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An Old Feline's Few Thoughts

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Looking for a Kitty?

May 8th 2009 9:27 pm
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There's a wonderful family in Tennessee that has several kitties that need new homes. There are financial issues that make it hard to care for so many. She has had people bring her cats or they've just showed up. Our Aunt Debbie adopted one, Smudge and he is just the most well-adjusted, darling little boy!! A group has been formed to try to help these kitties get adopted into new and loving homes so if you're looking to add to your furry family please see if one of these would fit in!

Let's Help Teal'c and His Tennessee Crew

Also, many of you may remember Aldo. He's having some health issues lately and another group has been formed to help him and his family through this crisis. I know your purrs and love would be appreciated!

For Aldo


Helping Friends

May 4th 2009 3:39 pm
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Thought I'd share the link to something good. Some of you remember Scruffy's mom Deb, who's very sick right now.

This is for her. ^~~^

Dreams Come True blog

Scroll to the April 19th entries. Thanks for reading!


Adoptions and Auctions

April 19th 2009 5:16 pm
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I think some of us have posted before... there's a family in Tennessee looking to get some of their kitties adopted into loving homes to help ease their financial strain. These kitties are in the family of Teal'c, who so many know and love. There is a group working to help with this here:

Let's Help Teal'c and His Tennessee Crew

His mom has an etsy shop with kitty tents, homemade boogie mats and THE most beautiful cards we've ever seen!

Cat's Critters

Also, there is an auction in progress with lots of lovely things donated by families wanting to help. Please feel free to have a peek!!

Auction for the Tennessee Kitties


New food and supplement!

April 19th 2009 4:17 am
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Thanks Hazel Lucy!!

Well, mama let me ask Hazel Lucy about that prozyme she takes... and mama read a bunch of reviews about it... and I'm going to try it! I'm also getting a new food, New Balance. I've taste tested the Green Pea and Duck before and did like it... mama just didn't buy a whole bunch of it at the time. Now I'm getting the Green Pea and Duck, Venison and Green Pea and Chicken and Liver Paté to go with the Prozyme Plus, which is lactose free. Mama knows adult cats tend to be lactose intolerant so she went with that and Hazel Lucy's suggestion of it. With my tummy so sensitive it's worth a shot. It does use rice starch instead of lactose so I'm hoping that little bit of grain isn't enough to be an issue. If it looks like it is, we'll switch and try the regular prozyme. While this is all in an effort to stop the constant diarrhea I live with, mama's also noticed my fur doesn't feel as soft and the dandruff stuff is more noticeable and she's read prozyme can help that too. And it says it can help with hip displaysia. At 19 we're not looking for perfect health, but mama wants me to be as healthy as possible! I hope UPS hurries up with it so I can get started!



March 15th 2009 5:22 pm
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Oh, I had a wonderful birthday today! I've gotten out all my thank you notes I think. Today I'm 19 and mama's 36 so if we've missed anyone, blame it on age! MOL!!!! I've gotten Liv-a-Little treats, two new kinds of food, some baked chicken and some ham this weekend so I'm loving it!!! Again, many thank yous for the gifts, rosettes and messages!!!!


Scooter Tribute Book

February 12th 2009 3:34 pm
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*Adapted from Skeezix's blog post on The Cat's Meow*
Skeezix and his Food Lady are in the process of creating a Scooter Tribute Book for Scooter’s mom and dad. Everycat and person is invited to contribute. The book will be a hardbound bookstore-quality coffee table book with a durable library binding and printed on premium 100-pound silk-finish paper. It comes with a laminated 4-color dust jacket.

To submit an entry for the book, go to and follow the directions at the top of the blog. Text and pics only, please. Thare are no limits on length.

If you left a tribute in the comments field of the post for Scooter last week or contributed to the post, you can use that, or write something brand new if you like.

BTW, this is not a secret project, so you don’t have to tippytoe around and keep it a secret from Scooter’s family. Please ask everyone you know who was a friend of Scooter’s to participate. We will need about a minimum of 50 entries to make it a viable book project.

For those who may not know her, visit Scooter's page to get to know her a little!


Happy Holidays!

December 28th 2008 6:04 am
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Another year at an end and we all wonder where the
time went. We've lost so many dear friends and
made several new ones. So many tears and laughs
throughout the year.

Mama's tried to send thank yous as we've gotten
rosettes and gifts and such, but we know her memory
so we know not everyone got a thank you. Please know
we read each and every one of them and thank you
very much for taking the time and zealies to send a
little something.

Mama went though and made notes on what we got
under the family christmas tree on our pages and we'll
list them here later so we'll always know who dropped
what off. ^~~^

We had two great christmas gift exchanges this year.
We got some great toys from Denmark from Sweet
Gracie and family in the PenPaws exchange. Lilly
claimed most of those... mol! Then we got more great
toys from Ko, Taz and family in the Under Wraps
exchange. We've managed to somewhat equally split
those goodies. Zilla's hubby Feisal sent some
really nice stuff for her and mama. She's sharing...
a little... We got great stuff from mama and our nana
and aunt and uncle too! Right little bandits we are
this year!! And there's some great stuff from Hooch
and crew too! We've put just a few pictures on our
pages as we're so overwhelmed we just kind of stare
at the stuff and that's not an interesting picture...
mol!! But a few have been snapped that were decent
and they're up.

Thanks so much to our friends who've made this a
wonderful holiday for us and for mama!! We love you
all dearly!!!

golden meerkat--mama
mistletoe--S amoa
perfume(for Lilly)--Kinsey
catnip, catfood, cat tree, cat wand, bowls, cat bed,
furminator and cat scratcher--Santa Claws
pet rock--Hooch and crew
necklace, diamond earrings, coat and warm
marbles(for Taillee)--Jack Matt
chia pet(for Taillee)--Ivan
golden meerkat, lite bright, cash and a christmas
sweater--Snoopy and his brothers
christmas sweater--Taz and family



December 21st 2008 10:08 am
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We are all so saddened by the loss of a kitten dear to our hearts. Little Bagpuss took ill very suddenly and didn't win the fight. We are devastated and know his mom is so sad without her little Baggy. Sending all our love to her and purring so hard for her heart to stop aching.


DDP Today!

December 18th 2008 4:17 pm
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Wow... I've gotten rosettes and pmails and all
are just so wonderful!! Thank you diary gal for
picking me today!!!

I got something from Arnold P, Hooch, Wanda &
family, Samoa & family, Tao & family, Buddie and
a special diamond from Tigger's guardee Sally

We've also all gotten oodles of presents in our
gift toy!! Santa Claws made a BIG drop off!! And
we've gotten stuff from Hooch, Korey, Mittens,
Kinsey, Samoa, Mittens PAWS and Prissy!! Thanks
so much for dropping pretty gifties under our

Thanks so much for making this a really great day
for me!!!!


New pages

December 12th 2008 2:27 pm
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We've all got our holiday pages up and they
include music and a Pyzam gift box! Yay!

There's been a couple of new kitties coming
by our porch. I sniff at the bottom of the screen
door, but don't really care for them. ^~~^

If anyone notices, I've left a couple of the groups
I was in. Mama and I feel it's unfair if I'm not
participating or anything. We try to keep our
number of groups low so mama doesn't have so
many places to check up on. Gotta take it easy
on her sometimes... hehehe...

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