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Buddie and his Catster Love......

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Yes, I am a lucky fellow...

January 18th 2005 12:53 pm
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Oh, how I love Catster....I met the most beautiful feline beauty
through 'Catster' and now we are engaged!! She is lovely and her
name is Miss Hazel Lucy. Some of you might know her already!!
I don't understand how someone so perfect could love someone
as orange as ME, but her mommie has said 'yes' to my asking
for her paw in matrimony
and now I am floating on Kitty Cloud #9!!!! She will be getting
her 'ring' soon....maybe for Valentine's Day?? I heard it is not
just a holiday for human's in love and we fur faces can celebrate too!!
Well, I just wanted to share my good news with all my kitty friends!! Wish
us luck!!
Your pal,


Bachelor Party!!

August 25th 2005 6:15 am
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Hi Catster Friends,
Well, the dreaded Bachelor Party is over...all my GroomsKittyMen
had a blast!! (You can see the pictures on Hazel Lucy's web site by
going into her Catster page). We ate, we played games and we chased
mice all night long!! Brother Ricki (the one in the Cowboy hat) kept an
eye on the young ones and someone decided to ride the horsey. A few
of my buds had a fight over a piece of feline clothing I can't mention and
some enjoyed the pizza. I, on the other hand, sat in the corner being a
good little groom-to-be but mysteriously had red horns to sprout
out of my head....I apologized profusely to Miss Hazel Lucy for that
one!! Our Poet kept us sane and some even brought their own kitchen
utensils while some just put on their party hats and let their whiskers
down while doing the happy paw dance!! Oh, what fun we had.
Friday night is Miss Hazel's Bridal Shower so I will try to be a good
little boy till then...I am afraid someone might have kittydancers at the
party and Miss Hazel Lucy will take one look at THEM and forget all about
ME!!!! hehe
I thank Catster for helping me find the love of my life and I appreciate
you letting me share my upcoming wedding excitement with you!!
Until later,
Your Pal,


This is the Wedding Weekend!!

September 19th 2005 8:02 pm
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Hello Catster Friends!
My wonderful wedding day is drawing very near and then
the Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame will be MINE...all
MINE!! My paws have not touched the ground since
she said 'yes' and I am dancing
in the clouds...I am a very happy furface!! All of our Catster
friends have been so kind to us and so many are coming to
the wedding and reception!! Please come if you can..just let
Miss Hazel know if you would like to be pictured on the
"Reception Page". We are having so much fun and also don't
forget that we will be sending "Diary Stories" while we are on
our HONEYMOON!!!!! Thanks to everyone and to Catster!
Your Pal and Groom To Be,


Uh Oh Time is Near

September 22nd 2005 2:43 pm
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Hi Catster Friends!
The days are very short for my wedding day (Saturday)
to the Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster fame!! Am I
ready? Is everything in place? Food ordered? Flowers
arranged? Church reserved? Preacher ready? Wedding
Poet and Wedding Singer all tuned up? Oh my!!!!! I only
hope The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy won't get cold paws
and become "A Runaway Bride"....heheheh I am counting
down the minutes and can NOT wait. Oh my!!
Your Pal,
Buddie, soon to be groom



September 24th 2005 6:25 am
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Hello Catster Friends!
Oh, my wedding day to the Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Catster fame has finally arrived. Is it REALLY here?
Is she REALLY mine? Is it all a
dream?? Will I wake up and she will be just a sweet taste
on my tongue?? Oh, to be saying the VOWS that will unite
us forever and ever....we have nine lives to share instead
of just one!! I count the, the seconds, until
I see her walking down the aisle to meet ME....this scruffy
orange furman that someone threw away and now look
at me....all my dreams have come true!!!!! She is MINE!!
Until later my friends,
A happy Buddie


Our First Week Anniversary Draws Near!!

