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A Terrible, Scary Day

June 23rd 2015 1:32 pm
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I just had a terrible, scary day. Last night Meomwy began moving things around in the upstairs and in my room. By this morming, everything was moved and picked up. I knew from that, something was going on, so I hid. Bastet was sent to the porch and she didn't want to go. I decided I wasn't going to get caught and sent to the porch. Even though we love it out there, we go when we want to go. For several hours she and Meowmy were out there while I hid behind the family room sofa. Unfortunately I left my guard down and joined Meowmy in the bathroom like I like to do. The door shut, she picked me up and wisked me off to the porch where I stayed under the bed. Then there was a terrible humming noise like a loud vacuum cleaner. In a way Bastet and I were glad we were on the porch, because that terrible noise was scary. I was out there for 3 hours, 2 hours less than Meowmy and Bastet. Meowmy stayed with us with our kitty food and water. She had the porch ceiling fan blowing and the Vornado fan blowing which kept the porch down to 94 degrees. It was 99 outside with very high humidity. Because the sun comes directly east to west over the porch, it would get over 120 degrees when it was a deck and we couldn't use it. At this time I am inside and the carpet in my room is soaked and nothing is the same. Nothing is put back. Even though Meowmy had water and our kitty feed on the porch, I didn't eat I am starved. After a snack I am going to hide under the bed. At least it is dry under there. By for now. I hope everything will be back to normal very soon. I hate changes. Do you?


My sisfurs Bastet and Miss Kitty

September 18th 2010 10:45 am
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Meowmy and I are besides ourselves with worry. Since I am now Queen of the household, while Meowmy is at school during the day, I watch over my older sisfurs Miss Kitty and Baby and my younger sisfur Bastet. Miss Kitty has been suffering over a year with Pancreatitis and seems to be wasting away. She will not eat the vet's food unless Meowmy mixes it with canned tuna. Even with that she still gets sick and when I hear her crying before she is sick at her stomach, I run downstairs to see if I can help her. I think she likes me there and finds me comforting until Meowmy comes home. Meowmy has taken her to the vet for tests and he says there is no sign of cancer or parasites which is good news, but because she can't keep food on her stomach, she seems to be wasting away.

My baby sisfur Bastet can't seem to rid herself of the bacterial infection she began in mid August. Again this past week she became lithargic, not eating, drinking from our fountain, or using her litter box. She wanted to stay in her room, and wouldn't ask to go out on her leash. Meowmy stayed with her at night because she seemed to need Meomwy's comfort and I had to stay out of her room which made me very upset. I scratched and rattled the door trying to get in, but Meowmy wanted Bastet to rest quietly without playing with me. After school last Tuesday, Meowmy rushed Bastet to the vet for another battery of tests. The tests again showed no cysts, tumors, or blockages, and the Feline Leukemia test came back negative. However, again as in mid August a large amount of bacteria was present in her urine and she lost 1/2 a pound since then. This was alarming because in May she tipped the scale at just 7 pounds. Last Tuesday the vet gave her an antibiotic shot instead of pills and liquid as he did in August. Next Saturday she will receive another shot and he will run another battery of tests. After the antibiotics have been out of her system for awhile, Bastet needs to go back for another battery of tests to see if the bacterial infection is gone.

The vet is baffled and hopes there is no corrilation between her Hemophelia and this infection meaning that her immune system is shutting down. If this is the case, this could be very serious. Meowmy and the vet are looking at it like this. It was difficult to get the initial dosage of antibiotics in her, so perhaps she didn't receive enough to kill all of the bacteria thus the infection returned.

Today, Saturday, she did eat the experimental food the vet gave her and some Greenie Treats, used her litter box and drank a great deal of water. She wanted to come out of her room, so Meowmy let her go downstairs. She is now sleeping in the sunny living room. So we are all happy there seems to be some improvement and hope this continues.


Back To School For Meowmy

February 20th 2010 2:00 pm
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After being home a little over 2 weeks because of snow, Meowmy had to go back to school and her students on Wednesday.

We we were not happy about that and let her know about it when she came home that afternoon. DO you think we greeted her at the door? NOPE!!! We ignored her. We just let her call and call our names. That Miss Kitty came for pets, so did Baby and Menes, but do we didn't. We didn't talk to her during our regular play time.

You see, every night after her shower around 7:30, she sits on the bed with us to play with our toys before she goes to bed at 9:00. Weeeellll, Bastet and I didn't want to play on Wednesday night. Meomwy tried and tried, but nope...we didn't want to play. We just sashayed down the hall.

