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Reece at large...and I mean large!

Has no one but me noticed the new little nuisance in the- house?

December 10th 2004 5:01 pm
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My old friend Clouseau went away. I don't know what happened to her...I hope she is okay and that I will see her again someday. I had many hours of fun chasing her through the house, jumping out at her just so she would jump straight into the air...and boy for a chunky girl, she sure could jump. But the most fun was when she would be walking along unawares and I would run straight for her and do a tackle roll. Yes, that was the most fun. Of course, if Mom or Dad were home I sure would get in trouble for that one.

So, with all of the "good times" we had together you can imagine how lonely I was without Clouseau. After she left, I noticed Mom and Dad were upset and they really seemed very I just hung around them and tried to cuddle up with them. Mom would hold me and cry, so I would rub my face on hers. She would hold me tighter and cry some more. I started sleeping above her head like Clouseau used to do because I didn't want her to be so sad.

Then, just when things were kind of settling into a new routine - namely me getting most of the upstairs attention - a little black and white spit-fire showed up and is taking over the house. She struts around here like she owns the place. She is constantly jumping out from the shadows and scaring the life right out of me. Let me tell you what else she does...She waits until I am calmly walking from my favorite place on the bed to my favorite place on the couch and tackles me in a hit and tumble move. She jumps on me, she tries to play with my tail, yes that's right, my TAIL and then she has the nerve to want to curl up with me in my cat bed. Every time I complain Dad says, " I hope the irony isn't lost on you big guy." What does irony mean?

I have noticed that Mom and Dad think this is all very funny. I know this new whipper snapper's name is Gretchen because they call my name and her name when it's chow time. But I keep hearing something sounds like Clouseau...but it's two words: What does "Clouseau's Revenge" mean?


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