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Mazie's Hiding Spot (Hazel Mazel)


May 25th 2009 5:35 pm
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That lady that fills our food dishes around here just ruined one of my favorite hiding spots! After weeks of success with the cats all using the litterbox, she noticed pee-pee behind the tee-vee again. Everything had to get pulled and all the cords and the floor cleaned again.

I heard the feeder/cleaner person tell the other human that she heard cats dislike the feeling of aluminum foil, so she was considering trying lining the area behind the tee-vee with it. She also moved the power strip to on top of the subwoofer I like to sleep on. Now I can't get comfy at all! But apparently power strips and foil might not be a great combination, so that is why my hiding place had to be ruined.

Now no cat wants to go back there, so the hiding spot is even better than ever, but where can I rest? There is nowhere. Another cat bed was formed when another basket was cleared out that is nice and high up where mean Mouse would not find me, but I am not interested in it yet. Haaarrrrrummmmph! I want my old spot back!


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