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A Spunky-Monkey's Tales

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My Grateful 5th Birthday

November 11th 2011 9:49 pm
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If there was any a foster cat that mom and her family loved more... it was me. She tried so hard to not get attached, but I won her heart over big time. In her world, I was the perfect kitty, and yet nagging at her heart she also knew that I was the most ignored one because I was so perfect and not so much needy as the others.

I could not go to adoption events because I was too shy, and because my foster mom loved me so much she never listed me on her Petfinder account. Then one day my destined new owner phoned her about a kitty she had listed on Petfinder, a short haired, stray orange & white kitty. He said that what he was really looking for was a Maine Coon. After speaking with this person for awhile, foster mom finally confessed that she had me.... what sounded like a perfect match.

With huge tears in her eyes and a hole in her heart, she agreed to adopt me into my new forever home. It was such a heartbreaking day for us both.

Within no time at all, foster mom knew in her heart that she had made the right decision. I totally clicked with my new dad and was more happy than I had ever been with her.

Thank You to all who stopped by on my special day. ~hugs~ I appreciate each one of you!

Headbonks & Love,
Spunky - A King at Last

*Foster mom has no kitties listed on her Petfinder account today..... as there are none left for adoption!!! She considers this a victory! Twenty-five plus cats have come and have been adopted into their forever homes, and all that remain are her forever cats.... Lil' Muppet, Nakita, Sampson & Chico. xoxo* I'm so grateful that I was rescued and found my forever & loving home!! *purrs*


~An update on me & sad goodbyes to my new sister~

May 30th 2010 12:27 pm
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Dear Diary,

I’ve been doing really well at my new home. I even have a new name! I am now known as Satchmo. Even though I know what it stands for, ‘one who jabbers a lot‘, I still respond to it quite well. *hee, hee*

My new sister, Mui, became very ill and Dad tried his best to have the doctors here and in Las Vegas find out what was ailing her. Sadly it turned out she had a tumor in her belly and about a week ago Dad and the doc helped Miss Mui take her journey to the Bridge. *sad purrs* Dad says that Mui had 15 wonderful years with him, but I know that he’s sad and 15 years just didn’t feel long enough.

Dad and I are looking for a new addition to our home now. Not to replace Mui, but so that I am not the only furry kid around here. I went from living with Muppet and several other kitties to living with just one other, and now I’m the only one. Somehow this feels quite odd. My foster mom is going to keep her eyes and ears open to find me another brother or sister that will fit right in with Dad and me. *purrs*

Dad had been so busy trying to help Mui that he didn’t have time to send foster mom pictures to update my room with. He promised that he will now work on getting some sent to her so she can put them up. :)

Hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day weekend. I’m stretched out flat on my back just relaxing and spending time with my wonderful Dad. Thanks for all of the yummy food that has been left in my room! Yum, yum! *purrs of thanks to Catster and my friends*

Headbonks & Love,
Spunky - a king at last


~ a very shocked & grateful Spunky Monkey ~

January 23rd 2010 4:27 pm
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Dear Diary,

I’m stunned and I don’t quite know what to say! Cat of the Day, WOW! Thank you HQ for this honor and thank you so much to all who have kindly stopped by my room to say congrats! I will paw out my appreciation to each of you later this evening! *huge hugs to you all*

Foster mom has tried to contact my dad today but so far has not had any luck. He does visit my room, so he’s going to be thrilled to see that not only has he made it possible for me to be king of my own castle, but now kindly Catster’s has made me their king for an entire day! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all!

Many Grateful Headbonks and Purrs,
Spunky - a king at last -


~ DDP thanks & best wishes for 2010 & always ~

December 26th 2009 1:34 pm
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Dear Diary,

I want to meow out a thank you to everyone who sent me gifts & paw-mails with congrats for my first ever DDP on Dec 23rd! I really appreciate them and you all! What a Christmas this was for this little Spunk! After over two years, I’ve finally found my perfect forever home and have settled in wonderfully. Then I receive the un-expected honor of having a winning photo in the World’s Coolest Contest, and shortly after receive my first DDP honor! Thank you to everyone who helped to make the ending to this year a most perfect one! Many, many grateful purrs & hopes that everyone had a nice Christmas!

