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Mr. Blue Eyes

Flying Angel

March 5th 2011 7:39 pm
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I must thank all of the lovely cats who have sent me gifts - so Thank you - each and everyone! Your comforting words have eased my humans and me too.
I am keeping a close eye on my mom...she is pretty old. Her eyes were leaking a lot after I crossed to the bridge,but she is doing ok. Timmy, my littersis is keeping her busy and being her usual foolish self,but I think mom appreciates this.
The ESS did some shopping today and bought our favorite food for Timmy. Timmy doesn't know that the food here at the Bridge tastes better than any food found on Earth.
I thought there was going to be a lot of clouds and harp-playing here, but so far I've found a lot of catnip patches and sunpuddles....purrfect for napping.
The new wings are still a bit itchy around the attachment spots, but other than that I don't have a lot of complaints.
I've only had one crash so far, so I think I'm doing ok. Who knew that clouds have stop signs??
So I'm literally winging it here! Hope you are all doing ok!


Today I flew to the Rainbow Bridge

March 1st 2011 5:33 pm
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Today I left the old world for a very new one...I flew on my new wings to a beautiful place.
My old body was worn out..I was having trouble breathing and I was too sweet,too. My blood sugar was 264 yesterday when the ESS took me in to see the v-e-t.
Today the ESS and her brother, took me and my mom back to the vet...ESS carried me out to the box on wheels. Before she put me on my mom's lap, she let me look around and as tired as I was,I enjoyed it.
At the v-e-t place they put me on a table with my soft blankie under me and the v-e-t put some medasin in my leg...I fell asleep right away and my mom and the ESS were crying, but I was FLYING!!
I zoomed around them and then I flew to a beautiful place..and I will stay here until my mom comes for me...
Thank you mom for helping me - your love helped me on my way.
Love from your new Angel,


Still working on getting better

January 28th 2011 8:00 pm
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Monday my mom sent me back to the v-e-t. He did an evaluation and surprisingly found me to be better than I was 2 weeks ago!!
He gave me 2 shots - depomedrol and convenia.
I am still in jail, but I am eating a bit better - I don't want the WSS force feeding me - but she did do the stick the pinchy thing in my neck and make me into the Hunchcat of Meowtre Dame again.
Tomorrow my mom might let me out of jail and let me walk about in the back bedroom. I hope she does - my legs are tired of being still.


the wicked step sis...

January 23rd 2011 7:45 pm
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today the WSS stopped by again. She was not pleased with my breathing so she:
1. force fed me
2. restarted my antibiotics
3. restarted my prednisone
4. gave me another dose of appetite stimulant (makes me drool)
5. gave me pepcid (actually before she did any thing else)
6. cleaned out my bed
7. weighed me (8.5 lb)
Pete my wicked step-brother gave me a breathing treatment.
My mom appreciated everything they did...and i did eat on my own later on....but really! How much can one little cat take??
Mom will send me back to the vet tomorrow and we will see what he says.


Not feeling good at all..

January 23rd 2011 7:29 pm
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Sunday January 21, 2011

Last evening my mom called and told me that Hoak's breathing was bad again. I called my brother, Pete, to get the ER vet number in case I needed to run him over for help. As it turned out, Pete was on his way home from his Coast Guard duty and was right around the corner from home (he lives next door to mom).
He said he'd check Hoak and call me back.
He called me back and said he and mom had given Hoak a breathing treatment of albuterol with mom's hand held nebulizer, but felt Hoak needed some fluids.

So I headed on out to mom's for the second time. (I'd gone to do her shopping and errands earlier)
When i got there, Hoak's breathing was rapid, but he did not seem to be in acute distress, but his skin was tenting, so we gave him about 150 or so of SQ fluids.

We decided another breathing treatment wouldn't hurt. We took the mouth piece off of the nebulizer and cut a hole in the bottom of a paper cup to make a mask. This we held up to his face and let him breathe in the vapor.

Hoak, according to mom, hadn't eaten at all, but I felt we had stressed him enough for one evening,and since we had given him some dextrose, decided not to force feed him. I will force feed him (if needed) today.

Pete had been tapering Hoak's prednisone and he had not recieved a dose yesterday, so I decided to give him a dose. He may have to be on prednisone chronically. I will consult his vet on Monday.

Pete and I discussed Hoak's long term prognosis with mom. The ER vet told Pete that Hoak's lungs were badly damaged. We,together, decided that if his breathing is not better by Monday, we may have to help him to the Bridge.

Please keep your paws crossed for poor Hoak.


doing better

January 16th 2011 6:13 pm
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I'm in jail,but I'm feeling better. I came home a week ago and decided I wasn't gonna eat..not no way, not no how.
My evil stepsister started *gag* force feeding me...YACK!!!
and she took me back to the vet...I was dehydrated so they stuck a HUGE sharp thing in my back and gave me some water...sigh..
The evil SS is doing this to me at home too....and my mom lets her! >^@@^< sheesh!!
They are also giving me some medasin that makes me want to eat. I've gained a few ounces already! I started at 8.1 and am up to 8.11!!!
I will soooo get even with the evil SS tho....just you wait!!


doing a little better

January 8th 2011 9:28 pm
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This information is given to my wicked stepsister from my wicked stepbrother.
Today the vet said my breathing seemed a little better and they began trying to wean me from the oxygen. I will go home on inhalers and other medasins.
My wicked stepsiblings will force me to take the medasin.
Their plan is to:
Put me in a cage in a room that has:
1. a separate zone for heating
2. a humidifier
3. an ionic air cleaner
My plan is to:
1. to sneak out of the door as soon as I can
2. roll in the snow
3. and catch a mouse and eat it too.



Critically ill

January 6th 2011 7:03 pm
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Today my wicked stepsister's mom sent me to the v-e-t. I have been having trouble breathing...and it's worse now. I am in kitty ICU in an oxygen cage. They think I have a chronic problem like asthma and have given me 3-6 months to live.
My mom is old (89) and is not handling this at all well.
Please purray for me and my mom.



January 23rd 2010 8:57 pm
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They finally let me come home today, but I'm not eating. the vet said I ate, but when my mom offered me food today, I wasn't interested.
My skinsis will keep a close eye (@) on me because of what happened to my nephew Purrcy...HE TURNED YELLOW!
So skinsis will go tomorrow and buy lot's of different foods for me...(bwhahahah) THIS is what I've been waiting for.



January 22nd 2010 2:26 pm
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A few days ago my mom asked my skin sister to get some worm medicine and give it to me because I had been coughing a lot.
Skinsis heard me cough and told mom I needed to go to the sighed, because she isn't feeling good either. she's pretty old, too.
The next day the vet people came and took me away! They took pictures of me and said I have Noo Moan Yer. I wasn't moaning then , but I feel like it now!
They stuck sharp things in me and put water under my fur and they squished food in my mouf too. These evil beings are also giving me yucky pills called Auntie Bee O'ticks, they make my tummy feel yucky so no wonder I don't want to eat!
I hope I can go home soon because I miss my mom a lot. I even miss Timmy. And if I can go home I promise, mom that I won't throw up on the carpet anymore, just on the kitchen floor. I PROMISE!!!

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