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June 11th 2011 2:29 pm
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Being Cat of the Day yesterday was a great honor and terrific fun! Meowmy was already behind in some of my family's birthday thank yous and now she is even further behind! But she will try to get some time this week-end to get caught up. I was so amazed by all of the congrats from all of my friends and even some new friends, really warmed my heart. Thank you all for making my special honor a special day.



June 7th 2011 8:28 pm
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Yesterday was one of those good days/bad days! It was good because my sisfur Marie had a great birthday, a birthday just a couple of years ago we thought she would never see. She is doing so much better. The bad part of the day was me having to go see the vethuman for a check-up. Originally when we made this appt the vet was going to do another round of labs on me, but decided not to. Meowmy was not very happy about that, but I was relieved. The vet says they are already doing all they can for me and the blood test would serve no purpose other than to worry meowmy---she is already worried. I had lost a tenth of a pound, which is not too bad and could have been because I had not eaten much before my visit, the vet was not concerned over it. My muscle tone is still good and my appetite is okay. I am still having to take the prednisone and probably will from now on, also still taking the denamarin and got a shot of B12. I was spitting mad at the vet as usual and got in quite a few good kicks and scratches to both the vet and his assistant.
Me and Marie enjoyed a nice feast of baked chicken in celebration of her birthday, separate plates so I would not get swatted of course. She is not near as sweet as she looks, she does not like any of us very much, she is only nice to meowmy and daddy most of the time.
We know that I will never be well again but for right now I am holding my own and that is the best we can hope for. I am thankful to have so many of my pals purraying for me, I know the power of the paw works! Thank you all for sticking by me, forgive us if we miss a few days here and there, meowmy has been trying to deal with all of this the best she can for my sake, but still has some very depressing days. Love you all, Normy


My Vet Visit Today

May 11th 2011 7:21 pm
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My vet visit today did not go as well as meowmy would have liked. They did a sonogram, I really hate those, took the vet tech and meowmy to hold me still enough. My gall bladder is looking fairly good, still some room for improvement there, my liver and intestines are still very inflamed. The vet was hoping for some improvement on my liver at least, but there was little if any. I had gained some weight, I am still over a pound under my normal weight. I have been eating pretty good, not much at a time, but meowmy is feeding me very often. I also got a vitamin B12 shot. I go back the first part of June for lab work. So for now I still have to take the Orbax, Prednisone and the Denamarin, at least the prednisone is every other day now instead of every day. I was unruly at the vet as usual, I was mad before we left the house, it was storming outside and I didn't want to go out so meowmy had a very hard time getting me in my carrier. I did get a little treat when we got home, some roast beef, but I still pouted. Thanks to everyone who has sent prezzie, messages and left me comments, and thanks for all of the purrayers too. You guys are the best and me and meowmy love you all.


My Test Results

April 26th 2011 7:20 pm
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I had a scheduled follow-up today at the vet, I have lost down to 8.3 pounds and my test results were in too. I do not have cancer but the outcome of the test is not very good-"Chronic and Ongoing Lymphocytic Cholangiohepatitis with Bridging Fibrosis and Bile Duct-Hyperplasia, accompanied by Irritable Bowel Disease, Prognosis Very Guarded".
The vet has put me on prednisone to slow the progression of the disease down hopefully, there is no cure for this. Please continue to pray for me, no prezzies are needed, I already have so many on my page that it makes meowmy's eyes leak. I treasure each and every comment, message and prezzie, but what I really need now is prayers. I would also welcome any advice.
Meowmy is too upset to write any more right now.
Love you all so much, Norman and meowmy Stacy


I Am Home

April 21st 2011 8:17 pm
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I got to come home this afternoon from the vets. I am very sore even with the pain meds and do not want anyone near me. I am even hissing at meowmy. They sent me home some "special" food, but I am still not eating. That stuff stinks anyway! It is Iams Intestinal formula-YUCKY! Meowmy will be calling the vet in the morning, she is worried that maybe I came home too soon and I will probably be getting some of those "hungry" pills so I will start eating. No results back on the biopsies, probably be next week on those, so meowmy is still worried. I am glad to be home. Meowmy made me a bed in the bottom of the closet so I could rest without being bothered she will probably try to squeeze in there herself tonight or maybe she will just sleep on a pallet near the door so I can see that she is there. Still have not gotten all of my thank yous sent, but don't think I don't appreciate every single message and comment and my page is so decorated with love that it brings tears to our eyes. Thank you all so much, love you all so much.


