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Missing My Hubby

November 17th 2009 3:19 am
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Today finds me missing my sweet Pumpkin. I have been snapping at my furmily lately, meowmy says fur no reason. But dere is a reason, and that is I miss my Punky poo!!! He feels so far away and I am crying on da inside all da time. I love you my Pumpkin, can ya hear me?


Just Saying Hello

November 5th 2009 1:54 am
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Not much new wif me and I am missing my hubby Pumpkin A WHOLE LOT!!! Nothing new about that either!!! Sad about Smokey but I know he is not suffering anymore. I wish I was there to give Momcat a big kiss and some licks on top of her head.

My new brofur Blue is a real pest. He follows me around and sometimes I break on him and start hissing. Meowmy yells at me to stop it and be nice. But I don't wanna be nice. Why does she keep bringing in new cats effury so often? At furst it was just me, then she got Isabelle a few months later which wasn't so bad because she is my sisfur from da same litter. But da boys....! Pumkin turned out to not be so bad and he and I run around and chase each other. But dis new one Blue.....he is da little one but he is so big!!!


I'm Trying To Adjust To Blue

October 24th 2009 3:11 am
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Sometimes his presence bothers me! I wrinkle up my nose! Yet I follow him around. Meowmy just watches and keeps her distance, she says it is "cat stuff" going on. Blue is kinda bossy. I realize he is still a baby, just turned one. I think at his old home they all ate out of certain bowls. So he thinks da bowl he has been eating out of is "his" and earlier he pushed Pumkin away from it! Meowmy didn't like dat and she went after Pumkin and brought him right back to da bowl. Then she placed Blue in front of da other bowl. I hope he figures it out soon that we share bowls around here.

He's a big boy, dat Blue! Meowmy calls him Bluey!!! Last night he slept on da couch wif Isabelle and me and Pumkin took da bed wif meowmy. I'm glad Blue's not hiding anymore.


Well, I Guess I Have A New Brofur

October 22nd 2009 4:55 am
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But I don't hafta like it. Meowmy was just cleaning all our eyes and brushing us, one at a time. I always go furst, dat's just da way it is. Blue goes last (haha), furst girls, then boys. Anyway, after she was done, Blue came over to me and tried to make nice and bump me. I hissed. Meowmy says I am a bad girl. I am not bad, just not overly furiendly. Meowmy says give it time.


Dere's A New Cat In My House!!!

October 16th 2009 1:03 am
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He is so big!!! What is going on, why is he here? I am keeping my eye on him and hissing like there's no tomorrow. He has da nerve to hiss back at me and make a low growling sound!!! I don't care how big he is, I'm da boss around here and he better realize dat. He even started hissing at meowmy!!! My meowmy!!! I don't like dis one bit. Not one bit.


I Love My Furiends

October 12th 2009 3:07 am
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If it weren't fur Catster there are so many kitties I would nefur know. I love my furiends so furry much, they brighten my day and make my life happy. I like to read about what they are doing and I absolutely head over paws LOVE my husband, who I met on Catster!!!! I LOVE YOU SWEET PUMPKIN OF MINE!!!!! So today I wanna thank Catster fur making my life so happy and full. Thank you, Catster.

In other news, listen to the nerve of this..... I have been sleeping at night in da kitchen in dis big basket wif a nice pillow inside it dat meowmy put dere a long time ago. I used to nap in it, den I stopped, but lately I have spent da night there. So I slept dere last night, and dis morning I went to eat and use da box, I come back to da basket and Pumkin Pooh is sleeping in dere!!! What a copycat!!! hehehe Now I know where dat word came from!!!

But seriously, he better get out of dat basket..........!!!


Hi Furiends

October 6th 2009 2:20 am
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Meowmy is trying to keep up wif our diaries. Me - as always, I am missing my baby poo Pumpkin. He is my sweet red boy. As soon as I get off meowmy's lap I will kiss his picture and blow kisses out the window. It is getting cool here, especially late at night and early in da morning, but meowmy already opened the kitchen window wide enuff fur me to blow da kisses out of.

Nothing much new here, meowmy went to see Blue yesterday and bring him some food. Of course she came home gushing over him and full of love fur him. She can't resist ANY kitty, she thinks we are ALL gorgeous!!! And we are!!! So I am purrty sure we are getting a baby brofur (who is bigger than all of us!!! Even Pumkin Pooh!!! Blue is L - O - N - G!!!!) probably next week. I know meowmy is worried he will fight wif us and Frances told her some sparring is to be expected. Doesn't she remember the different things dat happened when each new kitty came here? See, I was furst so I am Alpha Cat!!! I lick effuryone clean, too, it is my job. True, I give a new kitty a hissing like you wouldn't believe, for about 5 minutes complete wif spitting. But it'll pass and we will adjust. Eventually.


Missing My Husband

October 4th 2009 3:16 am
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Isabelle Love is not da only one who is missing her sweetie pie. Specially in dis cool weather I miss my Pumpkin, I wanna snuggle up wif him into one great big furball. Wif a nice warm fresh outta da dryer blankie on top!!! And meowmy's kisses!!!!

Meowmy mostly calls me Jazzy. Lately she calls Isabelle Love by Jelly all of da time. And Pumkin Pooh she calls Puppy, I think he thinks dat is his name anyway. Meowmy says Isabelle Love has a big belly full of jelly!!! Jelly Belly!!! Meowmy also sings to us, sometimes she makes up songs and offer times she sings weal songs, but I like it all. Also, she cleans effuryone's eyes in da morning and brushes each of us. Of course my spoiled brat brofur P.P. has to get da most time, he rolls around and gives his belly and does cute stuff that makes meowmy smile. He has her wrapped around his wittle paw.


It's Been Awhile

October 2nd 2009 9:04 am
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since I've updated my diary. Meowmy has been busy and has not found the time (of all the nerve!) to accomodate my writing needs!!! Well, I just let her know I am NOT happy about this!!!! So she says she will do her best to make me happy. And that's just the way I like it.

Meowmy says since we started eating the Science Diet Hairball Control (Light) which she mixed with our regular Science Diet Nature's Best, I am doing much better and have only thrown up once all month. The funny thing is all three of us seem to prefer this Hairball food to our regular food!!! This new food is a lighter color and we eat those pieces and leave the dark pieces for last. Meowmy says it is funny because the darker one (Nature's Best) is more expensive and has no by-products but real chicken or fish. But we prefer the one wif the by-products that costs less. I guess it's true there is no accounting for taste!!!We kitties just like what we like and that is that!!!

Note to Kibbles and furmily: I miss you too!!!


Hi Effuryone

September 27th 2009 2:08 am
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My hubby and all my furiends made my birfday furry special. Thank you all so so much. Meowmy has had a bad spell grieving, I guess it goes like that sometimes, you just nefur know how you will wake up feeling. But you gotta be grateful that you wake up, right?

I love Catster and the network of wonderful people we know thru here. Thank you one and all fur helping us thru this difficult time. Thank God fur you. I mean it.

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