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Bandit's Banter

We're famous?

February 9th 2008 9:31 am
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My momma told me that my brother Trickster and I were on the 2008 Bad Cat Calendar for the January 15, 2008 date. She was really excited about it, so I guess it was a big deal! It sounds like it, because everyone who bought the 2008 Bad Cat desk calendar could see me and Trickster on their desk. That's pretty cool!


My Tail of Devotion for Bandit

July 9th 2006 1:57 pm
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Bandit, you always seem to know when I am not feeling well. You check up on up me and head butt me to say "I love you, mommy". You constantly remind me when I am not giving you enough attention, even though there are times when I am unable to give you attention. But you don't know the difference. LOL. When strangers come over, you are very polite to them, you say "Hello", and you also head butt them for attention. And by the way, YES, I know that you had a major crush on that female cop who came by, because of the way you were rolling around and clawing in your chair. You sort of freaked her out, but I thought it was really funny. You meow and meow and meow when people are talking, because you, in an odd way, think you are human, and you just want to be part of the conversation. You sit and stare and meow at me when you know that I am getting tired and it's getting late, and you are telling me to come to bed. My little boy Bandit, thank you very much for taking good care of me. I love you.

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December 10th 2005 4:21 pm
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Well, you know what bites? I've started to cough up hairballs. :( Mommy bought some new food for me that is supposed to control hairballs and some medicine too. I hope it works, because hairballs are DISGUSTING! I managed to live for 2 years without them, but this winter has been pretty darn cold, so my coat is a lot thicker. I am nice and warm, but, man, I hate hairballs. Mommy gets really worried too when I start coughing them up, but she comes over and tells me everything is O.K. I love my mommy...


It's been awhile!

June 27th 2005 5:34 pm
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Wow, it's been a really long time since I'd written in my diary. I've been very busy. I've gotten bigger and rounder. Mommy and the other humans call me burrito because I guess I am getting round like a burrito. I don't mind it. It doesn't bother me. I love to eat, and I'm not going to change that to be thin. So what if I am a fat cat. Garfield was fat. Mommy loves watching Garfield. OH! Mommy got two pet mice. They were interesting, I've never seen mice before. They were kept in a cage, which was cool, because I could watch them. When they were outside their cage, they kind of freaked me out. I think because they were so small, I would run away from them if one ran towards me. Mommy laughed at me and said I wouldn't be a good "mouser". I don't know what that means. But anyway, mommy had to give them away because she didn't have time for them anymore and she wanted someone who could take better care of them to have them. I am happy about that, because I don't have to see the freaky mice, and mommy has more time to give me attention. hahahahaha. Well, I better go, it is time for my cat nap. Bye everyone!



November 23rd 2004 3:48 pm
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Mommy put me on this webpage the other day, and she keeps saying that I have more friends than she does. I just meowed back, rubbed her leg, and said "It's OK, mommy, I love you so much!" I think she was joking around, but I wanted to make sure her feelings weren't hurt. :)

Everyone that sees me says that I am so cute. I wonder why that is. I am hairy, I have whiskers, and now I have a pot-belly. I thought human women were turned off by human men with those same characteristics, but on a cat, they're cute? Humans are weird!

If it weren't for mommy, though, I couldn't eat, and I couldn't be petted, and loved, so humans are OK in my book. :)

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