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Mosaic's Myriad Meditations

Blond for a day.

August 18th 2009 1:00 pm
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Think I might go back to another swimsuit & another hair color because being blond for a day, got a different reaction like the blond hairs had grown into my cat brain & suddenly I was the bombshell have fun cat but dumb. I am not a dumb girl cat & don't think blonds are dumb but as a blond HuCat suddenly it was I was the sex symbol cat, the fun girl. Poor blond people. Red hair again maybe? Will wear that particular swimsuit & hair again, but think if there's another pool party I'll opt for a new suit & hair color.

Enjoyed the Kitthaven party but couldn't post much. Wasn't as bad as Robin Hood's party, but we enjoyed it all the same especially the little fishies the Nemo fish that Little Emma joked and it caught on were "Cat-Fish" who tickled our toes & begged for food or must have as cats were giving these cute little catfish food underwater & seemed to be petting them. Oh to be such a cute little Himalayan cat! But I am a lovely Calico (licks fur & grooms) so... Are all Himalayan cats that adorable & cute? Hard to resent them or to be jealous but they just livened up that pool party even moreso than did Mouser with his dolphins and that sweet tuxedo kitty as the Mermaid with her bottled water. At least it's not Mother who has a Himalayn or part Himalayn now (batting tail back & forth & hitting things) as then I would be jealous & would have to jump up on her shoulders and walk around her neck to get her attention but I know she loves me & Thomasina & Caelian Kian so no worries there. Still enjoying my time with BabyCat & Daddy Rob felt even as he promised Mother that he would keep me safe for her & give me back when the time came & take me over to visit her that she needed to know that she would not be getting BabyCat back that BabyCat Calliope was his present & that he loves his BabyCat & she just adores Daddy Rob too. But we will still have play dates & visits. Maybe if we wind up in the mountains out in the country somewhere Mother can get us a nice new cat so I'll have another friend since Thomasina & Caelian Kian are always so cozy and so caught up in each other.
Luv & Purrs, Mosaic KaLeah The Countess of Thistles & Clover (Leah)


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