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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Indiana made his journey to the bridge

May 25th 2011 10:34 am
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This morning Indiana went to the Bridge. I still can't believe it or understand it, but he started having trouble breathing while I was waiting for him at the vet, then I heart him scream out and then they were doing CPR. He was too far gone though. I'm still processing this...I am getting a necropsy though because I have to know what happened.
Thank you for all the purrrrrs. We love you so much
Love Kitty Pryde and Kristin

Purred by: ♥ Tasha ♥ (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 10:41 am

So so so sorry to hear this! We send our purrs and love.

xoxoxo Tasha
Purred by: Stacy T

May 25th 2011 at 10:53 am

I am so very sorry. Whisker kisses of comfort to your Mom and Kitty.
Purred by: (My Angel) Marrakech (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 10:56 am

Oh, Kristin! Mommy is crying. We are soo sooo sorry. You are a very good Mommy and Indy knows how much you loved him. You did everything you could for him.

Whisker kisses and huggies...
Purred by: Lisa P

May 25th 2011 at 11:06 am

My mommy is crying so hard. How could this have happened? We're so sorry. Oh Indy! Marrakech and I are here with you at the bridge. We're huddled around you with our wings wrapped around you and we won't let you go for awhile. You've been through a lot and you need to rest. Our mommies will take care of your mommy, we promise.
Purred by: Ozzy (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 11:36 am

Purrrs to your mommy and to Kitty Pryde. We are so sorry to hear that Indiana went to the Bridge.

ozzy and harriet
Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 11:43 am

No no no no no no!! This can't be! I'm so sorry Kristin! All my love and purrs to you, Indy and Kitty Pryde. We love you all so much, and are going to miss Indy terribly. Thank you for loving him and giving him an amazing life. You are an amazing kitty mom!
Purred by: Tink the Cat (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 11:49 am

Words can't do justice to how sorry we are over this! What a terrible thing! I'm just SO sorry this happened to you. Our thoughts and purrayers are with your mom & Kitty Pryde. God must need you for a special assignment. Luv, Tink
Purred by: Skippy Skipster

May 25th 2011 at 12:28 pm

Oh No, How can this be? We're so sorry this happened.
Our Love, Thoughts and Purrs and prayers are with your Mommy and Kitty.
*tears flow*

Skippy and Family
Purred by: Hazel Lucy & Purrsville Cats (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 12:51 pm

So very very sorry, it's just awful.
Sending purrs of comfort.

Hazel Lucy
Purred by: Socks Rainbow Bridge 6/8/10 (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 12:56 pm

Oh Indy!!! We are sooo sad. You were too little. We welcome you to the bridge, and we are sending angel purrs to your family
Purred by: Cinder who loves Hazel Lucy (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 1:26 pm

Indy, I am so sorry you had to leave your family so suddenly. What happened to you sounds exactly like what happened to me, and it turned out that I had feline leukemia. Please let your mom know that we kitties are very good at hiding our illnesses until they are bad. We know she loves you very much and would do anything for you! Let's get together at the bridge with my sisfur Onyx and our friend Rose!

Purred by: Guido the Italian Kitty db 115 (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 1:49 pm

Healing purrs are sent to your family frum all of us.
Purred by: Baci a Red *Angel* (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 1:50 pm

Here Indy, grab my red paw and let me get you settled in your heavenly cloud suite.
Purred by: Charlie Chocolate Paws (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 2:13 pm

Kristin, I am so very, very sorry. Sending all our love and purrs to you and Kitty P. Rest in peace, Indiana. We love you.
Purred by: Reuben (An angel now) (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 2:57 pm

We are so sorry for your loss! Although we did not have the opportunity to know Indiana, we still send our heartfelt purrs and prayers that you will find comfort and peace in the times spent together. I too lost my Reuben suddenly and know the pain is overwheming. Thinking of you and your family.

