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Micheal baby

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Birthday thank you's

October 20th 2011 7:27 am
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I had a nice birthday with Mommy. she gave me extra treats, she tried to gibe me some hugs but today I didn't want any.
I want to thank my furends for the gifts and pmails they sent.
Thank you to CallieRose and her brofur Herbie for the best wishes.The same f rom Violet and Midnight. you made me smile.
Thank you to My furend Tilly from across the pond she sent me a diamond.
I gots a black cat from Tyson a heart from Monida .
And a pair of pumkins from Mr. Sam, Boo Boo and Skids and thier furmily. a football from Jobel, Zoe, Jasper and Jillian Grace.
To all my furends thank you for think ing of me on my day.
I haven't been on here much cause Mom gets sooo furstrated at all the hicups catster seems to be having. She can't get in to read anyones diaries and she has a hard time entering ours so keep your paws crossed she doesn't have to retype this.
Love Mikey


catster fleas

September 22nd 2011 4:16 am
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I guys we are fury sorry that we haven't responded to all the gifts and catster stuffs but the darn fleas Mom can't get in she trys and tries . if she reads a diary the puter slows to a stop and she cannot comment. we have sent gifts but nothing happens. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! any way thank you for all your gifts and pirate flags. Congrats toall the DDPs I have missed you know we loves you all just can't respond some times.
Take care hoping this goes in properly. Keep you paws crossed
Mikey and Mom


Mom needs some sleep.

September 9th 2011 1:40 pm
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9:45 the witching hours starts, with Micheal running up and down the hall way with his rat in his mouth, screaming NOWWWWWWW ma ma Nooowwwwww! he does this for about twenty minutes then Paddy joins in. Now we have the two boys sitting on their haunches smacking each other in the face or on the top of their heads. This goes on for ten minutes and now Spotty joins in, but Paddy hates Spotty so out come the claws and all hell breaks loose , fur every where. Charlie the dog jumps off the bed ans skids to a stop in amongst the melie and the three scatter in different directions. FINALLY some peace and quiet.
Now can I get some sleep please.
yours truely Mom.



August 29th 2011 4:44 am
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On Satfurday we had lots and lots of peoples here in our yard.
They was efury where. They kept bringing food and more food and more food. Mom was rushed off her feet greeting them and making sure efury one had food and drink. Paddy and I watched from the bedroom window. They was taking pictures of Mom's beautiful garden and efury ting else. They had a great big cake it said Happy 30th anniversary on it. Charlie is so lucky he got to go out and lick all the paper plates off. he must have got a sugar high cause he started doing circles around the gazeebo. Me I gots furstrated wanted out of the bedroom so I tore dad's clothes out of the closet off the hangers and draged them through the litter pans. I wants some of that food to. I eventually got my way when efury one left Mom brought some to us. Happy annifursary Mom and Dad I loves you puuurrrrrrrss.


Mom and Dad's Day

August 25th 2011 4:30 am
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I will not be on for a while because we have to help Mom and Dad get ready for a big party on Sat. Mom and Dad are celebrating thier 30th wedding anniversary. So we will be busy busy busy.
Hopeing All our catster furends stay safe.



August 17th 2011 8:37 am
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Mom and Charlie were out for thier morning walk when the neighbors dog came bouncing toward them she noticed he had broken his rope so she got him to follow her. Charlie said no way am I walking with him . Mom figured out why when he jumped up all over her. He had been Skunked! peeewwww! now Mom smelled like skunk so she got him home then came home to wash her cloths and self with sunlight soap and vinegar works great.


Micheal the Brave

July 14th 2011 8:09 am
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Mom , Dad and the dumb dog went for a walk yesterday, when they came home they had another doggie with them. Mom opened the door and the doggie ran in and I puffed up bigger than usual and followed him around from high up on the counter. All of a sudden I jumped down and smacked him acouple of times and bit him. He yelped and Mom grabed the doggie and shooed him out side. We does not need another dumb dog here. I am not sharing my food. Mom went out side to see how the dog was I made him bleed on his leg where I smacked him. Well the neighbors shouldn't be letting their dogs run loose. "HUMPH DUMB DOG".


new baby

July 4th 2011 4:41 am
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we has a new baby in the neighbor hood but we can only look at it from the window. It is a baby black bear. we has to bees fury careful when walking the dog now we trys to go when there is lots of traffic and it is the hotest time of the day. Not good for Charlie Mom takes the water bottle wif her. she fills it up and puts it in the fridge to keep it cool. She stops in to visit people too so they won't get over heated.
gots to go let Spot in.


Happy Fourth of July

July 2nd 2011 5:28 am
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We ,except Mom had a wonderful Canada Day. Canada is excited to see our future king and beautiful Queen they got a rock stars welcome . they chanted her name.
Got a fifteen minute standing ovation Wills blushed just like his Mom did. They will be in the U.S. of A soon so please take care of them for us.
We share the same long weekend for the same reasons we are fury proud of our countries' as we should be. We salute you on this fury festive and proud weekend and wish you a fury safe and Happy Fourth of July.
Purrs and hugs from you Canadian Furends
Mikey and furmily.


making my self at home

June 30th 2011 8:01 am
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Mom went to bed last night and i waited til she was comfy and got up and layed on top of her. She woke up and couldn't hardly breath. I was nice and comfy and purring like mad . she gently rolled me off saying that I wa too heavey and my boney elbows were in her ribs. I promptly go back up in the position I was and she rolled me off again. so I got up on top agin and she quickly rolled over on her tummy and I stayed there in the one spot i didn't roll off so she got comfy I was comfy and massaged her back so we got to sleep after all.

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