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I'm a DDP today! OMC!

October 22nd 2008 5:53 am
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I'm a DDP today! Thank you, HQ! I am very happy and very honored!

I could not have done this without my superstar wife, PATCHEZ!

For without her, I would not have had a beautiful wedding to write about and share with my friends. Thank you all for stopping by my page!

I love you Patchez!



October 13th 2008 7:03 am
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OMC! Patchez and I had such a beautiful wedding ceremony yesterday! The wedding party was simply stunning and all of the guests were absolutely lovely. Thank you everykitty for your kindest thoughts, beautiful gifts and friendship, but most of all for being a part of our lives. You've all made us truly happy... but I'll be biased and selfishly brag that Patchez has made me the happiest of all. Patchez, I could not have married a more wonderful purr; I love you with all of my heart.

Mom is helping me catch up today, for we have LOTS of thank you's to get out to you today. She just re-read all of the posts from our wedding to me, and I must shamefully admit that I missed several posts, being that I was on center stage and that everything happened at whirlwind speed! So for anykitty that anyone from my family or I missed, please know that your presence meant so much to all of us and we appreciate your time and thoughtfulness.

Love is certainly in the air, isn't it? Right after our ceremony, Mojo surprised and delighted us with his proposal to Piewakit; and she said YES! Concats to Mojo and Pie! And Chai's sisfurs, Sugar Bear and Little Bit (the Tabby Terrors) are ENGAGED as well, to their Meezer loves, Oshii and Sousou! ConCATS to you four as well! And all of our happiness to Pawlette and Riley for "officially" being a couple; you're beautiful! Maybe you'll be having a "big day" soon...??

Aislin worked her "puppet magic" for her lovenugget Sausage and his sisfur Meatball-her talents are amazing! It was as if they were actually there. *giggles* You sure had Oreo fooled! MOL She thought her bestest furiend was really there! (but we won't tell her...)

King Suede purrformed his own magic as well, having come in all the way from Japan to attend the ceremony! OMC, now HOW did you do that? *scratches head* I wish I were so talented! If I could have snuck out of the wedding for a moment to go to Japan, that would have been a monumental feat! But, I was too nervous and focused to even think of doing that... so I'll make Japan my next destination with you and RFG.

We were overwhelmed with beautiful wedding gifts; they are all simply lovely and Patchez and I thank you all for your thoughtfulness. I've put pictures of all of our lovely gifts on my page, please check them out!
Thank you everykitty for the following:

From SAUSAGE & MEATBALL: Beautiful champagne flutes, Moet champagne and a gorgeous bouquet

From CLAWDIA & SAMMY: A gorgeous Waterford crystal basket

From FIRE & SMOKEY: A lovely crystal shamrock vase

From MOJO & TUFFY: Gorgeous Lismore crystal candle sticks

From HAZEL & PICKLES: Waterford Huntley chardonnay glasses

From GALIN & AISLIN: A cozy leopard bed (va voooom!)

From MADI: An awesome leopard cat tree

From ALFIE & TWIX: A stunning cabinet loaded with treasures

From PIE & MOJO: Beautiful champagne flutes

From LUKA & ZAYNIE: A bottle of champagne AND a bottle of wine!

From my strange sister LILY: Q-Tips (*****SIGH*****)

From MOMMA KITTY & ALANA: A very fun crinkle sack with catnip mist!

From BEAUBEAU, JONES & HALEY ANN: A fantastic gift package, containing:
Catnip Champagne
Caviar and little Catnip Crackers
Grilled Steaks and Grilled Marinaded Chicken
Pouched Salmon
Cheese platter with Fruit
and nummy Angel Food Cake that Beau made from Scratch!
the BIG pressie is the Hot Tub for 12 kitties that Beau is flying in right now

Wow! Looks like a hot tub party at Poo & Patchez brand new home! Everyone is invited!

And a VERY heartfelt thank you to my lovely wife, Patchez, for the gorgeous Rolex watch! I will proudly wear it every day and treasure it forever, as I do you.

This has indeed been the very BEST day of my life!


Hanging out with dad, watching the game....

October 12th 2008 11:08 am
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Today is my big day and I'm a nervous wreck! I'm getting married in TWO HOURS! Dad saw how nervous I am, and he suggested that the two of us hang out together, watch the game and do "guy stuff".


