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I've been tagged

September 25th 2008 4:14 pm
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I have been tagged by beautiful friend Flower.

I am supposed to list SEVEN thing you'll want to know about me and then tag seven kitties!

1. I've moved house four times in my ten years. I've lived in two country towns, one regional town and one by the sea.

2. I love to sleep on pillow with Mum's jumper on it in Mum's room.

3. My Favourite food is people food and beef and gravy in tin.

4. I'm a very proud member of the Olde furts. It's the best group on catster.

5. I'm a member of Pie's breakfast club even though it's night time in Australia when they meet. I love coming in for a good chat and company.

6. I love to play ball with Mum. it a great way to spend time with Mum and get some exercise.

7. My favourite thing to do during the day is go outside and sit in the sun. it gives me so much energy.

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