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Oh Yeah We're Back To Normal, Meowmy Can't Sleep!!!

September 22nd 2009 12:36 am
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Yep, we are back to dat!!! And meowmy says she knows sumthing is up because da tree of us are huddled in da corner by da radiator where it's hard to get to (da computer table is in da way) but meowmy figures we saw a bug or sumthing. She has to move furniture and stuff to see what it is we are looking at, but she says if we don't break up soon that is what she will hafta do. Us kitties are da best hunters!!! We will always let ya know what's going on!!!! We track it, you smack it!!!! hehehehe Yes today I thinks I am a comedian!!!!


Good Morning Effuryone!!!

September 21st 2009 1:40 am
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Well, things are finally getting back to normal and I am furry happy about that. Meom is already up drinking coffee and in a few hours will start cleaning da house and running errands. She already cut my and Puppycat's (Pumkin Pooh) nails, just has to do dat lil stinker Isabelle who won't stay still fur nothing!!! Meowmy has to catch her when she is relaxing at da windowsill and just casually slide on over to her and start clipping. She gets to cut only a few at a time because Ms. Love makes such a fuss. I tell you, she is a purrfect match fur Smokey, sweet and sour!!!

My sweet little brofur in law Cheese has his furst gurlfuriend, her name is Katrina and she is gorgeous!!! They make such a cute couple!!!! Ah, love!!!! I know about dat subject as I am in love wif da mostest wonderful husband in da world!!! I LOVE YOU PUMPKIN!!!!!

Isabelle Love is furry sad because she can't find her birdie furiends, the weather is purrty cool in da mornings and they just aren't coming around and she misses dem terribly. We all miss dem but not the way she does. She waits and waits fur them at the window but dey haven't been coming. Kibbles Grammy says maybe they are over there, I sure hope so.

Eggsiting events are coming up, dis Friday is mine and Isabelle's 4th birfdays!!! And da 17th we are going to a Halloween pawty at Kibbles house, can't wait!!! Oh and the BIGGIE around here, Isabelle Love and her Smokey are getting mawwied on October 31st, the one we call Spooky Day!!!! I wonder if da two of dem will be on dere broomsrticks?Just kidding, just kidding....!!!!

Life is good.


Guess What?

September 19th 2009 4:33 am
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Meowmy has new pics of us and is getting weady to post dem. As usual, I look gweat!!! Meowmy says I am made fur da camera, whatefur dat means!!!

Happy Pirate Day effuryone!!! I can't do it, I have a hard enuff time talking like a hooman!!!

Hey Cheese, concats on you and Katrina!!! She is furry purrty and you makes a gweat couple. I can't believe it, already your furst gurl!!!You little devil.......!!!

And to my darling husband, I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE EACH DAY!!!! This is what true love feels like. I am a lucky kitty!!!! ♥


Now Dat Da Weather Is Changing

September 13th 2009 7:34 pm
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I am sleeping in my striped bed again, ya know, da one I have a pitcher of me in. Dat's my cold weather bed! In da summer it's too hot fur a bed like dat, but dis weather is purrfect if you ask me! It's warm and cozy when it gets cool at night. I like it just fine. Isabelle sleeps where she always sleeps, on top of her little scratching post toy with her favorite soft toys as pillows. Near da food area, of course!!! And when Pumkin isn't watching over meowmy he likes to lay either under da bed or on top of da cardboard scratcher, like it's a throne and he is King of da castle. Well I guess maybe he is!!!


We're Trying To Get Back To Normal Around Here

September 13th 2009 2:37 am
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It all depends on meowmy. We know she is sad but also life has to go on. We know she loves us and she knows we love her. And I love my wonderful Pumpkin and his entire family. They have really been here fur meowmy, Momcat has helped her thru this. Losing your furiend is furry furry hard. When meowmy cries I cry. This has been da hardest thing meowmy has ever been thru.


It's a Rainy Morning

September 11th 2009 8:09 am
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and guess what? I can't find my husband!!! Meowmy called twice fur me already and no answer. Where is my darling Pumpkin?

The weather is getting colder and the birds are disappearing. Poor Isabelle is weally upset over the birds taking a powder. I miss being on Catster more and talking wif my furiends. To all my furiends - I MISSES YOU!!! And don't even get me started about how much I miss my hubby....!!!

Meowmy's furiend Serena is not getting any better and she goes effury day to the hospital. We are getting one of her cats soon, he will be 11 months on Sept. 15th and he is tiger striped. His name is Blue Gladiator, Serena named him that. Our furiend and neighbor Frances found him in da rain when he was an itty bitty baby and he is missing a toe, maybe a rat ate it. But when Serena furst got him we brought him to da vet and his paw wif da missing toe healed up just fine. He is furry cute and furry active and I promised my meowmy to try to be nice to him.



September 1st 2009 1:03 am
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My meowmy fell asleep and made me miss all my pawties yesterday!!! And I missed my Pumpkin's pawty and I was crying and I couldn't wake her to get on the poota. I was so upset I didn't even eat dinner!!! I am still purrty hot. Meowmy keeps saying she is sorry, that she was exhausted from running to da hospital all da time and with Serena being sick. I guess I understand but she should have waited to make sleepy till AFTER da pawty!!! I just hope my Pumpkin forgives me. Bad meowmy.


My New Song

August 30th 2009 7:20 pm
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is dedicated to Pumpkin, who is most definitely da best thing dat efur happened to me!!!

Happy Birfday my love, and many, many more to come that we will always spend together!!! You have added so much happiness and joy to my life mere words cannot explain. I love you more each and effury day.


OMC!!! Kibbles Is REALLY On A Roll!!!

August 28th 2009 12:26 am
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DDP a million times and now COTD!!! We are high fiving each other and chasing our tails!!! And to top it off he shares this day with Sir Sonny Bono - Heaven's Rock Star and Leader of the Pack!!! Sonny is DDP today and we love him like crazy!!! What a day!!!


OMC!!! Kibbles Is On A Roll!!!

August 27th 2009 3:23 am
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I think it's 3 times in a week he is a DDP, and I am SO happy fur him!!! It was his furry furst time about a week ago, and now look what he started!!! I know he is rolling around laffing and giving effuryone high fives. And Grammy must be beside herself!!! She must be so purroud of her sweet Mr. Kibbles!!! Way to go my furiend!!! Effuryone in my house is cheering fur you!!! YAY KIBBLES!!!!

Guess what? I heard from my bff YooHoo yesterday. She also won a Furminator!!!! So cool!!! She calls me Jazzy D.!!! I love it!!!

Guess what else? This coming Monday is my hubby's 2nd birfday!!! I will be there fur da pawty and to be by his side, Isabelle, of course, is flying me in. She better be good so meowmy doesn't put her on a time out, but I weally don't think meom would do dat because it would be punishing ME!! I love my Pumpkin so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!And that is putting it mildly!!! Here's a big kiss fur you Pumpkin, open your window quick S M O O C H!!!! ♥

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