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glad to be back

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for my friends hansome jack and zoie, thank you for being my- friends

January 21st 2009 10:29 am
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hansome jack and zoie ,i want to thank you both,for being great friends to me here on dogster, for so long.
and for all the kind friendship and help and support and being here for me on dogster.
and try to remember to think about me, here on dogster.
hansome jack and zoie, i you both and the rest of your family here on dogster, have a great 2009, here on dogster.


7 things that i like to do or like.

January 21st 2009 10:24 am
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1.i like hiding my food bowl, when i am hungrey yet.
2. going for one long walk 1 or 2 times a day on dogster.
3. taken a very long time to eat my dog treats.
4. i like taking naps in different places.
5. my paws shake a lot, after coming inside, from going for a walk, on cold days.
----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
6.i like barking at other dogs ,that i see, when i go for walks.
7. i do no like staying outside long ,when its raining very hard outside.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
1.hansome jack


7 things that i like doing on dogster

January 11th 2009 5:31 pm
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1.moving my food and water bowels all over the kitchen floor.
2.taking my time eating a dog treat.
3.taking my time eating my dog food.
4.walking and running in the mud and pondles.
5. walking down steps
6. taking naps any place that i want.
7. wanting chase other dogs, that i see, when i am outside.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
4.p ie
-------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
i want to say thank you to my great friends, max, jake and lola, becasuse i am great full to them, for their offer of friendship and support on dogster.


7 other things, that i enjoy doing

December 29th 2008 10:37 am
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i enjoy taking naps in dark places.
taking all my dog toys and leaving them all over the place.
i am very fussy geting myself to dinner and water out of my water bowl.
i enjoy siting and resting corners of my house.
i take a very long time, to eat a dog treat or bone.
i do not like being left alone during or night.
i like walking being without a lease.
---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
my 7 other best friends on dogster .
--------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
candy, i want thank you for thing about me on dogster and being a really great friend to me.


to penny-ann and her really nice family

December 27th 2008 7:58 pm
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to my great friends, penny-ann, queenie, rooty, bingo, angel daisy, the tater tots, isaac, zelda, teddi-sue, fur angel,roise and hearts,coco, and the rest of your really great and kind family, i want to thank you all for being great friends to me, on dogster.
i hope you all have a really great 2009 on dogster.
i hope you get lots of hugs on dogster.
its really kind of all of you, for thinking about on dogster.


for sheba and amos, my dear friends

November 19th 2008 1:07 pm
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to my dear friends , sheba and amos, i hope you both have lots of happy times and great days as a very happy couple, while on the bridge on dogster, and also help brighten up each other's day.
thank you both for being my most dear friends on dogster.


to my 7 most best friends and what i enjoy doing best on- dogster.

November 19th 2008 12:54 pm
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i like running around and resting in my doggie bed, laying on my dog toys.
keeping very busy on dogster.
make sure they are lots of places to rest my tired paws.
make sure i enjoy being on dogster, so i help my very best 7 friends, whenever they need help.

i have 2 friends on dogster named max, who have been great to me on dogster.



to my many great friends on dogster.

November 6th 2008 3:26 pm
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7. marbin
13.d otty

----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------i want to thank you all for thinking about me,each day on dogster, it really helps me out.
everyone needs friends on dogster.
i want to thank you all for your great support and friendship on dogster.
thank you for everything.
from your friend, jeepers


to greta

April 7th 2008 7:39 am
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4 jobs i have had -protecting my dog family family , where i first lived in hartford ,ct.
proctecting my human dad and mom from things they should not be near.
making sure my human dad and human mom are siting,where they are supposed to sit.
greeting other dogs, i like play with and get to know.
----------------------------------------------------- ----------
4 places where i would live-
i like live in place, where i could get chance to get know other dogs.
i have a place ,i could run around and play where its safe.
i like to live in place, play with other dogs.
i like to live at place,where there is doggie doors you go through and have a comfy place to take a nap.
------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------
4 places i have lived-
---------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
i lived in hartford conn,with my doggie mommy and sister.
i lived in new fairfield,ct.
--------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
i moved around a lot, i only remember living in 2 places.


to miss daisy mae, greta and the spring fever amigos-support- and friendship

April 6th 2008 6:23 pm
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to miss daisy mae,greta,and the spring fever amigos, its great to have great friends, like you all,becasuse you have done a great job,offering support, being kind and you all do a great job, being my friends on dogster.
friendship and kindness and being help full, helps makes dogster and catster great.

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