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Lucy's Life

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just saying hi

May 23rd 2013 9:06 am
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Hello all
I am ok up here at the bridge. I got to see mymomma human and my best friend Sophie. I am sad that my human sisters are very sad. i Love them and Miss them. You all Take Care


SAD NEWS and Thanks to all the nice Cats who were her- friends

May 21st 2013 6:05 pm
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Nikita Here- just passing on very sad news. My big sister Lucy died today on Tuesday May 21 2013 due to throat and mouth cancer. she was 14.5 years old and a wonderful kitty.
Sunrise: March 7 1998??? Adopted 3-7-2013 at 7 months old.
Sunset; May 21 2013 3pm due to cancer of the throat and mouth
Survied by; Me- Nikita kitty and the dog Abbey and 2 human sisters
Proceeded in death by: Her BELOVED momma human, her very bset friend Sophie Kitty and Scrappy AND Mickey dog
Lucy kitty was a very kind and loving kitty. She was a big progressive kitty who loved politics and President Obama. One of Lucy's greatest achievements was having Stephannie Miller read a letter she wrote to her on her TV show in 2009. She was very happy that president Obama won 2 terms. She was a Big environmentalist and believed in Climate change. Lucy's heart was broken 2 tines once when Sophie kitty died and when her beloved Momma human died and left her top the 2 numskulls. She never was very happy after her momma died.
Lucy will be missed by all who LOVED her and knew her. Her family would like to Thank all the Nice cats who gave such nice gufts and comments to Lucy when she was so sick Thank You- Your Kindness will never be forgotten.
RIP Lucy! Hope you are appy with your Momma- We miss you so very much!



May 13th 2013 7:20 am
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I would like to Thank all the cats and dog who sent me nice gifts and well wishes. I appreciate them all. I am doing ok for now. I like to sleep in the bathtub. I eat ok. It is very hot and I do not like the heat at all. Sammy was here this week end being a Pest! well i am going to take a nap. see ya Thank you again for allthe very nice gifts and comments and words of encouragement. I LOVE them ALL! and appreciate them.



May 11th 2013 8:51 am
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Hello-- Nikita here helping Lucy write in her diary. She is very tired and weak to write by herself. Her mouth is very sore but her meow is still strong and she loves to eat TUNA. I only get it some times other wise Iget regular cat food. Isleep with her and take care of her. she is on pain med, but is very loving kitty. Boy am I going to miss Lucy, She is a great progressive kitty. It is hot here and Sammy is here.



April 22nd 2013 6:14 pm
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Happy Earthday to Every cat. I hope you are enjoing the day. I am. Boy is hot 89 degrees way to hot for April It is Climate change. Which is very scarry to us cats and should be to the humans as well. Today scrappy would have been 5 today. I got some baccon which is pretty tasty. Thre is a little stray kitty that my human sisters and the neighbor fee. I hope she does not think she can move in here- sorry the house is taken. well I got to go. Hope all enjoyed the day and treat the Earth good.


president Obama and DDP fight with Nikita

April 4th 2013 6:09 pm
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Hi Kids any cat in the Bay area? if you are did you get to see president Obama? If you did you are so Lucky- I wish I could see him- if you did please let me know. You are ONE lucky kitty if you got to see him. I Love Politics and president Obama.;) Oh Thank YOU catster for picking for DDP and Thanks for all the kind gifts and comments for all the kind kitties. Nikita it is not my fault that our digbat human sister messed up on April 1 2013 and put your diary on my page- I did not pay her off- the DDp is for my diary yesterday April 3 2013- so there is no bibray scandal with me and the ding bat or I did not get ur advantage with moe iary entrys-- It is NOT my fault- dont be jelous or a sore looser. I won it fair and square. Have all a wonderful day kitties!!!


Rainy day

April 4th 2013 6:07 pm
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well I woke up to Rain this morning. Rain and alot of it- it seems strange that we are having somuch cold rainy weather in the spring- this weather is Winter weather= Climate change 1 inch of rain today. Well I found a new spot to sit in the closet- it is nice and cosy. I got some tuna today. It was Yummy to my tummy and delicious. well I got to go see ay


changes in weather

April 3rd 2013 8:32 pm
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Well, the weather is up to its same old self and going to change. It has been kind of warm, then rain and now warm again. Tomorrow it is suppose to storm again then warm up again. It is very strange how the weather changes so quickly. I am glad it will rain, but it should have rained in the winter not now. Oh well, I guess we should be glad for the rain


New place

April 2nd 2013 7:09 pm
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Well, I found a new place to sleep. It is really cool and now my favorite place to sleep. It is in the bathroom in the cabinet under the sink. There are a lot of towels in the cabinet and also no one can really find me there. However, I did run out of there when my human sister gave Abbey her bath. I did not want to be around when baths were happening. I do not want her to get any idea to give me a bath. After all us cats can groomer ourselve very well.

I hope you guys are all having a great day


Good day

April 1st 2013 8:54 pm
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Well, I got a nice suprise as I am DDP. It is such a nice honor and I will enjoy it. It is also a beautiful day today and I am enjoying the weather being nice. Despite the weather being nice my allergies have not been bothering me so I am happy. I have spent some of the day eating some of my Easter treats and resting. I think I will go and get ready for bed. Hope everyone had a good day

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