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It's good to be Jimi

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Fall wardrobe

September 26th 2006 8:17 pm
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I am so glad autumn is finally here! Now that my secret love of wearing dresses is out in the open, I am anticipating dressing in the latest fall fashions this season. Mommy put a sparkly can-can dress on me last night. To be honest, I wasn't too impressed with it. The straps were a little large for me. Where is Patchez? I think it was designed for a bigger "girl" (...oh sorry! was that catty of me? hee hee).
Mommy told me she found a new store that she thinks will provide many exciting ensembles for me. She said she found a royal purple cape with sparkles. Why didn't you just buy it Mommy? She also said she found a cheerleader outfit for Patchez (gasp! choke! wheeze! Rolling on the floor with laughter) ahem. Anyways, not that I'm concerned with what my chubby sister wears, but...wait a minute.....yes I am! She is far too round for such an ensemble! Only someone as lithe and limber as myself could pull off such a daring choice of coutoure.
I'm just trying to save Patchez from making unfortunate fashion decisions. I wouldn't want anyone laughing at her. You know how sensitive she is.

Jimi Hendrix
The Snugbuggler


Dude looks like a lady

January 25th 2006 11:05 am
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So now that my secret love of girl's clothing is out, I have become a project. Grammie has been bringing me scarves and pink t-shirts. Very very nice. The lite pink tutu that Mommy got for Patchez (and does not fit her roundness.....needs someone lithe and limber like myself) is now my favorite item of clothing. Really, is there anything better than perching atop "Mt. Daddy" as he slumbers in front of the heater wearing my full ballerina get up of the pink tutu and flowered scarf? I think not! Mommy has taken several pictures of my gorgeousness and I hope she will put them on my page soon!
When I am all dressed up, Daddy calls me Jim-bellina or Jiffany. Aren't those fabulous names? I am so content and grateful for everyone's support as I explore the different facets of my identity!

Jimi Hendrix
AKA Jim-bellina
AKA Jiffany


Pretty in Pink

December 13th 2005 3:29 pm
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Ok, I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea, but my secret is out. I feel very relieved in a way and Daddy (who I was worried about) has been so supportive. I like to wear dresses.
Don't think this makes me any less of a lady killer! I just love the bright colors and the ruffles and bows. My svelte figure does Patchez' wardrobe much more justice than Miss Thang's chubby little bod ever did! Ooooh! That sounded harsher than I intended it to.
Mommy and Daddy made the announcement of my being out of the clothing closet last weekend. I got a lot of different reactions. Grandpie rolled his eyes and said "Jimi dude! what is going on?", Uncle J asked me if I was sure that this is what I wanted to do, Aunties Penny, Cara and Mindy told me how beautiful I am and Grammie told me she will soon be scouring the boutiques for lovely bright clothing for me to wear.
I'm not sure where my fetish for pink clothing will take me, but I'm more content then I've ever been. I've just gotta be me!

Jimi Hendrix
The Snugbuggler


Mighty Mouser Jama

November 29th 2005 1:02 pm
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Today was the most exciting day of my life thus far. I caught and slayed a large mouse in the house. Unfortunately for Mommy, she came home sick from work and had to witness the carnage. She walked in the front door, saw me standing over my kill and gloating and immediately turned a shade greener. She staggered off towards the bedroom....but not before seeing me slap Patchez for daring to pick up my mouse!
The house was very quiet and Mommy stayed in her bedroom with the door closed. I thought and I thought about what I could do to make her feel better? And then it came to me! Dispose of the mousey evidence! Daddy came home just as I was finishing up my feast. Mommy really doesn't know what she is missing. Free Range Mouse is killer tasty!
The next couple of days I laid low, meditating on my favorite white chair with a very full belly. I thought to myself "I am sated and stuffed. This mousey feast is processing nicely." And then I started not feeling so good. Mommy noticed on Sunday that I was being very quiet and grouchy. On Monday, Daddy took me to the vet who gave me a shot (Owwwww!), asked Daddy how my pooping was as of late, and then added insult to injury by taking my temperature! Hey! Turns out I have an infection of some kind in my tummy. The vet says I will be ok, but when Mommy found out, she laid into Daddy and told him it is HIS job to make sure no mice can get into the house! Especially seeing as I'll eat them! (and I'd do it again too!) Mommy always ruins everything fun!
I felt much better last nite and slept beside Mommy on her pillow. I'm thankful I had this one culinary adventure, because I don't think I'll get a chance at a mouse again if Mommy has anything to do with it!

