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Timo's Tall Tales

The mechanical predator

November 29th 2009 1:09 pm
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Mom took our mechanical predator to somebody because he needed to have new oil. The old oil had gotten all yucky. And he needed to have his rubber boots rotated and realigned so that he can walk straight. While Mom was waiting for that, she walked to one of the big hunting grounds. And there it was. The movie that got away from Mom at the big Day after Thanksgiving hunt. Mom pounced right on it before one of the other hunters could carry it of. Then she walked back to pick up the mechanical predator. Boy, am I happy that I don't wear boots. I'd hate for somebody to come and rotate them and realign them.

Mom says having a mechanical predator is real expensive. He costs more than Mietzi and I combined. I don't even know why we keep him. I use him only once a year. I go inside and he carries me to the vet. But I would much rather walk to the vet. Or if the vet would come to my house that would be even better. I could show him my bed and my toys. And we could hang out on the patio and share some kibble.

Mom, let's chase the mechanical predator away. We don't need him.


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