September 29th 2005 12:18 pm
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Hello Cool Cats and Fancy Felines!!
My new wife, the Beautiful Hazel Lucy, and I are currently taking
in the sun at our first stop on our world wind Honeymoon on the
lovely Cat Island in The Bahamas. We are sipping fresh coconut juice
and dining on freshly caught shark! We are Island hopping around
Arthurs Town, Orange Creek, Tea Bay Settlement and The Village just
to name a few of the lovely destinations around Cat Island. The sun
is warming our whiskers and we are sitting paw and paw in our hammock
tied between two beautiful palm trees with the breeze blowing our
fur....the only sound is our contented purring.
Stayed tuned for more adventures when we are rested up from the
Beautiful Wedding and out of control Reception Party.
Your happy couple,
Buddie and Hazel Lucy


Happy Married FurCouple

October 7th 2005 6:22 am
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Hi Friends!!
The Beautiful Hazel Lucy and I are still on our fun
filled Honeymoon....right now we are packing up
to leave the wonderful beach, sand and sun
and heading to a new location...we have had
such fun and you can't believe the toast strangers
have given us at our nightly meals...well, this is
AFTER they get over the shock of seeing two furfaces
so happily in love and on their HONEYMOON!!!!
Hazel Lucy and I always laugh our whiskers off
in the privacy of our room late at night over the
surprised looks on their faces..heehhe Friends,
we have had such an amazing time the past two
weeks and can't wait to share our complete
diaries with all of you....well, maybe NOT the
complete diary....hehehe..some things are better
left unsaid.....but, thank all of you again for your
kind thoughts and the well wishes you have given
us!! We carry each and everyone of you in our
With love and fun,
Buddie and his Catster love, the Beautiful Hazel Lucy


My Love In Emergency!!

October 22nd 2005 4:30 pm
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Oh My....what a day Sweet Hazel Lucy had to be
rushed to the Emergency Room this afternoon....she was SO
sick....I was SO worried....I was not ready to give up the love
of my life this early in our married life!! She looked so sick
and she couldn't feel my whisker kisses on her sweet face!!
But, tonight she is almost back to her playful self. We are
visiting her mom until she can be checked out by her REAL
vet Monday. She will be fine, I am sure. We will continue on
our world wind Honeymoon just as soon as she gives me the
word that she feels up to it.
Well, until then, I want to say "Thank you EACH and EVERY
ONE that prayed for my sweet baby".....Prayer works!
Until later,
The proud husband of the
Beautiful Hazel Lucy!!!


How Nice People Are!!

October 28th 2005 5:50 pm
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Hello Catster Friends,
Tonight our local TV station (WSMV) did a story on the Beautiful
Hazel Lucy and me!! They showed Catster and then our pictures
and said the Beautiful Hazel Lucy looked 'lovely' in her wedding
veil. Oh, how sweet, nice and kind Dan and Demetria were to us!!
We will remember this for the rest of our nine lives along with
the wonderful wedding and our funfilled Honeymoon!!!
Well, back to the boating, diving, para-sailing and most fun of all--
fishing!! Yum!! We are in CATalina Island right now....
Will write later,
Your Pal,


Our Honeymoon Continues....

November 12th 2005 8:53 am
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Hi FurFriends,
Right now my healthy little furwife, Hazel Lucy, and I are visiting
the pretty little town of CAT Spring, TX. The Beautiful Hazel Lucy
has never been to Texas and I wanted to show her the State! Well,
catfriends, what a BIG State!!!! It is taking us forever to make pawprints
everywhere we want to. I bought my love a Ten Gallon hat and some
neat looking Boots...boy, does she look sooooo neat!!! Maybe we can post
some pictures on her web site soon of our travels. We are going 'line
dancing' tonight....she said we should be good at it since we have FOUR
feet instead of two like the humans!! hehe
Ok, until later.....
Still traveling Texas,
Your Pal,
Buddie and his Catster Love, The Beautiful Mrs. Hazel Lucy of
Castster Fame...

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