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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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Catching up

January 12th 2011 9:13 am
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It's been so long since I felt up ta writing in my diary. It's been busy busy fur me at homes, keeping tha place under controls! Christmas came and New Years and now we is in January 2011! I cannot believes it! I was born in only 2008 so it seems like time happens sooo fast!

I had a nice holiday time with my mom and Kitty Pryde. We did a whole lotta cuddling and playing and eating and sleeping 'cause Mommy decided ta stay here fur tha holidays and spend them with us! I actually started ta gets fussy 'cause I was so happy ta has her here that I wanted ta has all the attenshions all to myselfs-sorry sisfur.

I got tha cooooolest toy this year and I keep playing with it so much that Mommy has already replaced it a few times MOL! it's a Kittenator by Neko Flies and it's like a mousie fur real-I sees it and I cries! And I get treats fur catchin it, so I always make sure ta bring it to tha drawers where Mommy keeps treats thru-out tha 'partment!

I even gots two new blankies ta suckles on! Mommy got one and I liked it so much that it became my new sleepy place and wherevfur it was, so was I and Mommy liked it so much that she kept taking it from tha beddie to tha living room MOL! so we gots two now, one fur each room!

It rained a lot too! We only has had rain a few short times, but this was like really loud! I usually likes ta try and see what is outside tha front door, but I wasn't that interested ta tells you tha troofs when it was rainy out.

I hope all my furrriends are having a happy day!


I Caughted a Mousie!!!!!

December 20th 2010 1:39 pm
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OMC! It was a mousie and it squirmied and was fuzzy and I caughted it and hissed at it and made a sound like a snakes at it and ran away with it! Mommy ran aftur me fur some reason tho, like she was holdin onto tha mousie somehow...I wanted ta keeps it all to myself though, that mousie. He keeps coming out and then hiding real fast when Mommy gives me a treat fur catchin him...I wonder if she realizes that when she distracts me that he gets away!!! I'm gonna has ta say no to those treats I think!
Moussssies rules!

From Mom:
Whoa! I got this new toy called a kittenator from the Neko Flies brand...I saw them at the store before, but just the buggie ones and those are soooo gross! This one was like a mouse, so I got it to see how it would go over. Indy went bonkers! Kitty actually was just watching and trying to keep out of Indy's way! It made me nervous when Indy "caught" it because I really saw what kitties do when they get their prey, at least I think I did-he bit it and started huffing at it and making some hissy sound and whenever I moved it away he made a flying leap onto it to catch it again! I'm glad I found something so entertaining for him and I hope he doesn't get bored of it soon! I keep putting it away when he's distracted with his reward treats and after the first game he actually was looking around for it, so I am excited to play again tonight after work!


OMC!!!! What is this stuffs!?!

December 16th 2010 9:11 am
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I am a part of tha pawsome Pen Paws group! It's stupendous! It's my favfurite group 'cause the cats are kewl and we get to send each other posties and cards and at Christmas time....PREZZIES! Well, I got mine from my Secret Santa last night and it smelllllls wondurrrrful! Mommy had ta hides it 'cause I had a catniption! I can't wait ta opens it!

What are you furs doing fur tha holidays this year? Mommy says that some kitties don't celebrates tha Santy Claws, but has Hannukah, where they get's prezzies like fur a week straight MOL! That's sounds good ta me, MOL!

Purrrs my firrends...Mommy put that prezzie in tha closet behind something and I swears I is gonna get it before she gets home today!


Hip Hip Hurrrrray!!!

December 1st 2010 4:15 pm
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OMC! OMC! my buddy Skippy is a Miracle! Purlease read his diary! This is a purrrfect example of tha Power of tha Paw and Purrr!

Hurrrrray fur Skippy! _the_skipster/701688


Tha Calming Collar!

November 10th 2010 4:43 pm
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MOL! you know what! Tha vet doc doc just called us ta asks about our calming collars 'cause she sawed us at one of our last appts and saw how it made me much calming than normal! A'course I got a little upsets in the examinnnnashiouns, but I didn't hiss in tha waiting room or anything when I went, which is HUGE! MOL!
We are sooooo happy that it might works ta help anothfur kitty or a bunch!


Purrrrrs and bonks fur anothfur angel

November 4th 2010 4:18 pm
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Oh furrriends! Anothfur furbuddy went to the bridge today. What's with this-so many furrriends are ill and it's so sad! We've been covering our noses with our paws in sadness fur evfurryfur who is sick.