Jimi Hendrix
The Snugbuggler


Lean Mean Jama Machine!

November 7th 2005 1:38 pm
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I’ve been having a major growing spurt lately. This, coupled with my sibling rivalry over Navin, makes me quite cranky at times. He is such a Mommy-hog. I keep trying to tell him that I’m the baby. His standard response to this and my warning growls is to give me that annoying wide-eyed innocent look and then to pounce and chase me up and down the hall in those ridiculous-looking magic pants of his. I hate to tell him, but the only thing magical about those pants is the fact that they stay on him at all! I’d have those suckers off in an instant!
Daddy says that Sue is teaching me kitty cuss words and that I don’t even know what those growls and woofs I make mean. This may be true, but I sure get lots of kisses and attention when I start getting surly. It’s almost like the grumpier I am, the more desperate Mommy and Daddy get. See? I’ve figured out the system!
I feel very superior over my siblings who, as the weather gets colder, get plumper every day. (Let’s not even mention Navin’s ever-growing belly of wonder!). I myself get longer and leaner and handsomer every day. This certainly makes me attractive to any ladies I might encounter. I will have to see if Mommy can take me to Petco soon so I can pick up on chicks.

Jimi Hendrix
The Snugbuggler.


Melon Head

September 15th 2005 4:13 pm
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It seems just yesterday, I was cruising along like a kool kat, thinking I was superior to everyone else in the household. I mean, everyone here is addicted to something!
Daddy: tools and logs
Mommy: horror movies and her fuzzy blanket
Elvis: meatballs
Sue: Aquariyums
Buffy: Catnip
Jonas: Mommy
Navin: he’s a klepto…..isn’t that considered an addiction?
Patchez: bumblebee tuna

So here I was thinking, I’m such a way cool dude compared to these losers. And then Cantaloupe came into my life. One nite, I was in the kitchen and Mommy had just finished cutting up some fruit. Suddenly, I smelled the most amazing, mouthwatering scent. It was a siren song. Before I knew it, I was up on the counter with my face in a plate full of delicious melon. Oh man. This stuff is total grub. No longer will I entertain thoughts of superiority over my siblings. For I have been reduced to an addict as well. I am grateful that Mommy has realized my need for melon and shares some with me every nite. But I did hear her whispering to Daddy that she didn’t know what I’d do when it went out of season! Let’s stock up on this stuff Mommy! I have needs!

The Snugbuggler


cruisin' for chicks

August 23rd 2005 2:56 pm
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So today was a way cool kind of day. I went for a ride in the convertible with Mommy and Daddy and we drove to Uncle Michael and Aunt Marcella’s house. While there, I made myself at home and ignored my “cousins” and helped Mommy eat her burrito. We watched a funny show called “Father of the Pride” and after a few episodes, we got back in the car and went to Dairy Queen.
A funny thing happened: Uncle Pat and Aunt Penny were there getting ice cream too! They got into the back of the car to eat their ice cream and visit with us. I was so excited to see Uncle Pat (who is a very cool dude in my book) that I hollered “MOW MOW?” when I saw him (which loosely translated means “what up G?”). I was happy to see Auntie Penny too, but Uncle Pat and I definitely have a cool dude vibe together. I’ll bet that back in the day (much like Daddy used to be certainly?) he used to really be smooth with the ladies. Of course like Daddy, he is now married and domesticated and those days are over for him. Too bad (although I love Mommy and Auntie Penny), because I’m sure we could have shared some pointers. We could have all hung out and trolled for the ladies together. I’m sure we would have been quite unstoppable and legendary (at least in our own minds!).

