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Good bye and Thank you dear friends

July 13th 2016 12:45 pm
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For all of our Dogster and Catster friends, today was a sad day in our lives. We received the emails that both sites will be shut down for good on July 18th. It advised us to archive or do screen shots of our pet's pages because they will be gone.We would like to take this time to say we thank you for your friendship and many hours of fun we had. We gained sooo many friends from those sites and we love all of you. We know some of our friends joined Facebook but many did not and it is sad we won't see or communicate with them again. But I have a hope and dream that some day when we all die, there will be a part of Heaven called Catster & Dogster Land where we will all meet up again with our fur babies and have fun and laughs together for ever. Until then, take care and remember us as we will you.


Bittersweet Family Reunion

May 11th 2010 12:03 pm
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This morning I had the sad task of going with Maynard to escort my look-a-like brother, Screech, home to the Rainbow Bridge. He was a little over 9 years old. He was the last of my siblings that was still alive. It was a big surprise to mum to find him gone this morning but he hadn't been gone for very long. He had come home to his favorite bed and laid down for his final sleep. He was waiting on Sunday in front of the house so he could wish her a Happy Mother's Day when mum and hudad came home from the Mountaineer Iron Classic Car Show and saw the trophies that mum and hudad's cars had won. He checked out the trophies as they sat on the porch step so mum could get their things out of the car. Then off he took to play with the girl kitties in the yard next door. So he didn't suffer a long time. When we got to the Bridge, I introduced him to two of our Catster friends, Ginngie and Tommy, who came to the Bridge last week. Now we are all showing Screech around and getting him introduced to the best play spots and the comfy napping spots.


