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The Life of Ka - zar

My weekly rant for the week ending 9th May 2009

May 7th 2009 4:25 pm
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My weekly rant is being written a day early this week as Mum may not be able to help me tomorrow as uncle Ross is coming for visit starting tonight.

I would like to start this rant with a birthday shout out to my beautiful girl kitty friend Kit. She had her 13th birthday yesterday so that makes her a teenager. I hope she doesn't get pimples though. I hope you had a great day.

Grandma and Grandpa went away for weeks holiday. So I'm home with Mum and uncle Grant looking after me they've done a great job. I get fed, I get cuddled, I get let out the door when I want it, I get let back in five minutes later when I discover it's too cold and I get my litter box cleaned what more could a cat ask for.

We are becoming hotel Mainard this weekend and early next week. Mum's friend uncle Ross is coming tonight until Sunday morning and then on Monday a friend of uncle Grant's is coming until Wednesday morning. I think there is something seriously wrong with uncle Grant's friend he is allergic to me little old me who wouldn't harm a fly.

I've been put in charge of welcoming duties for the rest of the week and supervision of the work uncle Ross is going to do while he's here. Someone has to make sure he's doing it right and I'm a very good supervisor. Mum says there are two things I'm good at supervising people when they work and being to a nurse to family members when they get sick and I've done a lot of that lately.

well that's all my news for this week. I hope all my friends and their families are happy and well.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

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