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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

A heap load of trouble!

April 25th 2009 9:15 am
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Uh oh! I was misbehavin' yesterday! I just really wanted to play so I kept chasin my sister, but she kept runnin away. I thought she was playin wif me so I kept chasin her! Mom started to chase me! See, sumtimes I wanna play with Kitty, but she made dis hissing noise at me, but I guess I dind't notice it, but then oh my gosh, she growled! I think she did that when Mom first brought me home, but I guess I got her pretty mad cuz then she pawed me in the face! Mom came and got me though, but I knew I was in trouble when she put me in the other room and closed the door for like forever! I guess it was time out.

Well, Mom finally got me, and I guess I knew that meant my sister didn't want to play, so I just sat wif her and it was cool.

Mom got me this cool toy when she went away! Akshually, she said Grandpa got it-it's a ball but de cool part is it's got an animal already on it fur me to chase! Mom took a video, but see, when Kitty and I were playin tag I knocked the phone down wif the video in it, so now it's broked. I hope Mom fixes it so I can put it on my diary!

I made new fuuurends too! Danks guys!


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