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Anothfur year

May 12th 2011 11:47 am
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Mommy reminded me today that I is gonna be 3 whole years old tomorrow!!! I can't believes it! I feel like I just moved in with my mom, and now I is a lady cat, not part of tha itty bitty kitty committteeeh! I hope I get some special treats or somethin! I always get special food that I likes, but sometimes I don't likes them at that moment, so Mommy hasn't gotten me my Halo stew fur awhile. Last night though, it was chilly again so I made sure ta get my ears warmed up with kissies and stuff when it was sleepy time...which is just as good when you is a kitten as it is when you is a lady!

I'm happy =)


It's Springtime!

May 4th 2011 3:52 pm
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Hi furrriends!
Oh My Cat! I cannot believes Easter has already passed! It's already May, and my Birthday is coming up on tha 13th!!! Well, that's the day Mommy picked as my birthday, since I was so teeny tiny when I was adopted. I am gonna be three years old! I feel old! MOL!

I has ta apologize fur never sending all the thank yous fur tha rosettes I received on my DDP. I just has been not thinking right and Mommy hasn't been helping me ta paw my diary either. (hiss) Here's thank yous now though, fur rosettes and fur being good furrriends anyway =)

Thanks to my Sweet boy Riley and his brofur Skippy Skipster fur the Tulips!
Thanks to Hooch fur tha Heart!
Thanks to Karma Kitty and the fur gang fur tha Egg!
Thanks to Patrick fur tha Flower!
Thanks to Teebo, Callie and Rose fur tha Flower!
Thanks to Natasha fur tha Bunny!
Thanks to Ozzy and Harriett fur Sharing tha Loves!
Thanks to my Sweetheart Riley fur tha Flower!
Thanks to Collete-Sidonie-Samantha, Samsara and dear Marrakech fur tha Tulips.

It's been a crazy coupl'a weeks. Indy's kinda behaving, Mommy has been home so much 'cause she has been making nosie noises that sound like monstarrrrs! It's been hot outside and tha birdies are chirping lots, and yesterday Indy and I were chasing this bug all afternoon in tha 'partment! It kept hiding on us, but we kept finding him. Mommy was wondering why we kept just playin with him ('cause usually we likes tha chews on the buggies) but I don't know why akshully, othfur than it was fun ta chase him MOL!

I hope all my furrriends are having a good Springtime so far!Purrrs and Bonks to all,


wow! DDP!

April 16th 2011 8:49 pm
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Oh my cat! I am a DDP today! I will be sending my thank mews later, I just had ta writes and say thanks so far fur tha pawmails, comments and rosettes!
Purrrrs and bonks,


Helping Paws

April 12th 2011 3:39 pm
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Guess what!!! I halped mommy ta find a baby kitten a new home!!! Oh my cat! He was so pressshious too and had tha odors of a kitty who needed a home, 'cause Mommy came home stinking of kitten smells more than once this last week.

Tha story is Mommy was at a furrriends 'partment who has a neighbor in a house with kitties, big n smalls, all ovfur tha yard and porch. Mommy has tried ta say hi to tha kitties afore, but they is always scared (they is lucky they has food at leasts from those people) but last week Mommy was outside at nighttimes and saw a kitty who looked almost just like Indiana, but wif darker stripes. She called him ovfur and he was seeeeeeew scared, but finally came and then got awls affectshionates and was rollin on her and bonking her and stuffs. And lickin her wif that stink breafffs. And then tha dooooood who lives there said someone musta thrown that kit out 'cause he was new on tha block and so he was lettin tha kit share food with tha othfur furs out there. Tha othfur furs are friendly too kinda, when treats are involved, but the was not this kittens pawrents 'cause the man had helps ta get those kitties "fixded"

Well, a'course Mommy was in luuuuvs wif this little guy, but was unprepared ta takes him home, but pawromised ta ask around and akshully just had a furrriend who mentioned wanting a kitty. She called that furrriend and he was sooooo 'cited! Since that kitten had foods ta eat fur the time beings, Mommy told tha dooood that she would come back. She did go back that next week and tha kitten still was so 'cited ta see her and was not as stinky, and tha man said he still needed a home. Mommy's furrriend was planning ta meet tha kitty this weekend so she said good bye again.

Well! This Sunday Mommy and her furrriend went back and tha kitty was a little skerrred at furst, but after it got somethin cawlled pollo (I think Mommy told me it's chickins) he was all happy and so tha dooood that was Mommy's furrriend, not tha dooood in tha house, said he just had ta has the kitten.

I was happy that anothfur fur that was tiny and homeless got a home-so happies akshully that I told mommy that she could give him some of my toys that I don't likes and even my little carrier and a blankie that we kinda outgrew. So now this little kitty, Tigrito cause he looked like a gray tiger, aka Hank Mardukas, is in a home and cuddling and explorin wif his new pawrent! I even let Mommy clip his nails with my clipper (can you believe this kitten akshully let her!?!) He hid too fur a little bit in his new place, but I told Mommy ta tell her furrriend that he's just a little nerfvous in such a big place and sure enuffs he came out and wanted ta cuddles.

I feel so good ta has helped in this sissshuasion! Indy's still got tha fevers of tha springtimes, even though it's kinda cold out, so this was a good distracshion from tha silly brofur stuffs MOL!

