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Tooosday......Parade Hangohbur

March 18th 2014 2:38 am
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March 18 – VERY VERY Urly in da morning......

In the dim grey lite of a morning sky we see wat looks like a Sumwat Deeflaitid Phat Phuzzy White Weather balloonie flote-ing up towards Hevvin. It is BBBT! Waring her beanie with a now slowly-revolving propeller, she lazily flotes upwards, in great need of SLEEEP. Meenwhile in Hevvin…..

da Sekewrity Angel licks hir Green Lips wif her Green Tung, and while watching the monitors, suddinly sees this Apparishun on da bank of monitors. “BOY ARE YOO GONNA GET IT!!” Yells da hewj anjul, who suddinly sez “Well, WTH—NO, I’m not gonna do anything about dis miscreant. Even tho Easter is coming up soon and God knows what kinda stunt she iz gonna pull off then.” SUDDINLY!! HUUH!! HEWJ wirds appear on All da monitors – “ACK! Shuallee - NO, I DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE’S GONNA DO!! Do us all a favor and just ignoar her for the next 33 days.” And….

So BBBT flotes lazily bakk to Hevvin, a bit nurvuss of corss, after her St Patty’s Day caper, and all she wants to do is EET and SLEEEP. Lukkily there iz a NEWCOMER (no green lips) at da Purrly Gates and s/he lets BBBT in with a “Well, hello how are you! (OMC, WHAT ARE you!!??)” SUDDINLY! Liddle hands GRAB BBBT and she is whisked into da KITCHIN!! What is going on!! Oh! It’s the liddle phat anjuls wif the tiny wings ….. and sirkulz under their eyes (they are da wuns hoo had left BBBT to her own devices at the St Pattys Day Parade in Mew York City, when they desided to go on an all nite bender in Times Square) AND…

they broughtid bakk a TAKE OUT bag of FOODIES for La BBBT!!! “Look wat we gottid for yoo!” they trill – as they open the bag and pull out a Strami Sammich, A Ripper in a bun from Coney Island, and….. a LIVERWURST SAMMIE from Cats DeliCATtessen, and Bon BOns- most of wish are given (at BBBT’s rekwest) to Miss Princess, Miss Mercy, PeeWee, PUddy and oh look-- A Treacle Cake for Sir Blade!!! BBBT is delite-id wif HER foodies! She makes Happy Eeting Noyzziz and devours everything, gratefully licking her chops and daintillee washing her faiss afterwards – and… dem liddle cherubs, hoo see dat BBBT iz getting VERY sleepy, pik her up (“OOOOF!”) and gently fly her bakk to her soft clowd beddie. LOL....WUN liddle boddle of Green Food coloring rolls out frum under it and wunna dem liddle anjuls grabs it and stikks it in hir pokkit.

Da Sekewritee Anjul has seen all dis on da monitors and smiiiles. “It was SO Boring UP here before she came!” sez da Anjul, hoo likks hir still-green lippsss wif hir still-green tung, pulls out a Strami Sammich from hir desk drawer (dem phat liddle anjuls dun bribed hir) and kicks back to enjoy a nice lunch. This episode ends sweetly as we hear BBBT gently snoooring, and St Pete, who is behind his very-soothing sports page, repeating a gentle mantra “The green will wash out. The green will wash out. The green will wash out…..” And …….

….a Liddle Voyss sez to da anjul watt pikkt up da bottle of green foodie coloring and stukk it in hir back pokkit: “Hey Phat liddle annjul— wy is yor butt tirning green?” And…”Oh Dat BEE BEE BEE TEE and her Imajinativ mischiff - haha….Wat will she do next??? I can’t wate till EESTUR……”!!


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