Thanks, Dad! This really helps! We have our feet up on the table, the football game on, relaxing having snacks and a (ssssssshh) a cattail! MOL! I feel better, relaxing.... I think mom is nervous too.
Although nervous, I'm SOOOOO excited! So I'm just going to relax for a bit with dad, then I'm off to get dressed shortly and make my future happen!

*gazes dreamily off into Neverneverland, the world of Patchez and Poo....*



WHAT a night!!

October 11th 2008 10:31 am
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OMC, last night was my catchelor pawty and OMC, WHAT a night it was! Such a great time filled with fun, laughter, mischief and FRIENDSHIP! My Catchelor pawty was held at the same time as my beautiful fiancee Patchez's catchelorette pawty, so all in all, everypurr had a great time! I must admit, my sisfurs snuck into MY pawty, yet my brofurs snuck into Patchez's pawty! MOL MOL
I think the highlight of the night was when my groomspurr Mojo snuck into the ladies pawty and tossed snakes into the room! OMC! MOL did we ever LAUGH! Nothing funnier than seeing a group of squealing silly girls! :) Except..... there was one exception... my ding-dong sisfur Lily, the Q-Tip addict... she grabbed the snakes, put them in her Pumpkin-Mobile and took off with them! And, I don't know where she and the snakes went??? *worried purrs* I wonder if they'll turn up??

Hee hee hee! A heartfelt thank you to all that attended both pawties! They really got going didn't they? The grand finale was when all of the boys crashed the girls pawty and everyone celebrated together! Wheeee!

Well. Today is a day of relaxation. For ME at least! I'm snoozing in a patch of sunlight laughing to myself at mom, who claims to be "frantic" about ME and my wedding! *chuckle* Jeez, she just needs to curl up in a patch of sunlight and mellow out as well. For, TOMORROW..... tomorrow I am marrying Patchez, the girl of my forever dreams! I cannot wait!

Everykitty and everydoggie is invited; we're all so excited we're beside ourselves!! See you tomorrow! Here is the thread:

POO & PATCHEZ WEDDING 10/12 1:00 pm Catster time lay_Dates/thread/564824

Much love,
Poo, the soon to be Mr. Patchez!


The BEST day of my life

October 9th 2008 10:34 am
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.... is yet to happen. I am marrying the girl of my dreams, PATCHEZ! OMC I am So excited, yet a little nervous too!

I might need to blow off some nervous energy at my catchelor pawty, scheduled for Friday 10/10 at 4 pm Catster time/7 pm Eastern... tes/thread/564819

I'm sure my lovely fiancee isn't anywhere as nervous as I am, I mean, I'm a guy who is afuraid of his own shadow! MOL However, she will be honored with a catchelorette pawty, ALSO scheduled on Friday 10/10 at 4 pm Catster time/7 pm Eastern. Purrobably so that I cannot sneak in and spy, since I'll be at MY pawty! *chuckles* irtual_Play_Dates/thread/564818

EVERYKITTY is welcome to attend the catchelor/catchelorette pawties!

I'll be spending the weekend pampering myself and maybe having a few cattini's (but not TOO many) to calm my jangled nerves! Everykitty is invited to share in our joy. Our wedding will be at 1 pm Catster time/4 pm Eastern. We would be honored to have you all share in our joy. _Play_Dates/thread/564824

On an entirely different note, regarding my last diary entry, I would not play the "tag" game until my dear friend SKINNER got better. Well.... *crossing paws* it looks like he's on the upswing!!! AND~ he is WINNER of COTW! Concats Skinner on your honor and on getting better, slowly but surely.

A double reason to celebrate and enjoy all weekend; my love for my beautiful Patchez, and our love and support for Skinner, who is a true champion!


I can’t play until Skinner gets better....

September 16th 2008 11:19 am
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I have a supurr sweet, kind, gentle friend named Skinner, who tagged me with his diary entry. I don’t have the heart to play until he gets better. He recently had routine surgery, but has two pre-existing conditions that made it very risky; and ever since, he’s been sick, lethargic and not feeling well. I can’t partake in happy games until he’s better, and I’m purring and praying for his health and well being. He is a beautiful friend who I recently met; yet I feel like I’ve known him forever.