Surgery Update

April 20th 2011 1:15 pm
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I just woke up and my belly hair is missing and my leg is missing some hairs too. Wonder why they stole my hair? I am mad and pacing trying to find a way out of this cage. I also just removed the thing that was sticking in my leg. Meowmy was just here but did not take me home with her. I am a little sore and kinda high on meds, but am feeling pretty good. Thank you all for all of the comments, prayers and gifts, meowmy will try to thank everyone for my prezzies when she gets a chance. Love Normy

From meowmy:
Normans surgery went very well, the vet was able to flush out Norman's gall bladder and leave it in place and created a passage from the gall bladder directly into the intestines. This will decrease the chance of more blockages. There is some danger of seepage from the gall bladder incision into his system and that is something the vet is watching closely, so there is no infection started. Norman's intestines are slightly thickened and a biopsy was done to see what may be the cause of that, also several nodules were removed from Norman's liver and they are being sent off to check for cancer or other causes. Normans liver also has a hard lumpy feel to part of it, the vet feels like the nodules removed will give some insight into the cause. Norman is very agitated but seems to feel good, they are going to have to keep him a little more sedated than they had planned for today at least. I visited him just briefly because he had pulled his IV out and they were going to have to sedate him to put it back in. The vet is fairly pleased with the surgery and now is mainly concerned with healing, controlling infection and the test results from the biopsies. Norman will be going home with the vet tonight since no one is there at the hospital at night and may get to go home with him again tomorrow night. Peritonitis and healing are the biggest concerns right now, we will deal with the rest when the lab results come back. We are hoping he does not have cancer. Please keep praying, we will keep you all updated. Thank you all for all of the wonderful support, it has truly touched our hearts and made a difficult situation easier.


I Need Purrs

April 15th 2011 3:43 pm
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I have been putting off asking for purrs, I feel bad asking for purrs for myself, but I truly need them. For the last six weeks I have been losing weight and the only thing off in my blood test have been my liver values and the last lab came back today and it was worse than the last one. The vet did a second sonogram today and found my gall bladder is completely blocked, that is part or maybe all of the problem, we won't know until it is removed. I am having surgery Wednesday, it is a fairly simple surgery but there can be some bad complications. The vet has said it may not solve my problems but it is the only/best option at this point. I am sorry I kept this from you all, we did not know what was wrong with me and I did not want to worry anyone. I would appreciate and comments from any of you that have been through this or know where I might get some readable info. Thanks, Normy


I had to got to the VETHUMAN today!

February 25th 2011 2:43 pm
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I had to go see the VETHUMAN today, I am spitting mad about it too! Meowmy had it in her head that I have been losing weight and I had lost a bit, less than a pound since October, how can she tell? The vet said I look good and lean, he could not find a thing wrong with me, but I still have to go back in a couple of weeks to be weighed again. You will all be happy to know that I put up a good fight, scratching and kicking, even threw in a few extra punches for all of you! I got some chicken when I got home, but I am still pouting and giving her the silent treatment, it is going to take more than one chicken dinner to make me feel better!



February 14th 2011 11:49 am
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My brothers Steve and Richard are finalist in the Animal Rescue Sites photo contest! We are so excited! Can you guys please do me a huge favor and vote for them? They are part of the Babes from Texas here on Catster!

Steve and Richard's entry



January 28th 2011 8:08 pm
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My good pal Tigger tagged me,been so long since I have been tagged to play, here it goes!

Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 friends. Let's see how much humans annoy us all! hehehehe...

1) Letting my sisfur Marie have special food everyday and my brofur William too, shouldn't I get chicken everyday?

2) Saying the word "NO" to me, how insulting! I am the boss here.

3) Letting the vet call me "Storm'in Norman".

4) Not carrying me to bed, it's late I am tired, I shouldn't have to walk to the bedroom.

5) Dad thinking he is king of the house!

6) Telling everyone I used to be named Norma!

7) Not letting me play on the computer everyday when I want!

8) Cementing the floor of my outdoor pen.

9) Wasting time on facebook.

10) Smooching me on the head-YUCK!

Oh, it said five....I got carried away.

Friends I am tagging:

Colors-she is so beautiful-
Princess-secr etly in love with her-
Tinkerbell-love her coloring, her mom is the greatest too, read her diary
Mugsy-you gotta see the new scratcher in her main photo, I want one!
Gordy-meowmy loves his photos,

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