Thank you for the prezzies

May 19th 2009 5:56 pm
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I want to thank all of my dear friends for the pictures, sympathy messages, and the following gifts: Cross- Scrappy Doo and family, Rainbow- Mr. Sam at the Bridge, Cross- Morgan the Pirate Gato, Rainbow- Moozer, Punkin, Sealegs, Spot and the Archangel Crew, Rainbow-Abbey (In Loving Memory), Heart- Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni, Roxanne, Rosie, Bob, Jesse, Babes from Texas & McKinsey, Cross-Abby (Beloved Angel), Rainbow-Kittanna, Tigger (In Memory), Taillee, Zilla, Lilly Paws & Henry, Rainbow-Gray Lady at Rainbow Bridge and furmaliy, Rainbow- Alfie, Albie-Sweet Angel, Lucy, Jack, Queenie, Minky, Cathy, Pippa, Guinevere, Snowy, Blackie, Justin, Tigger, Minky II, Poppet, Vivaldi, Annie, Rani, Trixie, & Rosie, Rainbow- Reanan Mutchka, Priscilla, Zoey, Tasha, Sasha, Alexis, Pepper, Precious, & Blossom, Rainbow- Teddy, Barney, Rosie Fudd, & Minnie Mooch, Rainbow- Punkin Puss, Cross- Lilly, Boingo (RB), Tigger, Poo, Odie, Oreo, George, Chandon, Oingo (RB), Perky, & Chance, Cross- Fred (In Loving Memory), Tyson, Tazi Moto, Mai Ming, Mista, Simba, & Faithe, Rainbow- Starr Paws, Tweekee Paws, Daisey Mae Paws, Itty Bitty Paws, Patches Paws, Blaze Paws, Little Blaze Paws, Wind Song Paws, & Puff, Rainbow- Rufus- In Loving Memory, Heart-Murray, Willie, & Pearl, Heart- Zoey, Rainbow- Raven & Mercury, Rainbow- Cole, Rainbow- Stella, Rainbow-Blackburn's Good Times Charlie, Odie_In Loving Memory, Xena- In Loving Memory, Tinkerbell Blackburn Tugwell, Snuggles-In Loving Memory, Rags-In Loving Memory, Skeezics-In Loving Memory, Misty-In Loving Memory, Gracie, Tycie, Ozzy & 7 Pack, King Louie & Charlie, Peanut & Precious- In Loving Memory, & Butterball-In Loving Memory, Red Rose- Handsome Jack & Zoie, Rainbow- Piewackit Paws, Shadow Paws, Zeke Paws, Lacey-In Loving Memory, Cagney-In Loving Memory, Buddy, Callie, B.J., Feral Family & Kody, Cross-Twix-Prayers Needed, Rainbow & poem - Ringo, Webster, & Dusty the Puppycat, Rainbow- Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sam, Stormy, & Cleo (RB), Cross & pretty pic- Georgie Girl & Daisey Mae, Cross- Dusty Miller, Ernest Hemingway, Jennifer, Sasha, Curly, Gabby, Noah, Yugi, Ode to the Outside Kitty, Old Man Kitty-RB, Jinx, Lois, Silver Tiger Kitty, Rusty aka The Lion King, Rainbow- Princess Pooter, Kufu (RB), Samba, Meme, Cali, Tuxman, Miles Montgomery, Grey Baby, Cheddar, & Lucy-Lou, Tulip- Sophie, Fredericka, Russel, Wallie at Rainbow Bridge, Memphis, & Mandy at Rainbow Bridge, Red Rose- Lucy Mae, Little Mamma, Uncle Odinn, Maxwell, Zoe Rose aka SVALA, Skitzee, Sparky at RB, Jack, & Libre, Rainbow- Pooter's, Rainbow- Sir Sonny Bono (at RB), Rainbow-Princess Sophie/Florida, Charlita Thunder Paws, Tiffany Blue Sunshine, & Ellie Mae Flufferette, Rainbow-Lalo, Shortstop-In Loving Memory, Stanley, Flaca, Jimmy Joe- In Loving Memory, Curly, Sarah, Sasha-Angel too soon, & Pen, Rainbow Star & pic- Angel, Merlin & Mason, Rainbow Star-Hooch, Rainbow Star- Knut, Bosco, Mario, Petey, Munchy, Tivoli, Cubby, Sunny, Pookie, Pixie, Dewberry, Kitty, Dandy, Lucky & Chopper, Rainbow Star- Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabrielle-RB, & Lucinda-RB, Rainbow Star- Pooh and the Carolina Crew, Rainbow Star- Theo, Stoney-RB, Rippey-RB, & MM, Planet Earth- Ko, Taz, Jacob, Flinders-RB, Suzie-RB, Boots, & Orvis, Rainbow Star-Alfiechinacat UK, Roo, Eric, Little Wish, Nutty Butty, Snuggles, Gormless Norman, Grub, Barry, Edward-RB, Justa Bagpuss-RB, Puss, Taz, Lupe-RB, Gus, Kira & Lyn, Rainbow Star- Beloved Angel Ameilia, Diamond- Anubis Rex aka The Bunny, Rainbow Star- Vincent, Ming, RIP Moppet, & Nikolai, Wings-Isis, Wings- Jambi, Kirby & Abby, Wings- Catmander Teal'c and family, Wings- Cleopatra, Isis, Ra, Brutus, Conner, Kana-Rb & Melissa, Diamond-Hobbes, Ricky, Sweetie, Clarence, Fuzz-RB, Duffy, Romeo, Itsy (cat), Chip, Bookoo, & Itsy (dog), Pink Ribbon- Hazel Lucy, and Heart- Kalin Mae (In Loving Memory), Shabby, & Katie Tulip. Thank you all soooo very much for your love. I will miss you all but I will make sure to visit as often as I can. CATSTER/DOGSTER is the best place in the World and has the greatest members who make their friends feel soooo special. I LOVE YOU ALL!


