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I was such a special boy

Mom messed up

January 8th 2017 4:35 pm
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My mom thought she entered my Rainbow Bridge Day date on my profile. She was so sad that I only got a few remembrances on my page. Then she noticed she had not done it. It was hard for her and she had meant to come back. Now she feels like she cheated me. It has been an awful day. I forgive her. She didn't do it on purpose. I hope she forgives herself.

We want to thank those who remembered and came by my page. Thank you for the gifts. We appreciate your kindness and friendship so much.


My last day

January 7th 2017 8:04 am
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Last year, on this day, I got up and started my day with my family. Mom took me in the bathroom for meds. I didn't like it, but I wanted to stay, so I was a trooper and let mom help me. I know she loves me & just wanted to make things better for me.

Mom noticed me get in the box a few times and try to potty, but nothing. Mom got some pumpkin and syringed it to me. I really didn't like that. Mom called the vet. They said bring him in for an enema. Mom decided to wait and see how I did.

By afternoon, I still hadn't pottied. Mom was getting nervous. Maybe she should have been more patient to let the pumpkin and oil she gave me have a chance, but I had been so sick, mom was very worried. She wanted to do the right thing.

Mom called the vet back. Once again, I was in the carrier and mom was saying I would feel better soon.

They took me from mom & into another room. I didn't understand wwas happening to me and I didn't like it. Then, there was a horrible pain in my head. Things got blurry. What is happening to me? Mom said I would feel better, but this is awful. I've been sick, but I've never felt like this.

Then they were pushing me back into the carrier. Everything was swirling. I felt sick. They handed the carrier to mom. She looked at me and said my eyes didn't look right. They said I did fine. Everything was fine. I wanted to scream, no it's not! I could not do anything. Mom kept looking at me. I could tell she knew something was wrong.

We came home. Mom opened the carrier door, but I didn't move. Mom's heart sank. She had told me I would feel better. Now she knew it was bad. I always came right out of the carrier.

Mom called the vet. They continued to say I did just fine. They even tried to say that I was just angry with mom for doing that to me, but we knew better. Mom knows all of my moods. Angry really isn't one. Iwas truly the nicest cat ever. Mom always said I was made of 100% love. They said if I still felt bad in the morning, mom should bring me back in. We both knew that wouldn't happen. Mom reached in and pulled me from the carrier. I was all wet. She took me in the bathroom and washed me up as carefully as she could.

She brought me back in the bedroom and I used what strength I had to get under the tree. I loved the curl up under there and mom always hated taking it down because I missed it so much.

All of the cats were very sedate. My beautiful Sophie didn't understand what was happening, but she knit was bad.

Mom made a pallet on the bed and put me on it. I trto get up a few times but I just didn't have the energy. Mom laid next to me, with her arm around me. The other cats left throom and didn't come in all night. They did the same thing a few months before, when mom nearly passed.

We stayed that way all night. Mom was so crushed. She took me in so I would feel better and now this.

At breakfast time, mom said she was going to lay me in on the bathroom rug for just a few minutes, so she could feed everyone. She carried me in carefully and sat me down. I had been next to her all night and then she sat me down for just a second & before she could leave to feed them she saw me jerk. She knew my tiny heart was stopping. That tiny heart, so full of love, just couldn't hang on anymore. Mom was so sad. She had taken her hands off of me for just a moment and I was leaving without feeling her loving touch.

Mom got on the floor and gathered me up. I tried to get a breath, but I just couldn't and I went limp in her arms.

No! Not like this! Mom and I couldn't believe it. We had fought so hard.

Mom fed the others and then came back for me. She held me in her arms. Told me how sorry she was and how much she loved & loves me.

When the vet office opened, mom called. She said I wasn't mad and I didn't start feeling better. The nurse didn't understand and mom told her I was gone. Later, the vet called and said I must have had a stroke during the procedure. Well great. No one had mentioned that possibility.

Mom called a cremation place. She held me for a few hours until they came to take me away. Eventually, my mother and Sophie came in and smelled me, looked at me and mom and left quietly. My beautiful Sophie has never really regained her joy or played with the enthusiasm she did before. Mom misses me every day. I was so young, such a fighter, such a great hugger & just all around wonderful cat.

Mom had to hand me off to that stranger and it broke her heart. As she watched the truck drive up the street, another truck was coming down. It was the truck delivering our new cat tree. That made it even worse for mom. No one was really in the mood to play in it.

Mom asked them to make an impression of my paw print. They did the worst print ever. All that really shows is a toenail hole in the clay. No way to get it again. I had the most beautiful paws.

I am still a very loved boy. Mom is having a hard time. She lost a good friend this week and now my anniversary. Things change fast. Get all the love you can, while you can.


The first Christmas without me

December 25th 2016 3:34 am
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My human mom is holding my cat mom this morning. There will be special treats and catnip for kits today. Mom made our sun porch a year round playroom for my cat family this year. That is the big Christmas gift for cats this year.

I am missing out on all of this because I was born with bad kidneys.

My siblings, mom and my beautiful Sophie are there with our human mom and I want to be with them. I want to curl up under the tree. I was supposed to have many more years with my family. They miss me as much as I miss them.

Merry Christmas to my family and my Catster friends. I am trying to send extra hugs to Sophie and my human mom, who are so sad without me. I hope they can feel them this morning.


My precious Kristopher

July 12th 2016 9:41 am
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On January 8, 2016 my sweet boy left us. He was only 8. We had learned in September that Kris' kidneys didn't form right. We did meds, herbs, sub qs. He was such a trooper. He wanted to stay with us. To be with his girlfriend and best pal Sophie.

It has been so horrible. We all miss him. Sophie has been grieving. She doesn't want to play anymore. His human mom will never get over losing him so young.

He was the best hugging cat. He never hissed.

We wish Catster was still active like it once was. Kris could be in the Bridge group. Losing Catster is just one more hole in ours hearts.

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