Purrs to all for a very Blessed & Healthy New Year and beyond!!

Headbonks & Luv,
Spunky - a king at last


~ Congrats and Thanks ~

December 17th 2009 1:50 pm
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Dear Diary,

Wow! Foster mom discovered this morning that I ‘m a winner in the Worlds Coolest Cat Show! I won in the Naughtiest category! Thank you to the judges who voted for me, and thanks again for all who voted me into the finalists! :)

Good Girl Lola not only won the Captivated category, she also took overall Best In Show and we couldn’t be happier for her! *cheers* Congrats to all of the other winners too!! *more cheers* There were so many wonderful photos entered this year! :)

Thank you also for the kind gifts and paw mails! I really appreciate all of them. *grateful hugs* I will get around to pawing out my personal thanks soon! :)

Headbonks & Grateful Purrs,
Spunky ~ a king at last~


We're finalists in the World's Coolest Contest!

November 19th 2009 7:24 pm
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How cool is this? Mine and my former foster mate’s photo was chosen as a finalist in the Naughtiest category! Thank you so much for all of the votes!!

There are five of us in the photo including Gucci and also Bubba who you can barely see. We did unfortunately smash foster mom’s lamp, but when she returned to the furniture store where she had purchased it a year prior, they still had the other matching one and it was marked half off!! :) Apparently nobody but foster mom buys only one lamp, they buy the matching set! *giggles*

There were so many great photos entered this year! Best of luck to everyfur who has been chosen as a finalist!

Onto a different subject, I have an update on myself and my new home. I'm doing fabulous and my adorable new fursis and I are now buddies! We love to chase each other around the house and cozy up by the woodburning stove in the evenings. :)

My new dad, he's just the BEST! He gives me lots of attention and play time, and giggles about what a talker I am! I can't help it, I love to trill out everything I am experiencing! Dad says he can even hear me talking to myself when everyone else has gone to bed for the night! Mol! And he says that I almost knock him out of his chair with my strong, loving headbonks! Hee, hee!

I heard that Chico is now doing better. He wasn't actually sick, it turns out that he was very depressed when I left. Krikit also is now doing better and is letting foster mom pet and brush her again. :) I'm so happy that they are both back to normal, and I couldn't be happier in my new forever home!

Luv & Headbonks to all of my Catster friends and many thanks for your votes! *big hugs*

Spunky ~ a king at last~


~ My new kingdom ~

August 16th 2009 5:05 pm
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Dear Diary,

My new dad, whom I’ll refer to as ‘J’, let me hop on the computer so I could send an update! I must tell you that the trip out to my new home and the first 24 hours rocked my world to say the least! Other than the trip to the doc to be ’fixed’ when I was three months old, I’ve never been away from my foster mom or her home.

‘J’ had a place set up for me when we arrived where I could hide and get a grip on my new surroundings. I was very thankful for that! Within a few days though I felt brave enough to come out and meet ’J’. I got in some nice headbonks and even rolled over for some belly rubs. I feel a little more comfortable now, so I’ve been cruising around my new home checking things out.

I haven’t been able to spend any quality time with my new fursis as of yet. She struts around with her nose up in the air and acts like she doesn’t like me. ‘J’ tells me that she’s still in her jealous mode and in time she will come around.

I hear that Chico got severely depressed when I left, and now he’s ill. I sure do miss our play sessions that we had everyday and I hope that he recovers real soon. Krikit has been looking all over for me and now she won’t let foster mom near her. *sighs* It’s never easy being a loved foster member of a household for so long, and then having to say goodbye. My purrs for Chico and Krikit and for their sad hearts to heal soon for both of them!