New at the Bridge

May 19th 2009 10:24 am
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Hello to all my Catster/Dogster friends. I arrived at the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday after battling Kidney Failure for the last 2 months. I had been really sick this last week and mum knew on Saturday afternoon when I wouldn't eat or drink that my time with her was very limited. Two other new Angels and I were met at the Gates by Maynard, Frankenstein, Chrissy, Sir Sonny Bono, little Bagpuss, Mr. Sam and so other many Angel friends and given a grand tour of the RB. Next we were fitted with our new wings and started flying classes. Zack, Scrappy Doo and I did pretty good at flying except I tend to want to slide on my landings and do donuts in the clouds. I even slid into the Gates here at the Bridge and that made the other Angels giggle. And I am sure mum was giggling too. I miss you all and mum but I want you to know I am very happy here. I am no longer suffering and am young again and can romp and play. Sir Sonny Bono even took me for a ride in his Hummer. That was soooo fun. And right after I got here, I saw my momma kitty who was a beautiful Siamese lady. You all know how moms are- she had to wash my face first thing when she saw me. My other brothers and sisters are here too and it was nice to see and play with them and tell them all about how Screech (my twin brother still at mum's who is realllly feral) have been doing. Then Maynard took me to the Earth Window Room and let me look down on mum and all my friends. I saw that Screech and his pretty black girlfriend with the gold eyes were looking for me when mum went out to feed. Then I saw all the messages being posted and the gifts that you all left for me on my page. Thank you all sooooo very much for those and the love that you all have showed ME and mum. You are all right here in my heart and will always be with me and a part of me will be with you. Remember that all the other Angels and I will be watching over you and here to greet you when you come to this beautiful place. Well, I have to go now and practice my landings so when I come to visit mum and leave sweet Angel kissies, I won't slide into her and knock her down. I will write a Thank you in my diary for all of those prezzies and who they came from so check it out later today. Bye and talk to you again soon, Church.


Thank you

February 5th 2009 8:29 am
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I would also like to Thank these furriends for gifts on being COTD: Football from Sterling Mithrill, Ceylon, Sasha, Natalie & Jasper, Rainbow rosie from Ivan, Boo, Ian, Aggie, Jericho, Belle, Dev, Thai, and Mala, Shrimp from Vincent, Ming, RIP Moppet, & Nikolai, Power of the Paw from Stella, Blue Rosette from Edgar, Emily, Felicity, Gabrielle, and Lucinda, Black Cat from Ciao-Li, Jean Louise Weezer, Sheba, Katie, Arlo, Bizkit, Sluggo, Sneakers, and Emilio, and a Trophy from Prisscilla, Reanan, Zoey, Blossom, Angel Tasha, Sasha, Alexis, Pepper and Precious. I also want to thank Lucky and Buddy-Always Loved for their congradulatory pmails and if there is any one I forgot, I appologize and thank you too. It is soooo great to have so many Catster/Dogster friends who make us all feel loved and are there to share our lives and play with.


Thank you

January 28th 2009 7:27 pm
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I would also like to thank a Special Russian Blue girl named Stormy Paws for the beautiful Rose. She's my purrrty lady friend.



January 28th 2009 11:25 am
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I woke up this morning to a nasty snow and ice storm having hit our area. Mum turned on the catputer and saw the messages about me being picked for COTD. WOW!!!!! I am Cat of the Day. I am soooo happy and doing that happy kitty dance. What a lucky guy I am. I am in a safe and warm house and out of the bad weather and I am Cat of the Day! I would like to thank all these purrs and woofs for the prezzies: Rose from Lily, Boingo, Tigger, Poo, Odie, Oreo, George, Chandon, Oingo & Perky, Blue Ribbon from Lalo, Shortstop, Stanley, Flaca, Jimmy-Joe, Curly, Sarah & Sasha, Lips from Sausage & Meatball, Blue Ribbon from Jewels, Shamara, Toby, Spud, Sasha and AFF Admins, Rose from Cleopatra, Football from Sassy & Pepper, Gold Star from Prissy, Harley, Tao, Teddy, Slater, Tori, & Tabitha, Dozen Roses from Karma Kitty, Charlie, Clarence, Punkin Pooh, & Bobbi Boi, Snowball Fight from Spitfire, Freddie, & Purrscilla, Rainbow Rosie from Precious Pup, Augustus, & Keebler, Football from Mystical, Diamond from Korey, Heart from Beloved Angel Amelia and Football from Ivan. I would also like to thank Buddie Always Loved and Lucky for their congrat pmails and Thank all of those members for the congrads message posts. I love you all and so appreciate how Great of Catster Friends you all are.

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