Please read his diary- SKINNER

And his sisfur Lizzie’s diary- LIZZIE

Please, sweet Skinner, please get better so we can play…. I've saved all of my toys for you....



July 8th 2008 5:26 am
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My beloved Patchez said YES!
*happiest dancing!!!!!!!!*** I am marrying my beautiful Patchez~~~
Shouts out to the world...... SHE SAID YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!
*grabs his FIANCEE in the happiest warmest huggggg EFUR!!!!
Delighted euphoric giggles!!!
Poo! your FIANCEE!!

OMC.... *composes himself* (WOWWW!!) We have soooo much to plan my little hunny bunny!! OMC.... I am the HAPPIEST purr on the planet!!!!
*proud grins* and LOVES!!


Patchez, will you join me for an unforgettable, magical- evening?

July 7th 2008 10:30 am
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Pulls up to Patchez' house, smiling from ear to ear, VERY excited! Hi beautiful! My GOODNESS, you are breathtaking in that dress!
*kisses and hugs his girl, eyes twinkling*
Shall we have a wonderful night out on the town?
*opens the door for his sweet girl*
Please, step in...


The limo whisks Patchez and Poo off into the the evening, as dusk starts to fall... Patchez, you know how special you are to me? I have neglected you for too long and I appreciate your understanding with my busy family and all. This has been a true indication of your beautiful heart, that is one of the many reasons I love you SO!

These are for you.... sweet and beautiful, like you!

the finest truffles

red roses

*chuckles as he admires the look of surprise on her face*

Sweetie, I picked out a very special restaurant to have dinner at tonight; it is my secret. Very quiet, romantic and secluded with delicious 5-star food. I hope you're hungry!

Poo's secret romantic hideaway

*As they arrive, Poo takes Patchez's paw and escorts her to the front door, beaming*
The whole restaurant, although small, is ablaze with beautiful candles...


Smiling and enjoying the conversation Poo winks at Patchez. Teehee! You're giggling! *giggles with her* A TOAST! To my beautiful, kind, caring, giving, wonderful girl, without her I'd be nothing.


*pulls a small box out of his pocket*
This is for you....

present from Lily

MORTIFIED!!!! LILY GOT INTO MY THINGS! Grrrrr.... I am going to GET that girl! *blushing* I'm sorry darling! That Lily, she sure is a character. (grrrrr!)

OH! Dinner is here....

filet mignon & lobster

*Patchez whispers in Poo's ear* Aw, sweetpea! You are SOOOO special! Thank you.... *kisses her cheek*

*after a long, relaxing, wonderful dinner, dessert arrives...

chocolate mousse

Poo & Patchez , *clink* spoons and dig in. Oh MY! Velvety chocolaty bliss! This is the purrfect end to a purrfect evening. Thank you for joining me, sweetest Patchez. Poo & Patchez share another glass of champagne and *tingggg* glasses, feeling giddy~~~


Patchez, you are the best thing that has EVER happened to me. I was a shy bumbling fool when I met you... (well, still AM! MOL!) And I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you deeply beyond what words could convey, my dearest Patchez, will you marry me?


*BREATHLESSLY awaits Patchez's answer.....*
Nervously twisting his paws together......


My MYSTERY cake is STILL a mystery!

July 1st 2008 12:49 pm
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I am STUMPED! I had a couple of suspicions as to who gave me this BEAUTIFUL anonymous cake, but I was wrong. hmmmmm...

This is a very expensive and beautiful gift, and I MUST thank you, whoever you are!

I am deeply touched, tickled and mystified! Please... who ARE you, mystery gift giver??? I still have plenty of delicious cake to share with you..........

delighted purrrrsssssss



June 29th 2008 11:40 am
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*scratches head*
Some WONDERFUL purr sent me an ANONYMOUS burfday cake... anonymously!!! That is a HUGE giftie!!! WHO are you??!!! Whoever you are, thank you thank you thank you!!!! Although, I DO have some sneaking suspicions!! TEEHEE!! This is SUCH fun! Thank you for my cake, mystery giver! :)
If you reveal yourself, I'll gladly share my delicious cake with you!
*wink wink winkies!!*

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