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Another day with out rain

February 3rd 2012 8:50 am
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I guess you know we need rain and have not had any or much this year. we had a little on Thursday morning. But we do need it. I hate the heat and do not want a Hot summer!! We will be moving this summer so I do not need heat when we move. I hope my human sisters gewt a better paying jobs so tha they are home more with me, instead of these little jobs with dogs of all things. why not cats. I guess a dog will be coming to stay with us for a few days next week. I hope Scrappy is feeling better. Nikita says now she has proof that he is Germmy because yesterday and today I have had a hurt tummy. she said I got it from him. He is begginign to feel better with his infection and fox tail in his years. The vets said he could have a brain tumor and to watch him. Well I think he has one because he is acting weird and crazy- but what can I say in my view as a cat all dogs act crazy. I think I want Boston to win the superbowl on sun. They are suppose to have good Clam Chowder and I love Fish!I do not care since the jaguares are not in it. I am a Sac River cat fan. Well I got to go and rest and try and get rid of this flu bug/


Ground hog day

February 2nd 2012 4:47 pm
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Today is ground hogs day, and I do not understand why it is so important. First the ground hog is usually wrong plus there will always be 6 more weeks of winter. Then why are there so many ground hogs reporting. There use to be one main ground hog now they are just all over. Ground hogs are getting big heads as everyone makes a fuss over them. They are like the weather people mostly wrong, but everyone wants to hear what they have to say. If you get the impression I am jealous you are right. If a cat was to take over the job they would always be right, because we know there will always be 6 more weeks of winter. Of course some areas the weather will be warm like spring and others it will be cold. However, it is still winter. With all this global warming going on the it feeling like spring. The weather is really hard to predict, but how long the weeks in winter does not take a genius


Warm day

February 1st 2012 7:37 am
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yesterday was a very warm day for January. It makes it the 6th warmest day in January. we really need rain and cold weather I hope rain does not come in march - May when we need nice weather. After the fog lifeted it got quite warm until at night and the wind came up.
Poor little Scrappy is quite sick- I worry about him and miss him running around. Another Foggy day- I wish rain would come. My human sisters are very upset about Scrappy too and worried about him.


a plain morning

January 31st 2012 8:14 am
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It is just a plain ordinary morning. Nothing exciting about it. It is foggy and no rain. Superbowl is this sunday, I really do not care who wins- not a football fan- I like baseball- love it! I am more in to the political world- I like listening to political news- when it is on I come a running. I am scarred about Climate change and No rain! The whole country seems dry. Did you hear about Phythons destroying the everglades- why would people want them then they get to big and are let go and now eating the criters thatlive tehre- very sad ! I hope thatthere are no stray Phythons around my neighborhood.-- That would be very scarry- we already have to worry about crazy human drivers that do not pay attention to animals runnng around now I have wonder if there are phythons- I hope not and do nt think so.
Oh Congrats to Abbey and Scrappy for being Dogster Daily Diary pick- thatis 2 in a row for him- he is very luck dog! he is not feeling well today- so i guess he deserves something good. he is Lucky that we took him in and that he has had a good life the last 4 months. He has a cold I think!
well I am going to go and think and worry about pythons in the neighborhood- I hope there are none and if there are they do not come to my house.


A dogs view of a cats life

January 30th 2012 9:56 am
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Since we are having problems getting alone, my human sister thought of this silly idea that we had to wqrite in each others diary to give our view of the cats life. here is point I have 5
1. cats are spoiled
2. their cat food taste better than dog food
3. cats do not have to do anything they do not want to,
4. cats can go to the bathroom indoors ina litter box
5. Cats rule the house, they have claws and are not afraid to use them
6. Lucy is bossy it is her way or her way.
I think cats are spoiled over dogs and they know it.
I would lik to be friends with Lucy but she does not like me from some reason which I do not know or if I do know I do not understand it. I try and understand Lucys ways but they are odd.
Why would any one want to give them selves a bath every day and atleast 100 times a day. I hate baths and one a week is enough for me. Cats must not be to clean if thy are always washing themselves. wouldn't they like to jump in a mud puddle? Jumping in mud puddles are fun.
I think I will go and try and find ways for Lucy to be my friend and Nikita- Nikita will be harder as she is more testy to me, Lucy is more laid back but she rules the pet house with an Iron paw and you better not cross her or she has needles in her paws and is not afraid to use them.
I just wish Lucy liked me like I like her.
Abbey- for Lucy today



