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One Cat-tastrophy after another by Zack

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I'm A One-Hander

March 7th 2009 7:05 am
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Good Morning my friends, and loving kisses to my precious Kiwi.

Mom wanted to ask any of you who have been through this, a question.

It seems I act like I am starving. I literally push her out of the way when I see a can of food in her hands. Then I will dive into the plate of food like I haven't eaten in a week. However, I eat some, then go lay back down. in a few minutes she will show it to me again, and I act like I've re-discovered it.
This goes on three or four times, and finally after about half an hour, I have finished my plate. I am eating like this three to four times a day, but still I am skinny as a rail.
Mom says I'm a "one-hander". That's a cat that is lightweight, and can be picked up with one hand, as opposed to needing to use both. (And in Xerox's case, a forklift!) Mom thinks he must be w-a-y over twenty pounds. I wish he could give me some of those pounds now.
When she picks me up, she worries that she is going to break me, I feel so fragile, so she uses both hands and cradles me.
Anyway...she was wondering if this ravenous eating was normal for my situation?

Okay, I'm ready for a nap again.
My continued humble thanks to all~

>^,,^< Zack


Buenos Dias

March 3rd 2009 8:54 am
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That's "good morning" in Spanish, for my international friends. :)
Why am I saying that?
Well, I surprised mom this morning, and I INSISTED on sharing her breakfast bean burrito with her.
I was really in her face to get a bite, and it wasn't even cool yet!
I have always loved refried beans, well... any kind of bean really. Peas, garbanzos, kidney beans...yum.
So here was mom, biting off tiny pieces and blowing on them as fast as she could, and trying to sneak a bite for herself in as well. And skinny old me, standing at her side, waiting for the next piece. These days I get to eat pretty much anything I want.
I also wanted to say that I am FINALLY starting to send my thank-you's out. So if you didn't get yours yet, you will in the next couple days. I am still amazed at all the kindness.
Now I think I might go ask for some queso to finish off my meal.
Love you, my friends.

>^,,^< Zacky


A Quiet Sunday

March 1st 2009 9:00 am
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I am not feeling so great this morning. I am a lot quieter than I have been, and now I've got mom more worried.
I also wasn't very intersted in breakfast. I ate about half my normal amount, but soon after, I threw it up. Not good...
I rarely ever lose my supper, but when I do, I always go into the litter box to do it. I have done this since I was a kitten. They say I have the manners of a gentleman. Still, I can't afford to lose any calories right now.
Hopefully this was just a one time incident. Too many chicken treats maybe?
Well, I just had time for a quick note, now the humans have to go and work. I will nap until they get back. Daddy has arranged his work schedule so they can check back a few times during the day.
I send my continued thanks for all the purrs.
Soon I will get started on those "O' Fish Eel" thank you's.
Loving purrs to my girl, Kiwi too. I'll write soon, honey.

Sleepy purrs.
>^,,^< Zack



February 25th 2009 4:53 am
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M-e-o-w, my friends. All this kindness for one little gray cat? I am more grateful to all of you that have written and sent things, than I can ever hope to express. I am just completely overwhelmed.

I had a pretty good day yesterday. I am getting the staff well trained. It only takes one half-hearted meow to get them to jump up and let me out of the office. One paw on the door, and I'm back in. :)
And daddy bought me some special soft treats that I don't have to share. Before, they always made me eat crunchy treats, to help clean my teeth, but mom says teeth don't matter so much now.
I also got hand fed some deli-shaved turkey! Yum. There are a few perks to being sick. :)
On a more serious note, I am lucky in one respect, that the cancer is attached to the outside of my colon, not blocking it. That gives me more time. I plan to make the most of however long that might be.
I do know that all this has made me realize how strong the bonds of love and friendship are on Catster. Momma always says it is a place like no other, and now I see why.
Once more, I am so grateful for everything you all have sent.
In my kitty purrayers I will thank each and every one also.

With loving purrs,
>^,,^< Zack


Maybe You Better Put Those Wings In Lay-Away, Mom

February 23rd 2009 4:27 pm
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Hello my dearest purr-pals. Sweet kisses to my fiancee, Kiwi.
I just got back from the vet's office, and I am still a little groggy from the anesthesia, so bear with me.

It looks like I will be needing those wings after all. The vet did an ultrasound, and x-ray. It appears that I have cancer. A tumor, about the size of a nickel is attached to my colon. The vet could see the blood supply to it, and he said that the tumor was eating all my nutrition, and that's why I have lost so much weight. I weighed 8.1 pounds, almost half a pound lighter than last visit.
He said it most likely has already spread, and could not say how long I have. Mom says I will have pain medication if it looks like I am hurting. (So far, I'm not). She says I have to tell her when I have had enough...I have to let her know when I am ready to go, otherwise she is going to keep stuffing me with Fancy Feast, and keep me around as long as she can.
Once more, thank you for all the gifts and rosettes and pmails.
We can still purray for a remission, or a miracle...

I think I want to go rest now.

I love you all, from the bottom of my heart.

>^,,^< Zack


Mom's Turn...

February 22nd 2009 8:52 pm
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Zack's momma here...

I fear my precious boy is slipping away from me. Despite feeding him anything he wants, chicken, cheese, his favorite lunch meats, and canned food, in addition to his prescription dry, he continues to lose weight. He is skin and bones now.