Hugs and purrs,
Simon & Reuben(an angel)
Purred by: Simone (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 3:05 pm

We are so sorry to read this Indiana. We are purring for you on your journey to the bridge, we know our angel siblings are there waiting for you. We love you and your family and are thinking of all of you today. Rest in peace sweet little one.
Purred by: Cookie Loved Always (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 3:32 pm

Our hearts are breaking for your mommy. We are so sorry about this awful day. Everyone here is welcoming you, but we know that your mom's loss is great and she is missing you terribly. We will be there for her and for you.
Purred by: alley cat angel (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 3:33 pm

OH Indiana's mom we are so sorry and saddened to hear of your loss. Please know that if it was FIP there was no way you could have known. I got sick on a week end and mom and dad had me back and forth to the specailist (oh I hated it!) but there is way to help a kitty with FIP. We are purring and praying for you and your family, we know how hard this is. Moma's heart is breaking with you. I am here to meet and greet your sweet baby.
Purred by: Stacey H

May 25th 2011 at 3:43 pm

We're all so sorry. Indy was such a wonderful kitty! All of us furs (and our meowmy too) send our deepest condolences. Love can hurt so much sometimes.
Purred by: Sonny Bono Angel Dreamboat-#34 (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 3:51 pm

Indiana, I know your Momcat's heart is broken but one day she will be with you again, that's what keeps my Momcat going, that is promised to us so come on over here and we will keep an eye on her through the earth window, Sonny reaches over and hugs Indiana as tears fall from his eyes, he knows all to well how Indiana and his Momcat feel. Tears stream down Sonny's face ~
Purred by: Queen Tallulah Angel Dreamgirl (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 4:31 pm

Kisten we are so sorry to hear of your lose...Mom is crying we can't believe Indy made his journey....know that we are here for you and all of us feel you sadness and lose...Indiana is your special handsome angel watching over you, he will always be with you...

All of us kitty angels met Indiana, we wrapped him with our love and angel wings...

We are purring for you

QT and family
Purred by: Luke (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 4:49 pm

Sending you lots of love and purrs ~ we are so very sorry to hear this sad news.

Love, Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha
Purred by: The Clinic Cat(s) (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 4:49 pm

oh no!! We didn't see this diary entry yet... we are sorry.

So sorry Indy didn't make it. Be sure not to blame yourself, these things happen and kitties tend not to tell others they are not feeling well. You took such good care of Indy and we know you will miss him lots. We know he will be watching over you and your kitty family always and he must be so grateful for all the love you have given him.

Purring and praying for your mom and family!! We'll miss you Indy.
Purred by: Timo Katze - DB #105 (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 4:53 pm

Oh Indy we are so very sorry that you had to leave your family so soon. We're praying for you Mom and your sisfur to find comfort.

Gentle hugs,
Timo and Mom
Purred by: Lily ♥ ♥ (Catster Member)

May 25th 2011 at 7:05 pm

Love, love, love...and much more. Love to you and your family... we beliEVE. Prayers and wishing you comfort sweet Indy; fly high,fly free

Softest purrrss to you
Lily & the Krew
Purred by: Renee R

May 26th 2011 at 8:47 am

Please please do not think Indy's illness was anything you could predict. Sometimes bad things happen, and there is no way to know. You gave him love & great life, and at the end tried to do whatever you could for him. It must have been so very hard to witness all those things at the vet - my heart breaks for you. He is now at peace & your angel. purrs for your peace. Tigger, Maizy, Smitty & momma
Purred by: Karen C

May 26th 2011 at 10:45 am

How sudden he went! My family is here for him at the Bridge. Sending you purrs of comfort and healing during this terrible time of loss and grief.
Purred by: Jasper, Angel Dreamboat #49a (Catster Member)

May 26th 2011 at 11:24 am

My family is so sorry that Indy had to leave suddenly for the Bridge. It is heartbreaking. We are sending many purrs to his mom and Kitty Pryde.
Purred by: Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9 (Catster Member)

May 27th 2011 at 2:43 pm

Oh we are so sorry to hear this, Indy! Mommmy, we know you did fight for him! We know! My mommy didn't efen know I was sick until I lost 1/3 of my weight and then I went down hill within 2 weeks! Doc said it was FIP 'n I had it since I was a kitten, sometimes it is dorment for many years, but me, well I was only 5..We're purring 'n Purraying for your family, our hearts are breaking right in two. I know how you want to find out why? Why? So many kitfurs going to the bridge becoz of FIP! Our hearts are with you all.

Many warm hugs,
Smokey Joe 'n Milo too
Purred by: Toki (Catster Member)

May 27th 2011 at 6:11 pm

I am so so sorry Indiana! My mom and I send you our love and support to your mom.


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