I‘m going to go check out my new home some more now. I’ve gone from last kitty in the hierarchy to being king of my own castle and it‘s quite a big responsibility! Now if I can just get that furry little queen to like me, things will be perfect! *giggles*

Purrs & Headbonks to all of my Catster friends,
Spunky - a king at last -


~ Goodbye to my Catster friends & Hello to my new home ~

August 8th 2009 7:24 pm
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Dear Diary,

Foster mom had a long talk with me today. She told me that she loves me and that she’s so happy that I was able to share part of my life with her. Then she explained with tears in her eyes how there is a nice guy interested in giving me my new forever home. She told me that it was ok to be scared at first, but that I was going to be very happy once I settled in. I’m going to have a pretty Tonkinese kitty as my new sister, and my new house sits on four acres so there’s plenty of interesting wildlife to watch out of the windows. Most of all, I have a new forever Dad!! No more Spunky - Adoptable, now I’m finally just going to be known as Spunky!! Hurray!

I’m going to miss my foster mom, Chico and Muppet a lot and I worry about Krikit as she is attached to me. But foster mom says that I will get loads of attention, something I kind of lack here, and plenty of love and fun play times. I guess that I best go start packing my bags now. Foster mom said that I could take along with me whatever I wanted so the first thing I‘m grabbing is my crunchy treat jar! I would also like to take my comfy bed and a few of my favorite toys.

Farewell Catsterland! I’ve had a lot of fun the past year and I will miss my friends a lot. Perhaps my new dad can update my page for me once in awhile or ask foster mom to.

Headbonks & Big Hugs,
Spunky ~ adopted ~

Now if someone can help poor Armani get out of Hello Kitty Land where Meatball has catnapped and stashed him, he too might find his forever home. *giggles*


~ I get to play tag too! ~

June 21st 2008 5:31 pm
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My good buddy Henry tagged me to play a game called Summertime Fun. I am to list 5 fun things I like to do during the summer. Thanks Henry for including me to play!

1) I luv looking out all of the windows at all of the busy birds and critters.

2) I luv hunting the little critters that get in the house. They are MINE! Hee, hee!

3) I luv listening to Chico as he endlessly tells me about his out-back experiences. Sometimes though I think he exaggerates, like ‘the fish that got away’ …. Hee, hee!

4) I luv laying flat on my back and enjoying the summertime air conditioning. Can’t get cool enough when you have a huge suit like mine.

5) And I absolutely luv all of the games and summer fun we have with our furiends here on Catsters.

Foster mom is WAY behind on tagging, hee, hee! Like approx 25 of them, yikes. We'll catch up one day. MOL


~ A Fab 5 Tag by the Fabulous Anna ~

June 16th 2008 4:33 pm
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Dear Diary,

My sweet friend Anna Banana tagged me to play the Fabulous Five Game!! Thanks Anna, I would luv to play!!

I am to list 5 Fabulous things about myself, and then tag 5 more fur friends to do the same. SWEET!! Let’s begin…….

1) I don’t say meow, meow. Instead I talk in ‘sentences’ with short, soft trill/purr noises. Everybody thinks it’s adorable and says I always have such a story to tell. I’m really good at saying the words ‘hi’ and ‘yep’.

2) I have a fabulous shiny tuxedo suit that I luv and always wear. I keep it very clean and I luv when people help me by brushing it.

3) I have the most fabulously sweet, gentle personality. I get along with effurry kitty, and I luv humans too. I’m just a shy boy until I get to know you.

4) I have my own fabulous massage therapist , it’s Chico. Hee, hee. I will lay flat on my back with my tail stretched out. Chico will massage my tail by repeatedly lightly stomping on it with all four of his paws at the same time. (Like he‘s balanced on a skinny fence). We do this two times a day for at least ten minutes. Now and then I let out a scream which always concerns foster mom. But I quickly relax and Chico continues massaging my tail. Foster mom is bewildered by these massage sessions. She at first thought it was a dominant male thing until she noticed something that may be a coincidence. ? After the massage, I get up and walk around without hobbling. I can even jump up a lot higher than normal. (For me, I can’t jump too high.) She really wonders if the massage somehow takes the pain away in my leg? And she wonders if anybody else has witnessed anything similar? (Or has she gone cookoo? Ha!)

5) I have a fabulously large belly. *blushes* I don’t over eat and I don’t really care for wet food, so foster mom says that it must be something she refers to as genetics. * She does spoil me with crunchy treats too.*
Thanks for including me to play Pretty Anna!!
I'll have to go trot around and find 5 furiends to play along. :)

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