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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

I'm allllll alonnnnne!!!!!!!!!!

October 22nd 2009 10:30 am
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WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!? Mom left Kitty in the sleepy room (where I like to sleep wif Mom) and left me here in the living room.
All I was doing was trying to play wif Kitty!

I am so upset. I was scratchin under the door too but nothin. I just can't believe I am in the living room all by myself. I can't even look at Kitty, so I can't even try to play... Maybe I am tryin too hard? She is such a grummmmmble puss now. I can't help it tho! I am growing! I am just ovfur a year old now and she is just only a few months older so she's toooooo young to be so old and cranky!!!

I hope sooo muchly that I can be in the same room wif her today when Mom gets home. I just wanna cuddle and stuffs...I can't even do that 'cause when I try to even just sit by Kitty, she gets up and walks away!'s tuff being a lil'brofur sometimes.


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