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Huggie Bear Zeke's Diary

Blood Test Results

September 8th 2009 4:06 pm
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Oh Mommy went running when the phone rang today, she new it was Dr. Kathy calling about my blood test results...

I was thinking OH OH here we go again....what test is next....

Dr. Kathey told me and Mom that my white blood count is high probably caused by my respiratory problems and 2nd bacterial infection...she isn't worried about it being high. She told us that I have to stay on my antibiotics until we hear from her again on what the radiologists says about my xrays in about another 8 to 10 I still have to take that nasty tasting liquid 2 times a day.

I have figured out that Mom is coming to get me to give me the nasty stuff and I run, I am not making it easy for her no way..but in the end I am a good boy and take that stuff, mind you I don't like it but Mom isn't giving up on getting it down my throat.

I do sound a little better Mom says, but I have sneezed a few times and yesterday I had a coughing spell that worried Mom...Dr. Kathy says to not give up we will get to the bottom on this.

Mom is thinking I will have to go to the specialist for the scope in the nose so we will finally know what has been causing all of my respiratory problems and get on medication to help me, so now we are praying for me too along with Tallulah that we get answers once and for all...til the next update....arrr ye maties from Zeke the Pirate


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