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Sammys Life

My Caturday!!

September 14th 2008 12:25 pm
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Well!!!! It was NOT pleasant.
First, I was walked into my carrier.
That was okay, I sometimes do it on my own.
THEN, out to this big thing with wheels on it
and I get strapped into the seat! Oh, this is
sorta nice. Meomy and Paw-Paw are with me,
what bad could happen.

Well, we get to this place and in we go. I see
other kitties walking around and a tiny doggy
on a leash. Nothing to complain about yet.

Pretty soon this cutie girl comes out and says
"Sammy." In we go to this tiny room. She helps
me out of the carrier and off we go to get weighed.
She comes back and tells us what a big boy I am,
11 pounds. THEN all h..l breaks loose! Next thing
I know there is this thingie going into me and I
did not like it one bit!! Something about a fee-cal
exam! Well, they can keep that! That's when I
showed my true temper and tried to bite my
paw-paw and this here Dr. that has come in.
He could see how stressed I was and had the
cutie girl get a towel and cover me with it.
Whew!!! That was nice. Then he precedes to examine
me and keeps saying how good I am. THEN, when
I am all nice and relaxed this HUGE needle comes into
my back and I let them know I am still stressed.
Another shot and it is over. He checked my fur and
said I am clean and another 'what a good boy you are'!

Now, he checks my mouth. He doesn't like that at all
and my meomy almost faints. It is all red around my
gums and the doc says that I need to have my teeth
cleaned! Can you imagine????? I don't know what
that means but I don't think I am going to like it
very much. Meomy ask how we can prevent this in
the future and the doc says that she can brush my teeth!
Now, I KNOW I wouldn't like that!!!!

We finally get back home and I ignored them pretty much
for the rest of the day.

Today is business as usuall but I don't efur want to go there

Sammy ~~~


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