairs. Mom is gonna bring him up again to eat.
Purred by: Hilda (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 8:08 am

Purring for you kitties to all feel comfortable in YOUR home again. I hope the police catch the people who shattered your sense of security.
Purred by: Finnegan (Finney) (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 8:41 am

Oh my cat I am so sorry this happened to you all! How frightening!!! Purring big time for you guys.
Purred by: Zeke Mama's Loving Angel (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 11:11 am

We are so glad you all are OK, it is so sad that horrible people steal from others. Mom has a lot of clients getting alarm because we are having that problem around here too...

Violated and scared WOW....the alarms are so loud no wonder Felix is afraid...we just hope you all will settle down and not be afraid and everything will be fixed.

Hugs and purring for you all....
Purred by: Sarge (In Loving Memory) (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 5:01 pm

That's horrible. We're glad everyone is OK and no one tried getting outside. We hope the police can catch those responsible. Hugs and purrs to everyone.
Purred by: Orange Ruffy (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 5:34 pm

A pox be upon the bad has a saying....God don't like ugly. Thank the Cats that no one was hurt!!!! That your pawrents weren't home and you nor them were harmed!!!

We are purring for you frightening!!1

Ruffy and the KG cats and their Pawrents.
Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

September 16th 2012 at 11:46 pm

That's so scary! I'm glad everyone is ok. :( Why are people like that??!
Purred by: MILO BLUE EYES DB# 73 (Catster Member)

September 17th 2012 at 4:56 am

Mom haza a slight comfortin' thought here, Bad will reign down upon bad people..eventually. In other words what goes 'round comes 'round. Now, to da important part iz dat none o' U all were hurt, items r jus' items. Shur we workz hard fur to get 'em, but families can NOT be replaced. PURRS U all r ok 'n time will halp to heal da sufferin' wounds dat stress haz put upon U.
Purred by: Kaci Sunshine - Beloved Angel (Catster Member)

September 17th 2012 at 5:45 pm

What a horrible and frightening thing to have happened to you! Those bad and hideous humans will hopefully be caught and punished. But we're sorry that you dad lost the tv he worked so hard for. Thankfully none of you were hurt. xoxo Kaci

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