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Ok - heer bees Margo's vershun ob TAG!

November 8th 2008 10:45 pm
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That crazeeeeee Margo! She made up her own ggrreat furshun of "You Been Tagged", an' it looks like it's hard-- but so-oooooo much fun! Here it is, with my I-tried! answers:

Anser dees kweshuns in yore diree, an den tag as mene kitties as yew wants! Yew can tags 1, 10, 100, or jus play yoreself! I canno wate tew see da ansers! MOL!

1. How mene toes duz yew hab?

Um-- I'm not exactly sure, 'cause I can't count that high. I think I has 4 on the front, 4 on the other front, 4 on the back, an' 4 on the other back. How many is that????

2. Is yew marreed?

Teehee! No way!! I had enough of Big Troubles jus' being on my own! Plus I'm not sure, but I think maybe those three kitty-daughters I had last February had something to do with Man Trouble?? --Jus' a guess.

3. Duz yew hab short, medium, or long hairs?

Ooooooh, I know this one!! I am a proud kitty with long, LONG hairs! I do like my furs, I think it's very purrty.

4. Duz yew likes tew dress up?

It depends on what you mean by dress up...?? I won't let my mom get near me with any outfits!!! I think I'm still a little too outside-wild fur that! But I would've dressed up fur Callie Rose's beauuuuuutiful wedding last week, an' Reba says her meowmy might make me a dress sometime. Plus my mom has been helping me dress up like furmous artists' models! That's been fun. Already, I been The Mona Sable, The Sable de Milo, Sable Van Gogh, an' more! Maybe my mom will let me put up some more pictures of me, so you can see...

5, Hoo gots da stinkeeeest gas in yore house???

Ew-w-w-w-www, Margo, what a question!!!!!! IT'S NOT MEEEEEE, that's fur sure!!!! --An' how come YOU din't answer this question your own self?!??

6. How mene toys duz yew hab?

EVFURRYthing here is a toy!!!! The dining room carpet (which I roll up an' push around efurry night while my furmily's asleep)... the doggy-feeder (which I pull the crunchy food nuggets out of an' scatter all over the floor)... the arm of the couch (which I scritch-scratch-scritch until my daddy squirts me with the water-bottle!-- oooooh, I don't like that, much!)... the wastebaskets (which I turn upside-down an' pull all the loud crinkly exciting PAPER out of)... --an' of course ALL the doggy toys, most of which I take away an' hide... an' OF COURSE the doggies themselves, who I torment ALL the time... it's ALL fun, here!

7. Is yore tale straight, kinked, curly, fat, thin, or jus rite?

My tail is jus' right. I can wave it an' fluff it an' wiggle it, an' even WHAP the doggies with it sometimes!

8. Hab yew eber killed a reel mousie??

I don't remember! I must have, because I was on my own out in the wild fur a while, I know that much. I MUST've hunted fur food or I wouldn't be alive any more... but then after I gotted shot, I hurted so-ooooo bad an' I couldn't hunt an' I almost starved to death befur my now-mom saw me an' helped me. Is mousie good an' delicious??

9. Is yew beeyooteeful, hansum, or uglee??

I used to not think I was furry purrty, but last week I told this to Goldie an' she said never-never-ever-ever say that again!!!! She said EVFURRY creature is beautiful!-- an' you know what? I decided she is RIGHT, an' I should love an' respect myself... so: yes! I'm BEEYOOTEEFUL! :)))

10. Is yew da King ob da house, Kween ob da house, or da Serbint?????

Queen! Totally, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, Queen! We have a higher archy here at my house. Furst is my daddy, who is Top Dog. Then is my mommy, who is Top Banana. Then comes MEEEEE!! I'm the Cat's Meow!! After me comes my pup-brother Max... an' then, then comes my poor-poor little pup-brother Charley, wayyyyyyy down at the furry bottom of the archy, who I pick on without mercy. (I'm 'shamed of myself... --**NOT!!!**)

--Okay, Margo, I dids it! Hope you enjoy. But like I said, where's YOURS?!?!??? :))))))))))))))))


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