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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Maw is homes! And I went to the vet doc...

October 17th 2009 3:40 pm
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Mom came home last nights and picked me and my sisfur ups at Uncle Ben's house....and he ratted on me! He told Mom that I 'scaped and then got all hissy outsides the door. Well, Mom said he shouldn'tve let me out mol! So I wasn't in troubles. An then I slept wif Mom allllllll the night long!

...then she took me to THE VET DOC!!!! Well, I has to say that it wasn't as bad as befur wif the lady who called me a brat...dis one was really nice to me and was really patient, even tho I got a lil hissy...and grumbly. But she was nice and stuffs and I didn't get no shots or nuffins. But this vet doc said too, like the othfur one, that my legs are crooked but she thought it maybe was somethin that happened when I was still a baby kit kit in mi mommie's belliezz. I guess we'll nevfur knows.

So now I am bein lazy wif Mom. And kitty isn't bein all hissy eithfur. But, poor Mom. She's so sads that I am tryin to be a good boy n give her cuddlez...the doggie, back at Mom's grandmaw's house, is rllly sick. He's got the baaad stuffs, like my furrriend Calvin does...the C word. But he can't get the treatments like Calvin can get, so the vet doc at grandmaw's house said to spoil him rottens while we can...that poor doggie also just got somefing called surgery too...not the "personal" kind, but fur somefing called kidney stones. But he's ok now-it's jus that's how his vet doc found the C stuff in there, in his bladder...Poor Marley. I wouldn't even hiss at allz if I met him. I am gonna help Mom make a diary page fur him too I think.

Back to cuddlezzz now.


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