BLOO BLOO's Life of Love


February 8th 2008 8:50 am
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Hi Catster Cool Cats, I have been "TAGGED" by my GOOD FRIEND from Australia, named, Rizza to play a game. I must post in my diary, 7 facts about myself(BLOO BLOO) and then "TAG" 7 cats and send them pawmails to let them know they have been tagged and to see my diary.
So here goes................

7 Facts about me (BLOO BLOO the Great!!!)

1. I have many good friends on Catster from around the globe who I correspond with and love very much.

2. I eat lumpfish caviar and love all seafood flavored cat food and smoked oysters.

3. I am very loyal to my Daddy, Ken , Who I love very much.

4. This Winter, I have been sleeping under the blankets with my Daddy by my side.

5. I belong to "THE POWER OF PRAYER" and other prayer groups and always take the time to say prayers to my fellow cats (and Dogs too) when they are ill or in need. Blessed be.

6. I have one of the "busiest" and most multi media intensive web pages around LOL like Snoopy's dog house on the Christmas Charlie Brown cartoon lol.

7. I have a studly boyfriend in Pennsylvania named Marlon Brando check him out his catster id is......#605137


1. Horus catster id#564823

2. Lucy-Lou catster id#618396

3. Punkin Pooh catster id#257538

4. Bella catster id # 667816

5. Percy catster id # 626008

6. Annie R catster id # 632417

7. Sterling catster id#666036


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