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Who Meeee????

Today (Oktoe-burr 1) Is My BURFDAY!!!!!

October 2nd 2006 6:54 am
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Today I am an Elebin Year olde Kitten.

Meowmie gave me a burfday "gift" -- Meowmie -- I hope yoo don't give me NO more Burfday "gifts" like dis wun!!! She put my harniss and leesh on and then tride to put me in da carree-er and I made LOTSA NAAASTY Noyzizz and I Tride to clime ovur hur bakk. So she put me into a BIGGER Carreee-er.

And we wented to chirch -- dere was LOTSA chares owtside and we wuz in da shade and Meowmie VERY carefully held my leesh and opind da carree-er door and I was ANTSY!! and I MEOW MEOWED dat I wantid to go home. Ennyway, peepul sang and talked and petted me (even tho I had a sign on my collir dat sed "WARNING! I LIKE TO HIT PEEPUL!!!" ). Then da preeest ladee blesst a buncha dawgs and TASTY LOOKING hamsturz and a cuppla turdlles and then she blesst me and I lookt right at hur and I was VERY well beehaivd and den Meowmie took me bakk to my carree-er and held my leesh as I wentid inside my carree-er and before she cudd clowse da door (she wuz STILL holding onto my leesh for safety) I terned arownd reel fast and I wented "HISSSSSS"""! and I reeched owt and SMACKED Meowmie not wunnss but TWICE - furst wit my Rite paw, and den with my Left Paw!! Har Har!!!

There was wun othir kitty there and she was a pritty black cat with liddle wite feet and kewt pink toes and everywun was going "Ahh...such a NICE kitty!!!" and they wuz tikkling hur toes and SHE LET THEM DO DAT!!! Man, I wudda gone balistikk !!!

Ennyway, da peepul sang "He's got da Whole World in His Hands" and they added new words -- kittens, puppies, hamsturs, turdles, burdies and other animulz, in His Hands -- to dat song and it was nice.

Then we wentid home. Then Meowmie opined a can of TASTY Fancee Feest with da greens and soooflaiz and dat was my Burfday Meal

AND for an even BETTER gift, Meowmie sed "I cudd see yo were reeel upset dis morning so I promiss yooo I won't take yoo owt like dat ennymore!!!"

THANK YEW Meowmie!!!!!!!!

Oh! Pee Ess -- There wuz a HUUUUGE Fi Fi Dawg dat gotted blesst today too!!! Dat made me a liddle happy becuz now I know dat dere iz at leeest WUN good Fi Fi and yew no wat dat meens, fer shure -- THERE IZ HOPE FOR POODULS!!!!


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