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The Mewwwy Mews

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Thank you!

October 10th 2014 10:26 pm
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Dear Furrriends,

Momma and I want to thank you all so much for thinking of me on my bridge anniversary. It's been four years, and momma still can't think of that day without her heart sinking.

It means so very much to momma and me to have furrriends that remember. your kindness and kind words comfort momma at these times.

We love you, my furrriends!




Mewwwwwwy Mewwwww!!!

February 9th 2014 9:43 pm
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Dear Furrriends

One last Valentines Day on Catster
One last birthday of mine that momma gets to celebrate with me here.

I know that she will always celebrate our time together every day.

But how much fun we had here

and how much love we shared here

Too bad that this could not have lasted furrrever.

Dear friends we hope that we see you in facebook land.
We see less and less activity here day by day
We are purrrraying for a miracle here.
If not
We are purrraying that we all somehow land in another version of kittycat land where we will be celebrating and talking like pirates with each other again.

purrrrrrs and love



Thank you to our friends and notes from Aryeh's Momma

January 19th 2014 8:12 pm
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Dear Friends of Aryeh, this is his momma.

Its been very hard for me to write with Aryeh's voice since his passing more than 3 years ago. But I wanted to say how much I have appreciated every comment, pawmail, rosette that Aryeh or any of his earth or angel sibs have received over the years that we have been on catster.

The support and love from this community is truly a blessing and a treasure. I hope that somehow we will all stay together.

Thank you all also for allowing me to share my amazing kitties with you. and Thank you all for sharing your amazing kitties with myself and the rest of the world.

purrrrrs catster friends.

hugs and love

Aryeh and his momma


Buzz is missing

May 8th 2013 9:01 am
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Dear Furrriends,

Please purrr that Buzz, earth sib to adorable baby angel Alfie comes home safely and soon!!!



2 more days

October 4th 2012 9:23 pm
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It's two more days and you will have departed for the rainbow bridge 2 years ago.

Dear Aryeh, I miss you every day, you brought such light into my life.
Your attitude, your brilliance, your charm, not to mention your beautiful voice and handsomeness. Your light filled every room that you were in.

I love you Aryeh, now and forever.

your momma.


A Princess' Birfday Soon!

June 19th 2012 6:02 pm
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Guess what my catster furriends?????

In less than 1 week is a very special fluff princess' birfday.

I sent this very special princess to momma less than 2 years ago - well, really I sent momma to her! After I went to the bridge, I looked down on my very sad momma. Little O was trying to cheer her up, and believe me, he always does a very very good job of that. Poor Tony was so sad, he tried too. Momma did not know what to do.

But I did.

There was a little girl who was smart, playful, did I say brilliant?? With the most gorgeous voice and sweet soul who did not have a furrever momma. And I knew that she and momma were meant to be, because that Lily Blossom is so much like I was when I was on Earth - except she's a girly girl!! MOL!

Anyway, less than one week and counting, momma better do something special for our very special Lily blossom!!!


momma was crying

April 28th 2012 6:46 pm
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Momma heard a song that was happy and sad. Made her start crying because she starting thinking about me. Silly momma!!! I miss you too and will be flying over there to cuddle with you and my earth sibs.

Love you momma.

Momma loves you Aryeh. I miss you so much.

Thank you for sending Lily to me. She's so much like you.

Maybe one of these days you will spill the beans on who sent Theo. :)

I love you Aryeh, see you in my dreams.


Hi Furrriends!

April 23rd 2012 11:58 pm
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Hi Furrriends,

Momma says it is a little hard for her to type for us on caster because she misses me so much. How does that make sense? Me and momma, we used to share all of the horrible trips and scareyness of going to the vet, waiting on each and every test that they did on me, and a lot of the time, I was doing very very good for a sick kitty. We also talked to our wonderful catster furrriends, celebrated talk like a pirate day, celebrated each others birthdays, and mostly, celebrated each day that we were furrriends. When I crossed, it was hard for momma to look at catster. She wasn't sure what to 'say', I was always inspiring the typing, with a little bit from my little O brofur and my tony brofur! She did though have to create pages for the new babies, one of whom is already over a year and a half old. You know, that beautiful Tiger Lily Blossom that I knew would make momma so happy. She loves her babies, all 3 of them. She thinks of me and of Tony all the time and is happy and sad at the same time.

Momma, you have to get better pictures up of your three babies, including that Little O! you know, when I was on earth, little O came to stay with us, and we didn't get along too well.. I didn't feel too good, and i didn't understand why momma had to get another kitty. Now I know why he was sent to momma!! And I know why the other 2 were too MOL!

I love you momma and I will always be there watching over you and the fur children. Me, Staush, and Tony will always be here for you and them!


Please purrr for Sky

March 5th 2012 7:54 pm
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Dear Furriends,

Please purrr for Sky, one of the most beautiful, sweet, purrrecious girl kitties in all of catsterland and she is not feeling good. Her momma took her to the vet and me and momma are worried about her and her momma. So please purrr for her. We love you beautiful and sweet Sky!


More than a year

November 16th 2011 7:38 pm
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Momma had started to work on my year at the bridge entry on a few occasions. Her home computer is a bit finicky. She's hardly been able to post to our diaries. Today is a good day for her to get on at home.

For a long time, momma was in shock that I was gone, but I lead her to Lily and Lily and Orion helped momma to get through the pain she felt at the time. I am always there with her, and then momma sees me through Lily sometimes. Momma has a hard time writing for us on Catster because I used to do most of the talking and it is hard for her to not want to write for me, and then the wonderful memories we shared return to her and she gets sad and happy at the same time.

Momma was hoping that she would have some time with the wonderful threesome of Orion, Lily, and Tony. Tony and Orion have always been close, Tony always took care of Orion giving him kisses when Orion asked... And then Tony was sick and came up here to join me. It's been very hard for her having lost two of us in less than a year. And even though Orion and I were not the bestest pals on Earth because he came into our lives when I was too sick to appreciate him, I am sorry that he no longer has Tony's physical presence there to give him those kisses. Momma gives him lots of kisses but Tony's kisses are special! And Lily is stingy with her kisses to Orion but not to mommma MOL!!!

Two months after Tony crossing the bridge, Momma still feels a little out of sorts even with the two of my earth sibs tearing up the place trying to put a smile on her face!

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