The next thing I know, Menes, our BIGGGG brother, comes dashing upstairs and takes the toy downstairs. Bastet and I go to the steps and watch through the railing as Meowmy takes a video of Menes playing with OUR toy. He tries to take it downstairs to his apartment, but the door was shut. He...he...he...... So after a few minutes, Meowmy took the toy away from him, and brought it upstairs. Much to MY disgust, that video is on HIS page right now....HIISSSSSS....

By that time it was her bedtime. She put away the toy and went to sleep. But we pounced on her all night. So we showed her we didn't like her leaving us for her students.


Tagged By A Sweet Pigeon!!!

November 25th 2009 3:03 pm
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My good furrend Pigeon tagged me with a fun game. He asked me..If you are a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?

I would be orange chocolate chip. I have orange fur under my brown fur and I have black spots.

Now I am going to tag 5 furrends...

1. Mercy
2. Jack
3. Tigger
4. Sausage
5. Greyson


Maybe We All Could Help Each Other

September 4th 2009 4:16 pm
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September 4, 2009

I know this probably is a bad time to make any suggestions, but it depends on who you are. It is probably a good time for those of 'us' who need sanctuary furrom the fires in California and those in Athen's Greece.

Because I heard my sisfur Bastet crying this morning, I read what she wrote in her diary as she wrote it. Because of HQ's crisis, her suggestion most likely will have to be tabled... at least fur now.

So, I wondered, if 'we' as Catster/Dogster furrends could help each other. Could we set ourselves up as safe houses for natural disasters?

I know Meowmy would do this for anyfur living close to us in VA.

Think about it. Until a list is compiled, could we be the ones to save the lives of our 'furrends'?

Meowmy believes strongly in 'I am thy brother's keeper.'

