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Purr, world!

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~ Two-o-o-o-o ~

September 9th 2009 2:02 pm
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Hello Y'All!

Guess who turned two last weekend? And who got 25 treats from Catster's alphas?

Although... the person that lives with me broke the rules and our wonderful tradition. Normally, birthday cat gets a super special breakfast with sprinkles on top. But she accuses me of stealing food at night and being overweight (the nerve!). So I got a shiny red collar, and exclusive extra play time instead... *sigh* I guess it's ok.


* Mabel *



June 6th 2009 9:06 am
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Hello Y'all,

Lo-o-o-o-ong time no write, y'all! The human let too much time go by so Amalia demoted her to intern transcriber of our memoirs.

Maybe my human needs repair. I think she had some sort of short circuit this week, when I was asking for food. You know, human has this invisible button on her face; I lick the button and it activates the feeding process. Amalia has put me in charge of activating human every morning for breakfast.

Well, last Tuesday I wake up and go to human to lick her face. She starts covering her face and saying nonsense like "Mabel! It's 1am! it's one a-m! it's ONE AM!" I mean, what does that have to do with me being hungry? Then human started rolling on the bed, covering all over with the blankets. It was really hard to find the button, and yet she wouldn't activate the feeding process.

At one point I couldn't help it and told her "human, I am soooo hungry I could eat y'all's hair. Look!" and, well, I started eating her hair. Then she did the most unimaginable thing: took us out of the room and closed the door... For the first time ever! and saying that nonsense "It's 1.30am! It's ONE-THIRTY AM!". Worse yet, she locked the door so I couldn't open it.

Amalia came to the rescue. She said "Ok Mabel, you know what? I am going to dig a hole that will go underneath the door so you can go activate human, ok?" . She immediately started to work, digging, *scratch scratch*, digging.

Amalia didn't need to finish because human jumped out of the bed "ok ok ok I'll feed you! don't ruin the carpet!". She fed us while saying "It's two am! It's TWO in the morning!" .... that part I don't get, I mean nobody was asking her to tell the time.

* Mabel *


Birthday; high-five (paws) !!

September 10th 2008 11:55 am
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Hello Y'All!

Guess what? I am officially no longer a kitten!! I turned 1 year old last friday Sept/5.

That's when we were in this other house with 2 more people and 2 cats. The lady person (whom my human calls mom) was sooo impressed with me that she kept "suggesting" that I stay and live with them. But human wouldn't leave me =)

The 2 other cats were... not so welcoming, but we almost became friends.

Soooooo.... on birthday morning I had a succulent breakfast. Human gave ME food mixed with yummy treats. It was so good that I kept going back and ask for more.

Then I got gifts! New collars hand-made by my person, a bunch of toys and more treats. I'll tell human to upload pictures.

=^_^= SOMEBODY GAVE ME 5 PAWS!!!! =^_^=

Thanks to the awesome anonymous human who gave me 5 paws when viewing my page! My Catsterland stats are getting much better now, woohoo

* Mabel *



September 2nd 2008 8:11 pm
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Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana in early September 2009. Human, Mabel and Amalia had to quickly pack and take their first road trip together...

** 30 min. driving **
- Human: Are you ok, kitties?
- Mabel: ? ? ? purr... meow...
- Amalia: MGWAO! MGWA-A-A-O!

** 2 hrs. driving **
- Mabel: .... (not sure what to do or say)
- Amalia: MMMME-E-E-E-OW! ("haven't I said I don't like car rides?!")

** 3 hrs. driving **
- Mabel: mmmeooow.... mmeow... MEOW! ("I don't like this, it moves too much!")
- Amalia: (takes some rest now that Mabel took over on the complaining)

** 4 hrs. driving **
- Mabel: (after complaining for the last hour, lays down and gets some rest)
- Amalia: MMMGWAO! MMGWAA-O-O-O-O-O! ("I am not talking to you after this!")
- Human: aaw sorry kitties....
- Amalia: (makes some noise.... human looks back and there she is: Amalia throwing up on the back seat... poor kitty left all breakfast there)

For the next 8 hours, Amalia and Mabel alternate: one kitty complaining (loudly) for an hour at a time...

** 12 hrs. driving **
- Mabel: meow... ("you know, maybe this is where we live now, in this moving thing")
- Amalia: mmgwaO. ("yeah maybe, whatever")
- Human: are you ok kitties?
- Amalia: *sigh* ("I'm not talking to you")

Either the kitties were too exhausted, or simply accepted the idea of being in the car for ever. With many roads closed and heavy traffic, the whole ride took 19 hours!

~ ~ ~ Wishing all Louisiana kitties and their families a safe time ~ ~ ~ ~


I sort of understand human now

August 6th 2008 6:48 pm
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Hello Y'All,

*sigh*.... I was so exhausted yesterday evening. You see, my human took me on another field trip to that place she calls "office".

What a long day. I had to meet and greet all these people, let them admire and touch my shiny hair, and purr thanks. I did a little bit of exploring as well. I was more comfortable this time, but still not so used to the noises and all.

The most common compliment was how well I behave, always next to my human and respectful. Human said "yes, this kitty doesn't chew cables like my other one" he he he!! there you have it, Amalia!

But wow, all this activity didn't let me take the usual naps. I stayed on human's lap most of the time, but the movement would wake me up plus the occasional visitors coming and saying "aaaaawwww kitty!!", petting me so I had to be polite and purr and lick their hands. I think I only had 6 hours of sleep out of all 9 hours we were there.

