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Valentine Tag

February 8th 2010 3:33 pm
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I got tagged by our cool friend Alfie, he's a orangie like me, we're special
you know! The game is Valentine tag.

1. Do you have a valentine?
I don't think I am old enough to have a Valentine, I am only one, still a baby.

2. If not, do you wish you did? Is there anyone particular? Or would you rather be single? Why?
One day I hope to have a Valentine, but that is going to have to wait, I am too
busy playing and tearing up stuff now.

3. What's your favorite love song? Who sings it?
I don't really have a favorite, but I like Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce, it's on my

4. What would be a perfect Valentines Day for you?
Some nip and a roll of toilet paper all to myself to shred!

I tag the following 4 friends:-


Yippee, I got tagged!

February 21st 2009 10:01 pm
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A pretty girlie named Karisma tagged me, too bad she has a boyfriend and he's "Catster-famous" too and no way I can compete with that! Besides our families have been friends so long I think we're related now!
Here's how to play for those I tag, just copy/paste whats below, delete my answers and add your own and then tag four friends!

1)-What color is your collar? I don't wear a collar, I get to stay in the house so I don't need one.

2)-What kind of food do you eat? Most of the time I just eat Kit N Kaboodle dry food and nine lives can food, but sometimes when Marie lets me I sneak some of the special food she has to eat.

3)-What are your favorite treats? I like when meowmy buys us canned chicken, my brofur Normy says that's the best food there is and I believe him, yummy!

4)-Do you have a Valentine or significant other? Girls scare me, but they are pretty to look at.

5)-Do you get table scraps? Meowmy lets us have meat only scraps sometimes, but I like canned cat food better.

6)-What is your favorite toy? My best toy is my brofur Steve, but I like ping pong balls too.

7)-When is your birthday? August 18th 2008

8)-How many times a day do you get to eat? I can't count yet, but I get to eat as many times as I want, I have my own bowl.

9)-Do you have a favorite color? I like blue, that's the color of meowmy's lap. (blue jeans)

10)-Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? I hope they get to play with me.

Now 4 cats I is gonna tag to play are:


My First Day as a Catster Cat

January 1st 2009 6:05 pm
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OMC, I just joined Catster and already have lots of friends and I even got prezzies! I am so excited! I was named after a sweet family friend named Kinsey and she even let me put her picture on my page, she is so pretty. Thank you Kinsey. And just take a look at all the welcome gifts I got:

I got yummy hot chocolate from Romeo, Calamity, Calia and Henry,
Piper Serendipity sent me a beautiful rose, I got a great catnip mousie to play with from Alfie, Albie, Lucy, Jack, Queenie, Minky, Cathy, Gwinny, Snowy, Blackie, Justin, Pippa, Tigger, Minky II, Poppet, Vivaldi, Annie, Rani and Trixie-wow they have a huge family just like me, I bet they are happy, my brother Rupy's girlfriend sent me some nice milk, Hooch and his family sent me a diamond-WOW-my family has told me about them, I was sure glad to finally meet them, they are really nice and Octavian and Odin great pals of Norman's, and Marie is sweet on Octavian too, sent me a New Years prezzie!

Catster is going to be such a fun place to play, lots better than that dirty old rock quarry, I was covered in dust when they found me! I am so excited I almost forgot to thank all of the new friends for the friend invites, can't wait to play with all of you!

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