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1 little, 2 little, 3 little kittens!

September 29th 2010 8:15 pm
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oh what a great month! i have meet some great new catster kittens! 1st is Tallulah's new sister! Tu Two
what a cutie! we are so glad to see her in a forever home!
2nd, my newest kitten friend, Lily!
she is adorable! she has really big bright eyes! sooooo happy to see that she has found a forever home! Ollie
well he is not a small kitten but a young 6 month old but none the less handsome! i will love watching him grow up:)
have you see those cute cute kitten from the kitten krew? oooopppps, i think there are 5 kittens in the krew. well most of you know that i can't count! mom says that makes 8 kittens! oh my! anyways, we hope that the kittens from the kitten krew find forever homes!

welcome to catster little ones.


WOW! you should see our new pool!

September 7th 2010 2:05 pm
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it rained soooooo much, that we have a new pool in the back yard. that tropical storm brought us much needed rain. good thing is, it did not bring thunder and lightening with it. my brofur Yugi is so afraid of rain. sometimes mom just puts a blanket on him and he stays under the blanket! well gotta go play but not in the pool!


DDP again?

September 1st 2010 8:05 am
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wow, ddp again! me thinks the computer picker is getting lazy!MOL! i was very very sad when i found out that the ddp picker was a computer:( cause at first some kitties called the picker, diary gal. but, just like a child, finding out that there is no Easter bunny, i was sad. blame that one on Hazel Lucy, MOL! anyways has anyone noticed those great gifties from the Bush kitties? their mom, is really talented!i love those gifties! thank you Bush Kitties! Hooch, thanks again! with your mommy being busy, it's nice to see you remember me:) And, also, that you are still not feeling well, makes us very sad. we will continue purring and praying for you. Hooch, i too am having trouble giving gifts. it is like taking long to load and sometimes it does not go through. so i can see why it is frustrating for you. so if anybody has not gotten a gift from me i will try again:) Labor Day is around the corner. an extra day off for dad but he will be on call:( how can they call it a holiday if people still have to work? only good thing about that is that some people get paid extra! so we would like to wish everyone, here in the good ol'US of A, a Happy Labor Day. please don't eat too much hot dogs and apple pie:)



August 30th 2010 7:10 pm
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I love being a DDP! i love all the gifts on my page and i love all my friends!
a big thank you to Tyson, for the very tasty shrimp!
my buddy Hooch, for the nice blue ribbon and remembering me!
Tate the Cupcake King! for the delicious Shrimp, gulp!yummy!
Morris, for the nice blue kitties rock!
Felix, for the wonderful drink! it hit the spot!
my sweet best girl Ishtar! Shrimp was delicious!love you!
the ever so beautiful Miss Muppet,thanks for the ice cream!it was cool!mol!
my best bud....Alfie!what a big trophy!i don't think i have ever gotten one of those!
Oreo Bush!!!!!! what can i say? that's the biggest*giggle* Congratulations i have ever seen! Thank you very much.

Alfie The Lovebug Angel! your mom is just soooo talented! Thank you for the most beautiful shiny picture!i love it, love it, love it!thank you, thank you, thank you!

unfortunately Sunday's are hard for me mom to get on Catster. she goes out of town to go to church and visit family for most of the day. so me mom did not find out about the DDP until 11:30PM! she missed my special day:( but...we had a fun day, the next day anyways! thanks guys!


meow, what's that noise?

August 24th 2010 4:12 pm
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boy o boy, it has been hot here! yesterday it was 105! hot, hot, hot. but today, there was this noise! it came from the ceiling. see there are two skylights in our house. well it just so happened to rain today:) it made this funny noise when it hit the skylights and we did not know what was going on:/ it was crazy!


girl and boys gone wild!

August 22nd 2010 6:39 pm
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wow wow wow! our house is bigger! all of us kitties are like running all over the place and climbing up places that we shouldn't! there are many cabinets that i can hide in too:) gotta get away sometimes, from those horrible younger cats. but since the area is new to us, my mom and dad will not let me run outside. we moved just one block up the street, from where we used to live. but that was a quiet culdesac, to a street that has more traffic. not a busy area but mom and dad are just being cautious and playing it safe. so if i can not go out, neither can the queen sasha! she is mad all of the time. she has been very bossy>: mom has been painting and she is using a big ladder. now those younger kittens like to climb to the top! just to let you know, it has been very hot here. like in the 100's, and our litter boxes are in the garage. but guess what, that air conditioner works really well. now mom and dad made this garage the kitty area but we like spending time in the house:) sorry mom, but no one "keeps" the miller:) i have to run the whole house not just the garage!