When we came back home in the evening, I was soooo tired! Went to bed immediately. Now I get why human is low on energy when coming back from work :p

On another note: I am beginning to learn human speech! I know I have to meow when she says "Tienes hambre? (are you hungry?)", and I think my name is Mabel....


Field trip

July 24th 2008 11:39 am
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Hello Y'All,

Last monday after eating breakfast, human told me "make sure you go to the kitty bathroom because we are going out for a while".... She dressed up and stuff, and then put that harness thing on me. Then a long string was attached to my back, human opens the apartment door and says "com'on kitty let's go".

Well.............. I didn't care about the car ride (it moves too much! I ended up staying on human's lap), but hey human took me to this interesting place full of people. She calls it "office".

I evidently impressed everybody with my shiny coat and beautiful figure. Somebody said "you are my favorite pet", how cool huh?

I was a little cautious first, but then I got on my game. My human's office people are harmless; they let me get on their laps and even climb their chairs. Later I attended a "staff meeting", where I had the chance to sniff at everybody while they were sitting around a table and talking to each other.

But then at one point I sort of became disoriented and felt weird that nobody was talking to me, so I went "mmmme-e-e-e-e-o-o-o-o-w!!" ("somebody play with me!"). It worked! some of them started playing. Then I asked my human to hold me, I sat on her lap, purred and licked all over her face. The other humans were giggling.

What a nice place and people there!

* Mabel *


Nothing stops me

June 20th 2008 8:53 am
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Hello Y'all!

So this morning the alarm sounds at 4.30am like usual. Human wakes up, I was snoring hugging her legs. I looked at her and just purred good morning.

Human was like "wow kitty, good morning, aren't you hungry?" and I said "nah, thank you".... Human was surprised, asked Amalia and she said "meeeeow, no food thanks I am ok"... Ha ha ha the human couldn't believe what was happening so she went to the kitchen. I followed and proudly showed that I had opened the cabinet and, well, we helped ourselves to food =^_^=

My person just said "oh kitty...." I know she is proud of me, right?


* Mabel *


Special day, yummy breakfast

June 3rd 2008 3:56 pm
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Hello Y'All!

There was this celebration this morning. I didn't pay much attention; I was desperately luring human to the food storage area.

The short human was in a good mood! She gave big sister Amalia an extra plate of food, and when I started whining "why not meeeeeeeeew??" shen then got me another bowl of milk. Yummy.

Then, Amalia and human were all cuddling and purring in the living room. I stayed back in the kitchen making sure there was no food left uneaten.

Sooooooo..... I came to live with this human on January 21st this year; it's been almost 5 months! I get along wonderfully with the human: I purr, she feeds. Excellent. And she is comfortable! I enjoy sleeping on her lap, her tummy, her warm neck, etc. And anything I do is "cute" in her opinion =)

Now, with my big sister.... is another story. I just don't understand Amalia very much. She gets mad at me often (and human gets upset about the hissing), but we are slowly getting the rules. Like now I know I am not supposed to get on the bed before big sis Amalia; she is the commander in chief. but... but... sometimes I like to challenge authority and that irritates her, he he

However, from time to time Amalia kisses me on the forehead. And now the three of us always cuddle on the couch to watch movies; Amalia lays down by human's tummy and I hug human's legs or neck (I love hugging)

* Mabel *


Who's your kitty?

April 15th 2008 7:56 am
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Hello Y'All!

So I have been learning and getting to know my human. I have also tried playing with sister Amalia, but I think she doesn't understand the game.

One very important thing that Amalia taught me was to wake up human for breakfast. She showed me that I have to lick human's face, and then human gets up for food. So whenever I am hungry I approach human's face and say "purrrrrr purrrrrr ... I love you..... purrrr *lick, lick, lick* .... wake up and get food for me??"

Sometimes I don't get it right, and human says stuff I don't understand because I don't speak person language (something about "it's just 2am"). I think the problem is I don't apply enough pressure, so I try again: "purrrrrr purrrrrr *L-I-C-K-!* *L-L-L-I-C-K!* purrrr I love you.... get me food?" Then human says "ouch!" and I know she is awake.

When applying lots of pressure and licking all over her face doesn't work, I get impatient and do the obvious thing: get under the blankets, find a leg and then bite. It seems "OUCH!" is the sound persons make when they wake up.

It's a bite of love, human knows. But yet, it doesn't get me food... human wraps herself inside the blankets, and we start playing this game "let's find the smallest opening, get inside and bite human's leg!". It's fun, but not when I can't get in: I start whining, I admit it: "mmmmmgwwwaooooooo I love you! But I can't get in!!!! purrr mmmmgwwwaaaaaaoooo".

Anyway, the end is always the same. Human hugs me, kisses me, says "ok now it is 5am" and gets food. Who's your kitty?

* Mabel *



March 25th 2008 10:26 am
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Hello Y'All!

Human can't figure out how I open doors, he he

See, she left for a couple of days to visit family. I was inside the bedroom with the door closed, but when she came back I was there right at the apartment's entrance saying "welcome back!! got any food?"

Soooooo..... I managed to open the door, roam free and get Amalia more angry at me. It's because I am a food thief; I always rush to swallow my food and then run to Amalia's plate to get hers. She is obviously not happy about that, and... well... ahem.... she now hisses when I am close.

My human read the Cat vs. Cat book and apparently I have food anxiety problems. When Amalia and I are eating together, I don't chew but swallow directly and then go steal. It has caused me to vomit several times :(

Time out and re-introduction for me and Amalia has been declared. Human now locks the bedroom door when she goes to work every morning. That's until I learn how to pick the lock with my claws, ha ha ha meow purrr

* Mabel *

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