Jimi Hendrix
The Snugbuggler


Party Animal 2005

July 28th 2005 4:47 pm
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So on Sunday, Mommy and Daddy let me wear my Harley t-shirt and I got to borrow Hendrix’s spiked collar. Then off to the park we went! I’d never been to the park, and Daddy was afraid I’d howl, but seeing as there were no fish there, I was cool as can be.
There was a large celebration going on called Bearen Foundation Pet Lover’s Fair. Elvis came too and as is characteristic for him, immediately pooped on the sidewalk out of sheer excitement. I am glad I don’t poop when I’m excited. That is not very smooth.
Anyways, it turns out I was the ONLY cat there. There were dogs as far as the eye could see. Good thing I like dogs! I rubbed noses with several different basset hounds and got lots and lots of kisses and hugs from all the ladies! My ensemble definitely enhanced my natural studliness.

A suggestion was made while we were mingling that I compete for the Party Animal 2005 crown. So Mommy and Auntie Marcella paraded me around the ring and everyone (especially the ladies!) made a huge deal about me. My competition were all dogs (heh heh! ) Again, it turns out that people know specialness when they see it, and I won. It is not really a crown. It is a golden lampshade (I guess that has something to do with being a party animal?). It is too large for my head and was obviously intended for a dog. But it is still a thing of beauty and Mommy and Auntie Marcella were both so proud. Daddy and Uncle Michael were napping in the shade with Elvis and missed my big moment, but we told them I’m the #1 boy! Daddy was so proud of me.

The Snugbuggler


Baby Brother

July 19th 2005 2:48 pm
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So things have been kind of crazy around here. Lots of visitors and activities going on. Mommy and Daddy sure have lots of great friends! They always give me a lot of attention and make a big deal about me!
Imagine my distress upon learning that I am NO LONGER the baby!!!! Mommy insists that I will always be her baby, but I know better! The baby’s name is Navin R. Johnson-Davis. Navin for short. Not to sound jealous or anything, but he is the funniest looking cat I’ve ever seen!

He can’t even run or walk like a normal cat! He hops everywhere. I’m pretty sure that the “R” stands for “rabbit”. He follows me around the house. He is constantly tackling me. For a little guy, he’s awfully strong.

And did I mention that he has NO TAIL! Brrrrr! What kind of weirdo cat has no tail?! Maybe he thinks he’s a Punk or Goth Kitten. Maybe he thinks it’s cutting edge and crazy cool? I’m not sure how to feel about that? I kind of feel bad for him. We do laugh at him quite a bit. He’s pretty silly looking. And besides, we are all kind of defined by our tails!
Of course Sue rules with his magnificent bushy tail and Buffy sports the ever-trendy “lion-puff”, Jonas’ tail is interestingly quivery and Patchez’ tail is chubby and firmly packed. Mine has a kink on the end which I use to score points with the ladies. The automatic assumption is that it got caught in a door or something and I’m poor and sad with my crooked tail so this wins me lots of kisses and sympathy points. (Actually I was born with this tail, but that will be our little secret!)
Well, it’s time for me to go and play with Navin. He’s a lot of fun to play with. He can definitely hold his own and he doesn’t get his feelings hurt as easily as Sue. So I guess he’s ok. As long as Mommy doesn’t let him wear my Harley Davidson T-shirt!

The Snugbuggler


Diary of the Day!!!

April 19th 2005 3:16 pm
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I am so excited to have the diary of the day! I knew today was going to be a good day! Last nite, Mommy gave us some extra-potent catnip and Buffy and I passed out on the floor. Later that nite, I crawled into bed with Mommy and Daddy and had brother time with Jonas. Sue came too and it was very cozy. Mommy calls it "troi" when we do that. Anyhoo, it is always nice to be snuggly.
This morning, Mommy played with me before work and I got to kiss Daddy goodbye and he called me his jamma-lamma-ding-dong. .......wait a minute? ! Everyday is like that for me! My life kicks booty!
Maybe I can do something special to celebrate my honor tonite. Maybe Mommy will let me come outside with her and I can climb around in the plum tree again? I will ask her when she gets home......
Thank you to Catster and to all my friends old and new! This is so fun and exciting! I hope you all get to climb a tree, snuggle and have catnip tonite!

Jimi Hendrix
The Snugbuggler

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