Got A New Pad!

August 11th 2010 8:38 am
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our new house is so much bigger than the other house! all of us kitties and bunnies were always running into each other, literally! our catio/garage is all ours. all of our towers,toys and scratching post are all there. we even have a big chair to sit on! mom leaves the door open cause the garage has an air conditioner! no we are not spoiled, we just have our parents well trained!


The Evil Kitty!

July 21st 2010 7:36 am
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we have lived in this house for like 8 years now. we will be moving up the street with in the next three weeks. we have had some kitties that come and go. there are two girls that live in the back yard. they sit on the patio chairs and they make themselves comfortable. mom has had these two girls spayed. at first these two did not get along but now they are friends:) the calico momma now lets mom pet her but sometimes she still runs away when mom feeds them. she is quite moody! when the first momma had kittens, 3, we took them in. when the momma had her first litter, she was very tiny and the babies were not alive when they were born:( the second litter was a litter of one, her name is girlfriend. mom was going to get her spayed but it turned out that she got pregnant before mom could catch her. then she had bubbles and eli. they are not on catster. the next year the calico momma had 1 kitten, stinky cheese, who is also not on catster. mom thought the calico was spayed because the year before, she did not have any babies. mom thinks, that the father to these babies is....the Evil White Kitty! this kitty is white with a little black. girlfriend, eli and bubbles are also black and white. stinky cheese is a very light orange. mom thinks that The Evil White kitty is the dad because he used to come by and the girls were like star struck when he came by. mom says The Evil White kitty is the ugliest cat around! he is dirty, he is skinny and he has a bad personality! how does mom know? well mom feeds all kitties and if there is food left over the skunks, squirrels, raccoons, birds and possums come by to eat. well sometimes when mom goes out to feed this kitty, he goes after mom! he chases her and she has to have broom by her if he is outside! he charges at her and he is mean! mom used to run him off when she would see him. lately mom has let him hang around without giving The Evil White kitty a hard time. see he has gotten really skinny and she knows he has been drooling and it looks like his teeth are bad. well, those two girls swoon over him like he was a rock star! they go push themselves and rub all over that ugly white kitty! it makes mom all mad like, cause he is so mean! she says he does not treat them right cause he goes from girl kitty to girl kitty! now he has a harem! he has been spending more time with the girls and mom just hates him but will just let him be. we will try to relocate the girls when we move and mom is sure The Evil White kitty will find them. just look at him, he has a picture on my page, he is sooo ugly but those girls just live him so!


My Dear Friends

July 13th 2010 3:57 pm
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every once in a while, me mom comes across a sick kitty. she offers a St Francis medal. sometimes a mommy or daddy says yes, we would like one. sometimes we get a no but thank you. either way, is ok with me. me mom always has these medal blessed at church. she likes it when the Father says that our pets should be protected too. most times, we see that a kitty is doing really well, when they wear their medal and sometimes things don't go as well as mom had liked. mom wishes she had asked if a kitty needed the medal sooner or is sad that it was too late, when she sent the medal. when she sends a medal, she hopes that, the medal is put on a kitty's collar, so that it can be as close to the kitty as possible. me mom has 2 medals and if you think your kitty needs one, she will send it to you. if she gets a few request, she will give them out to whoever writes first and then she will get some more. it might or might not take mom a long to to get these medals out. but.... please only ask for one if the kitty is sick. trying to help a sick at a time:)


Oh MY!

July 10th 2010 1:01 pm
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not another soccer game! me friend Ishtar hates these games:( i hope she will be alright! why do they need another game for third place?

so me mom was singing to me, yet again. me mom is not the best singer but i like her singing to me. she sang, "where is dusty, where is dusty? here i am, here i am, how are you this morning? very fine i thank you, run away." well i really liked this song so much that when mom was singing, i was singing along with her. well i am not the best singer either! but it is fun to sing with my mom:)

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