Consider our house a safe house if needed~~

~~~Pretty Girl~~~Fredericksburg, VA~~~


Even though I am so sad...

July 2nd 2009 10:36 am
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July 2, 2009

Even though I am so sad because Bastet is not here, last night I decided to come downstairs and see Meowmy. Several times during the night I came downstairs and sat on her bed for awhile, then went back upstairs. Each time became longer until around 5AM I decided to stay with her until she got up which around 8.

We talked, and head bumped,face licked, and petted and I wagged my tail because I was so glad to be with her. She was so happy to see me and told me how worried she was when I wouldn't answer her or come downstairs during the day.

Miss Kitty didn't seem to mind, she was sleeping on the chair next to Meowmy's bed.

Today I have been spending some time downstairs with Meowmy and we have celebrated as much as we could, Miss Kitty's winning C&D Cruise Line COTM.

This honor brought some happiness to us, which we haven't had in this furmaly for awhile; what with Miss Kitty's illness, Meowmy falling and breaking her hip and leg, and now Bastet and her bleeding illness.

So I am happy for Miss Kitty but still waiting to hear from the vet about my Baby Bastet. Meowmy will be writing in Bastet's Diary as soon as she hears something.

Pretty Girl


I miss my Baby Bastet

July 1st 2009 10:09 am
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July 1, 2009

This morning I woke up and my Baby Bastet was gone. Yesterday Meowmy told me she had to have surgery and would be away for awhile, but I still am very sad. I was upstairs and I cried and cried and cried. Meowmy couldn't get to me because she still uses her walker, but called up to me that it was all right. Bastet would be back next week raring to play.

She is my baby. I have always looked after her since she came to us about a month old. I was more than her sister. I was her friend, I was her Cat meowmy that she was so cruelly taken away from at such a young age. I taught her how to use a litter box. I taught her to be nice to humans. I protected her from Miss Kitty who for awhile didn't like her. And I disciplined her when she became too roudy.

I am so sad I won't talk to Meowmy or come downstairs. Even though Meowmy comes to the bottom of the steps to call me, I will not answer or come down. I hear Meowmy's voice and I know she wants to see me, talk and play with me. But I just can't right now. Maybe later.

I miss my Baby Bastet~~ I love her


Meowmy is home!!

June 23rd 2009 12:37 pm
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June 23, 2009

Monday morning around 1:30 Am Meowmy and Dad came home, but a scraping sound woke us all up. Bastet of course shot by all of us and beat us to the door. Before I reached the bottom of the steps, Meowmy with the help of My Aunt Marian and Dad, were helping Meowmy inside with what she called a walker.

Bastet raced back upstairs but I thought I my job was to stay back and guard the door. At that time Ididn't know what happened. So I stayed in the hall.

My Aunt got Meowmy in bed, which had been taken to the family room a few days before. Of course, that in itself got us all wondering what was going on.

Meomy didn't have a very good vacation. The 15th was their 35th Anniversary and it was on that morning Meowmy fell into a hole in the sidewalk in front of a hotel.

Her right hip is pinned together and she as a metal rod for a right tibia. I am trying to take care of things around here. I guarded the house all night, and ytried to keep Baby from being so loud. For some reason all she wanted to do is talk all night and I knew Meowmy needed her rest.

We each have our jobs. Becasue Bastet is a baby, sleeps and stays with Meowmy in the bed. Because Miss Kitty is not feeling well, she sleeps on the sofa by the bed and guards the family room door, and all night every night Baby and I take turns walking the house, guarding the front door and making sure everyone is safe. We check on Meowmy before each shift ends. And I tell Baby to be quiet. She has a terrible habit of talking, especially when she sees Meowmy or Dad. She decides when everyone in the house needs to get up-you know like the alarm cat.

Meowmy is getting better with all our help. Until later~~~
Pretty Girl


Miss Kitty...come home

May 30th 2009 7:51 pm
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Saturday-May 30, 2009

I woke up this morning hearing my older sister Miss Kitty saying, "Oh no no no no no". When she does this she gets very sick at her stomach. Well, she was getting sick. I ran upstairs and scratched on Bastet's door. Meowmy was sleeping in there because she was checking on Miss Kitty all night and didn't want to disturb Dad.

I finally woke Meowmy and she heard Miss Kitty calling. She, Bastet and I ran down the steps where Baby waited for us. Miss Kitty had been sick in the family room, could barely move and screamed in pain when Meowmy touched her. Bastet ran upstairs and I followed her, we listened through the railing.

Meowmy called the vet and she, Dad w/ Miss Kitty in the carrier, dashed out the door.

When they came back a few hours later and my sister wasn't with them, I really got scared.

The vet called a few hours later and heard something about hoping it was a treatable Pancreitis. My sister had to stay until Monday so the vet could give her fluids, get her fever down and hopefully she could begin to keep down her food. While they were talking, I also heard 'Pancreatic Cancer'... possible.

I couldn't stand the thought of this, so I got scared and climbed inside our new play station just to think by myself for awhile. I am not ready to be the big sister. Miss Kitty is the Protector and guards us all. I don't want that job!! I'm not ready!!

It will not be the same around here until Miss Kitty returns. Bastet doesn't seem to understand. She keeps looking out the door. Meowmy has kept herself busy with housework, yardwork or our pages. I know she is upset, because I see tears when she sits down and is quiet. Baby talks constantly and sticks close to Meowmy as we all do. And I know she is trying to be strong for us all.

I am trying to get up my tortitude but it just won't come out from under my fur right now. Maybe tomorrow.

If anyone reads this, please fold your paws and purr for my sister, Miss Kitty.

Yours in tortitude--Pretty Girl


~Special week~

May 29th 2009 4:43 pm
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Friday May 29, 2009

My week of being Calico and Tortie Darlings COTW is drawing to a close. Thank you for awarding me with this honor.

What an incredible week it has been!! Last Saturday Meowmy took Bastet and I to Pet Smart. We picked out a play gym. I like it, but I like to play with it by myself. Bastet jumps too much when we are both on it and she likes to hog it.

When we were at Pet Smart, Meowmy saw some 'cute' Kitty clothes. She told me she was going to buy a T-shirt for me as a special gift. I wondered why Bastet wasn't getting one. I guess she needs to win Calico and Tortie Darlings COTW. Anyway, when Meowmy held it up to my carrier, I gave her my scariest 'toritude glare'. Maybe it was that 'glare' that decided her not to buy the T-shirt.

I got extra kitty treats all week in my food. That made my sisters so jealous.

Thursday night I got special treatment from Meowmy when I discovered the broken water heater. I went in the basement and came up with wet feet. That made my Dad rush downstairs to see what was wrong. And it was the water heater. Didn't like the wet feet, but loved the kisses and hugs and head bumps from Meowmy when she told me I saved the family from a flood.

Terrible thunderstorms scared us one night, and because of them Miss Kitty disappeared and scared Meowmy-but she was found. We all looked for her. Bastet found her under the guestroom bed.

So all in all it has been an exciting week. Again, thank you for electing me Calico and Tortie Darlings COTW.

~Yours with 'tortitude' ~Pretty Girl

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