James Tailer went to the bridge today. He leaves his Mommy and big furmily here while he's flying to tha bridge. I think his heart basket must be overflowing! At least he has a greeting pawwwty waiting fur him of so many Catster furrriends.

Purlease stop by his page and see what a kewl dude he was and purrrrr fur his furmily.



More thanks and Howl-o-weeeeeen

November 1st 2010 9:35 am
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What a pawsome Gotcha weekend! I am so lucky ta has such good furrriends! Thank you fur all tha rosettes!
Thanks Spawwwwwky fur tha cupcake! (my naughty furrriend MOL!)
Serena fur tha Special Orange kitty!
Riley and Skippy fur tha Special Orange Kitty! MOL! they are such good boys and furrriends!
Sweet Angel Ava Corrine and her furmily fur tha Pumpkin
Finnegan, Lacey and Alex fur tha Bat
Dusty Miller fur tha Ghost, which I think was inspired 'cause of his Howl-o-ween costume! sooo scary Dusty!
Teebo, Callie and Rose fur tha Candy Corn
Natasha fur tha Pumpkin!
and Utu fur tah Pumpkin!

It was Howl-o-Ween this weekend and I didn't get ta go trick or treating, but Mommy got me a collar with a bat on it and I akshully wore it! We gotta get pics fur sure! She also made me try on reindeer antlers, but I shook them off my head! I am a cat! not a deer!

I hope all my furrriends had a good Howloween. I watched out tha window fur all the people outside and there were even fireworks out there. It was pretty kewl. I also bugged Kitty P a little so Mommy had us in other rooms fur a bit and then separated us today when she went to works, but I promised I would be a good boy tnight. MOL!


I almost furrrrgot!

October 27th 2010 9:15 am
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It's my Gotcha Day today! MOL! I been so hungry fur kibbles that I almost furrrrgot! Thanks furrriends fur remembering me on this special day! Two years ago this day I was broughted home ta lives with my mom and Kitty Pryde! It was a fun week, but scarrrry too 'cause I left my brofurs and sisfurs behind and was in a big new home with a new mommy and a stepsisfur who didn't likes me fur tha furst couple'a days! Boy was that tuff. I had ta sleeps alone that furst night and I was frightened! But it all turned out ok and now I am a big boy and loves my home!

Thanks already fur the prezzies!
Alfie fur tha pumpkin!
Skippy and Riley fur tha special kitty!
Gleek fur tha special kitty too!
Marrakech, Samsara, Colette-Sidonie-Samantha and their angel sisfur Misha fur tha candy corn!
Tate fur tha special kitty!
and Monida (purrrrty!) girl fur tha candy corn!

Yippie! In honor of this day I is gonna tag Kitty and tell her, "Gotcha!" MOL!


No Fairs!

October 26th 2010 10:15 pm
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Dude! Since Kitty Pryde got her toothies cleaned, I am getting jippped on my kibbles! Mommy isn't leaving it out fur me, and it's this new yummmmmy kind too that's natural and like, instictual fur a kitty and stuffs. It is SOOOO Good! And Mommy keeps moving it all ovfur tha 'partment and Kitty keeps sniffing it out and finding it!!! My mommy now won't me eat it all the time like normal unless she isn't home, 'cause that's when Kitty and I get private times to ourselves. Oh, and private times means that we keep switchin rooms so that one day I get stuck in tha beddie room awwwwl day and Kitty gets tha living room, or the opposite, which isn't fairs 'cause I am a mancat and should rule tha 'partment! I am Catzilla! Hear me Mrroarrrrssss!

SO that's what's happening lately. I loves my sisfur again fur sure and has been washing her forehead fur her, but she's restricting my kibbles and that's no bueno!


thanks furrriends...but i is still confuuuused!

October 18th 2010 6:19 pm
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This othfur cat that looks like my sisfur, sounds like my sisfur and even has that same name as my sisfur, but is NOT my sisfur is still here! I've been confused since satfurday and I just don't know what ta thinks.
Mommy rubbed me a lot and rubbed her a lot with my scent and switched rooms with us...I even got up close and sniffed that cats nose and then I hissed! And today I sniffed her booty and I hissed! She sniffed mine too but she wants ta be furrriends.
I don't wanna play and don't even want treats around that kitty. Mommy is even feeding us close and I am grumbling AND eating! Last night was my turn in the bed with mommy but I know tonight I'm gonna get the couch.
What should I do furrriends? will my kitty pryde evfur come home?

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