Kitty Pryde


the Saddest Day Evfur

March 16th 2011 9:25 am
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I am so sad to say this, but our dear furrriend, the famous and lovely and amazing Hazel Lucy is making her Bridge Journey today. She has been sick and her Mommy just knows it's time fur her. I know Catster will nevfur be the same without her.

Hazel Lucy was nevfur afraid to speak her mind and stand up fur kits and pawrents evfurrywhere and always cared and loved us all. She was the Kitty Godmother to all us other furs on Catster.

We will nevfur furget Hazel Lucy and today a piece of our hearts has broken.

Purrrlease, if you aren't already furrriends with Hazel Lucy, even though she is furrriends with evfurryfur, purrrlease stop by her page and send love and POTP that her bridge journey is swift and her Mommy is ok:

I love you Hazel Lucy and Meowmy Julie.
You have been such a pawsitive light and inspurrration fur me and my furmily.

Love Always,
Kitty Pryde who Loves Hazel Lucy


not having a good day!

March 14th 2011 5:56 pm
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I just cannot wait till it's bedtime! That way tha day will be ovfur and tomorrow will be better, fur sure! It just has ta be! I'm not gonna give Mommy the details, but when she gots home from work today, there was poopies (my poopies) on tha floor! All I can say is that there is three litter come Indy always has ta go in my litter box when I is using it! I don't likes ta leave a trail a'poopies behind me.

Plus, Indy is gettin all this man time with Mommy's furriend! I liked him fur sure, but now that the dudes got their dude time...I feel so left out! I get mommytime all tha time, but I want dude time too! So now when tha dude comes ovfur, I don't want no petting now from that stinkin dude...let him and Indy have their dude time.

You thinks tomorrow will get betters? Indys got dude time and spring fevers and I just gots a poopy butt. =(


purrrrs fur a furriend

March 10th 2011 7:52 pm
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This is a very important sishhuashion! My good furriend Monida has a furriend all tha way across tha worlds who got hurts. We has worldwide furrriends too 'cause of the Pen Paws Group!
If you can, would you purlease visit Henry, Monida's furrriends page, and send some purrrs and POTP?

His page is:

Purrrs and loves,

Ps! Riley is so sweet! He complimented my pictures that were new! Purrrrs!


Thank mews!!!

March 7th 2011 3:50 pm
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Oh!!! I cannot believes all the concats I got yestfurday fur my DDP! What an exciting Sunday! I got some extra yum yums fur dinner and a'course I got my cuddles in with Mommy when I wasn't wanting ta cuddles in my special spot on tha bookcase by tha heater!

Thank you to all my furrriends!
My sweetie Riley, fur tha heart!
Ozzy and Harriet fur tha kewl mask!
Sofie fur tha Shrimpie! deeeeelishioushness!
Sparky fur tha drinky drink!
Hooch fur tha pretty ribbon!
Angel Buddie and his furmily fur the pawmail! they always send me a message and it makes me sooo happies!
and Tabatha in tha I Knead You group fur making me a special pic ta remember my day! It was so kewl!
And Thanks to all my furrriends who ready my diary yestfurday and helped me ta celebrates!
Andy, Princess Tu Two, Violet, Toki, Elsa, Monida and again my sweet boy Riley!

I hope evfurry fur had a happy weekend!
love Kitty


Diary Pick!!!

March 6th 2011 4:04 pm
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OMC! Me! A Diary Pick!!! I cannot believes it! I hasn't been soooo luckies fur awhile! I've been celebrating by being good n'lazy awwwwwwl day long! Since it was warmer today, we has the windows open, but my favfurite spot by tha heater is still tha place ta be and so I have been watchin tha birdies out tha window from there and listening to all tha kiddies outside and watchin Mommy being just as lazy. She didn't even gets out of bed till late, but it;s kewls 'cause I got some cuddling MOL!

Thanks already fur tha rosettes and pawmails! I will write anothfur diary in a bit wif official thank mews. Oh...and I did get my nails bueno! Well, akshully it wasn't seeeew bads, but I still gets nervfous!

Concats to all tha othfur furs who got Diary Pick today too!


My Favfurite spot

February 28th 2011 1:12 pm
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I has a new favfurite spot! Indy doesn't even try ta bother me there fur tha most part, which is good! It's on this little bookcase that's close to tha heater! I loooove tha heater so much! It gets cold and tha heat rises so it's extra cold sometimes, but when I sits on that spot I am always warm, especially since my donut bed is there too.

We had a fun weekend. Mommy was home and is tryin this new thing with Indy, MOL, and makin him work fur his treats. She says it's somethin like clicker training, but I get treats and Indy's gotta touch his nose to this eraser furrrst, and then he gets tha treat! It's so funny ta watch! Mommy was gonna try with me too, but I wasn't interested, plus I is a good kit fur tha most parts so I don't think I need it much at all.

Oh, we had lots of rain this weekend too, which brought in tha spiddddahs, and I didn't get ta nibbles on one, but Indy did. I just watched from my favfurite spot MOL! With all tha rains too, we had furrriends come ovfur. Mommy had our new cool dude furrriend come ovfur a couple of times and who loves ta come and give us cuddles and talks to us (Indy even lets him rub on his belly) and always makes sure ta say goodbye, so that was fun. Mommy's othfur furrriends came ovfur too one night and they had lots of yummy foods that I could smell, even though I didn't tastes them.

The only not so nice thing was that Mommy said I needs a nail trimming....wish me lucks!

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