He seems restless, tossing and turning in his bed. We have set him up away from the other cats, in the warmest room of the house. Occasionally he wants out, and will stiffly walk around for a half hour, and then meow at the door to come back in and lay down. It is breaking my heart.
I will call the vet tomorrow, and ask what else can be done. For those who do not know Zack's history, he has had epilepsy since he was a kitten. He also does not tolerate anesthesia, the vet thinks he hallucinates. I don't know why the vet did not want tests...did he see something I missed?
This change was so sudden. There are pictures on his page that are only months old, and he is a shadow of that cat now.
I am asking for a miracle, because I just cannot lose Zack...not yet.
Please put him in your prayers. I know I owe so many of you thank you's. We work so much, and the cats take up almost all my spare time. I am so behind on Catster. I am so very tired. Please forgive me if you don't hear back promptly. I am trying to spend as much time with my boy as I can.
Thank you for being loyal friends to Zack, and to all my beloved cats.

With love,
Zack's momma, Teri


I Don't Do Thermometers

February 8th 2009 8:30 pm
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My second visit to the vet was a little less traumatic than the first.
Mom sprayed my carrier with Feliway, and put a fluffy towel inside.
On the way over, she let the carrier ride on her lap (daddy drove :) ), and I licked her hand through the bars, and purred.
At the doctor's office, they weighed me. I still only weigh 8.6 pounds. Not any better, but not any worse. The vet said if I maintain, and do not lose any more, he will be happy. I got another antibiotic shot, that lasts over a month.
They had to wrap me in a towel, and I screamed like a wolverine. I suggested that if they valued their fingers, then they should not try the thermometer. They listened. :)
The receptionist later told dad that it frightened most of the people in the waiting room. They asked "what are they doing to that cat?" Even the dogs started barking. I can laugh now...but it was no picnic. At least I don't have to go back for a while.
We stocked up on Fancy Feast, and got a new 20lb bag of my prescription CD diet. So I am all set.
I wanted to say thank you to my lovely fiancee, Kiwi, for cheering me up with her sweet letters, and constant love, and to my fur bro-in-love, Wally, for watching over me so well, and to my buddy, Mathis der Meowler, for keeping the purrs going, and encouraging me.
Time to rest now...
Purrs to you all,
>^,,^< Zack


Don't Order My Wings Yet, Mom

January 24th 2009 6:42 pm
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Well, I gave my mom quite a scare, and certainly a few new gray hairs.
She has been so preoccupied with my brother Stinky, and his asthma, that she didn't realize I was losing weight at an alarming rate. Last week she picked me up, and was shocked how light I was. I have been slowing down all last year, and she was convinced that I was about ready to go to the Bridge.
I have a real fear of the vet, and I transform from the most peaceful, gentle guy, into a full blown wolverine. I snarl, hiss, scratch and bite. I really don't mean to do that, I just freak out. Anyway, vet trips for me are very stressful for all involved, so they are kept to a minimum.
But today, my daddy and momma decided I had to choice. Mom was prepared for the worst news. But it wasn't all that terrible.
The vet thinks I have thyroid problems, which would explain my rapid weight loss. I went from 13 lbs on my last visit, to 8 1/2 pounds today.
He wants to do some blood work on me, to confirm that, then I will have to take some medicine. Today, I was so agitated I was more interested in doing some blood work on him, and dad!
So that will be later, and for now, he gave me an appetite stimulant, and a steroid shot, and said I should be feeling better in a couple days. Mom is going to try some baby food too. I mean I am, not her. :)
So I think that's about all for now. I will write again and let you all know how I am doing.

Purrs, >^,,^< Zack

P.S. Kiwi, my little love, don't worry sweetie, it's not over 'til the fat cat sings. I love you.


Birthdays, Birthdays!

August 24th 2008 1:06 am
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I turned 13 a week ago, and that makes me a teenager. I think it made me a bit irresponsible too, because I still haven't written my thank you's to everyone. That doesn't mean that I didn't love all the nice rosettes, and gifts that I received. They were just great. Thank everycat, and I will write each of you soon.
now some important business.

Today, August 24th, is my sweetheart, Kiwi's, 12th birthday. I hope she gets lots of nice things today. My gift will be late because mom didn't get it in the snail mail, early enough. But it's coming, my love.

I also would like to let everyone know that Kiwi and I are engaged. I actually asked her, back on our 1st annifursary, April 15th. But being a "procatstinator", I just finally picked her ring, with the help of her mom! MOL! So today it's official, we will be furmates forever.

It's going to be a busy day, so this old fellow is going to head off to bed now.
Thanks for reading....Catster has one swell group of cats.

Goodnight, >^,,^< Zack


No Pawty This Year

August 17th 2008 7:36 am
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Hello my Catster friends.

Tomorrow is my 13th birthday. I have been looking forward all year to my annual Beach Bash Birthday Pawty. Last year we all had a blast, and the pawty went on for hours. But unfortunately, our momma is having vision trouble, and so she can't type for long periods right now.
I had to cancel my pawty, but that's okay. Maybe I will have one a little later in the year, or if not, we'll plan a great one for next summer.

I also wanted to ask everyone to remember my beautiful soulmate, Kiwi's, 12th birthday on August 24th. We would have been celebrating together.
I will remind you all again, closer to the date. Now, if someone will just be sure to wake me up in time, this year.

Purrs to all,

>^,,^< Zack

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