January 30th 2012 7:32 am
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Hey Furs
Have you ever noticed that Human Tv is kinda Boring! I think that it would be a lot better if cats ran the stations. I am just saying, since my human sisters are gone alot! they leave the Tv on and there is nothing really interesting on it. GMA in my view is just all fluff news and entertainment. Cnn is boring to me. I watch the view and I am getting tired of it. I thinki that there should be a channel that just has cats stuff on - totally devoted to house cats no that would be very entertaining. Animal planet would be a whole lot better in my view if people did not have to but their nose in it, I thought it was animal planet so it would just have shows with all animals and no people on. I was disappointed to see that humans have control of that too. Cats would do so much better. well I think I will think of ways to get just cats on tv, a total tv station devoted to Cats! What do you think?
Oh Congrats to Scrappy for being dogster daily diary pick and most active poster.


A very Lucky Kitty

January 29th 2012 8:04 am
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I am a very Lucky Kitty. Thank You Catster for picking my diary for daily Dairy pick. It is the 3rd time this month so I guess I am extra Lucky. Thank You so much I appreciate it! Thanks go out to all the cats who sent me congrats. I am a busy cat taking care of all the plants 8 of them . One had an accidnet and was spilled over and some dirt came out. I do not know how that happened, but me being the care taker of the plants I got blamed. It was not my fault I do not know who did it or how it happened( OK I do but I am not saying!) I am sure it was an accident and the suspector perp did not mean to do it.
plants are hard to take care of. Last nice we were left alone as the human kids went to a fund raiser for a dog park- Why do dogs need their own park? Do you see cats having a cat park? hey maybe we should have a cat park that only allows cats! That sounds like fun. I think I will start a plan for that. I am sure a cat park will be alot better than a dog park.
Well I am going to go take a nap and dream up my plan. I hope the humans go for it.


January 28 2012

January 28th 2012 7:45 am
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well It is Saturday a lazy day for me. wekends are meent to be relaxing days . I really do not have much on my agenda to do today. I did all my cat work this week day. So I guess i will enjoy the sun from the inside as I am Not allowed outside I do not know why. I have been busy taking care of my sisters plants and they are doing quite nicely Thank you. If it was not for me they proberly be dead. She ignores them. Watching Good day Sacramento they people on that show are a little odd but I like it.
well I am off to do some mediating.


Sunny Day-- A spring day in January!

January 27th 2012 9:17 am
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It is a beautiful day here in northern ca. It seems like Spring. Yesterday we had some unexpected rain which was nice since we need rain. It is nice and sunny. It seems like spring. Scrappy is bouncing off the wall today because he finally gets a docters page so go check him out on Monday. You will then see what a brat he is- looks can be deciving! He is at the dog park with Abbey. I feel sorry for Abbey she always has to b with him never gets a break like Nikita and I do I lord knows you need a break from him. I worry about Abbey and her health she does not look good to me and I am sad by that as a dog she is concered a good one. She does her stuff and leaves me alone- but I do admit it did take a few years t train her- Scrappy I feel will always be a brat! Today is treat shopping day I hope I get some good treats!
I am going t look for birds- I think it willbe a early spring but I have not seen any birds. I would like to see a blue breast bird, Robin or even a wren.


Good news--Kind of

January 26th 2012 8:30 am
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Well one of human sisters got a new job. Which is good because we need it, but the sad part is that us pets will be left alone alot more.I do not like it because they the dogs mope around and then every once in a while Scrappy cries and Nikita just sits and watched T.V in a trance. But Like I said we need money for cat treats. I just wish my momma Human was around to be with us.

It is foggy again I do not like it. On T.V they are talking about a fat camp for dogs that is funny. The strange thing about it is that this dogs did not loose that much weight at the camp. I guess the are lazy dogs and not as active as us cats.
Well I can hardly weight until friday , as it is pets store shopping day and I ma getting low on cat treats. Fridays are always a day I look forward too. Plus one of mysisters will be home all day with us so we willnot be loney. I hope I get lots of treats on friday.
Nothing else to write about- but why would humans want to wear shoes that hurt their feet just to mak themselves look taller, aren't they tall enough??? Strange ansd silly humans !!!! No one in my family weras those shoes.

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