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Simba's Diary

My 1st Birthday

April 16th 2008 12:40 pm
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My birthday was Sunday April 13th, 2008. My meow my fixed me some Frosty Paws with Catnip in them. She also made me some toys out of felt, cotton filler, bells, catnip and used cross stitch tread to sew them together. I love my toys they are awesome.

For my birthday my girlfriend Sunny out of BOCU group got me some toys but they came the day after, so I had a long birthday. She got me some Catnip Mice, a Tail Chaser, several Balls with Bells in them, a Pom Pom cat toy, a Crinkly Ball that Crinkles when you Chew on it, a Ball with beady things in it, a Pawbreaker catnip treat ball and a picture frame magnet for meowmy to put a picture of me in it and stick to the refridgerater(you know that thing that people store food in that keeps it cold but not frozen). My most favorite toy my girlfriend Sunny gave me was my Tail Chaser but they are all my favorites even the ones meowmy made for me.

I got rosettes, a cake, and a few others things on my page from my fellow catster friends and group members. Thank you everybody that gave me something for my birthday.

Meowmy got some of thimgs that humans wear called clothes for them to try on and went through and got rid of some of what humans call books. Guess what I did? I got in the bag and boxes and had me a good time. I even played with some of the stings on the clothes. I just had me a good time.

I had a great birthday! Just being being on catster, being with my family and friends, everything everybody did made my birthday special. I had a great 1st Birthday. I will never forget my 1st birthday ever!


Interseting or Funny Things I Do

March 8th 2008 1:22 pm
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I have a Hamster sister and brother. Their names are Crystal and Stormy. I love to get on top of the hamster cages sitting on top, looking down at the hamster in the cage thinking "oh boy wonder if I can get me a hamster snack tonight, mmm looks yummy"

I have an interesting way to go to the litterbox. My meowmy got me a tunnel for Christmas and I really love it. It sounds like plastic when I step inside. I don't want to go to the litterbox without going through my favorite tunnel and I won't. The tunnel used to have a toy attached but I detached that a long time ago. Then meowmy cut the string so I wouldn't choke on it.

To drink water I like to sit on the bathroom sink with the water running, put my paw underneath and lick the water off of my paw or stick my tongue under the stream of water and drink from the running faucet.

I have to examine everything that comes in this house. Meowmy has a chair that sits on the porch. She sits in it and watches for her mom to get home from work. Today it almost blew off the porch because the winds are so strong. She brought it in so it wouldn't blow away and I had to sniff every inch of it because maybe another cat might have laid in it and I wanted to know if they did. We do have stray cats in the neighborhood.

I get under meowmy's dresser tip my food bowl over and eat my food off of my place mat. Why I do this I do not know but I would rather do this instead of standing in front of my food bowl and eating out of the bowl that but meowmy has got me a ceramic bowl that I can't tip over. Now it it not as interesting to go eat but I eat any way standing in front of my food bowl now because I can't tip this bowl over.

My humans have a plastic drain stopper upper to filter out the human hair out of the bathtub. I like to get that out and play with, then hide it so my humans can't find it. I don't know why they get mad when I do this but they do and then they find it. What a bummer because I wanted to play with it later and not have to go searching it again.


Miracles in my mine and Meowmy's life/ My life in the home I- am at now.

March 3rd 2008 4:03 am
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I am sorry I haven't wrote in my Diary lately Meowmy has been busy lately. Here is my second diary entry. I will try to write in my diary more often, preferably every day if I can.

My meowmy has sleep apnea and has to wear a machine. With her sleep apnea, her airway narrows and she doesn't get enough oxygen while she sleeps. Guess what, I figured out how to cut it off during the night but she outsmarted me she put a big retangular lid on top of it and her clock so I couldn't press the buttons on either.

My meowmy is amazed how smart I am. I know when it is bedtime. I sit there and wait at the hallway entrance til she gets up and goes down the hall to her bedroom. I also can tell when meowmy is in pain from her umbilical hernia surgery and I know not to step on her incision. I don't know how I know, I just do.

While my meowmy is sleeping, I step on the keyboard and try to type to you all. My meowmy has outsmarted me there too. She puts the keyboard on the catputer, so I can't step on because it makes a sound that is annoying to her when I step on it.

Meowmy loves me although sometimes I get on her nerves. I know this because she pets me, kisses me alot. You can tell by her actions that she would be lost without me.

In the Spring she is going to get me a playmate to play with. I don't know how I feel about another cat coming into this house but maybe it will be fun. I may not like another cat coming into my territory but I may like it when I get used to it.

Meowmy is amazed at how I have grown over the last 7 months that she has had me. She says I am the best thing that has happened to her. She also said she couldn't imagine life without me. Guess what I can't imagine what life would be without her. Meowmy said that I am a miracle that my previous owner was willing to give me up when she heard that meowmy wanted a cat to love. My previous owner would not adopt me out to just any body. She wanted to make sure I went to a good home where I would be loved and be treated right. She felt confident that Meowmy would do just that. I miseed my brothers, sisters, brother, mommy and my owner. At first when Meowmy adopted me was scared because I was in a strange house with strange people but now I am glad I was adopted by my Meowmy because I know I couldn't have a better home than my present one. I used to hate being an indoor cat at first but now I like it because now when it rains I don't get and it isn't too hot or too cold like the outdoors. I get treats and toys more now than I did at my old home.

I am thankful for all my friends on catster too. You all are a miracle that also came in to my Meowmy's life. She thanks God about it everyday.


My first diary entry

November 24th 2007 2:08 pm
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I am 7 months, 1 week and 3 days old today. I love to be with people. I love to be held. If I am alone I have to go somewhere where there is people because I love attention. I hate it when another aminal comes into my territory. I am a fun, loving, attention craving, playful kitten. I even love people I have never seen before which I know is not typical of cats but I am just friendly like that. Today I have been playing with my toys and Christmas decorations too, even though I am not supposed to be messing with the latter. Other than that I have been sleeping.

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