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Meows from Milo

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Fashionable in Berry Blue & Mango!

August 18th 2007 4:29 pm
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The package I've been waiting for arrived today! It was my Berry Blue & Mango Tranquility Blanket with matching hat and collar made by Cousin HAZEL LUCY! I'm quite honored to own something so special, not just because they look and feel good, but because they were made with such love and care by one of our own.

Thanks Hazel Lucy!



Vanessa, Lemur, and ________?

August 8th 2007 7:45 am
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Very late last night, Mercy and I were sending out some "thank you" pawmails and when we got to the pages of VANESSA and TOFFY, we read their diaries. We noticed that Vanessa had written a diary entry on July 30th about a rosette she received from LEMUR. She wrote that "Getting a rosette from Lemur was like getting a rosette from ________". She was offering a special prize to the first kit to guess the name she was thinking of. We weren't really going for any prize, but it only took seconds for us to tell her we thought the answer was BRAD PITT.

Just as we were getting ready to go to bed, we received a notification that we received a Catster gift of Zealies and that they were from Vanessa! So, we went back to her page and read her new diary entry that announced that we won her contest. Too funny! Mom was giggling her head off and almost thought she wasn't going to be able to go to sleep after that.

Thanks, Vanessa!



Three's Company!

August 6th 2007 10:32 pm
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I just love my new Catster cake with three candles, they look cozy together! I wonder what will happen when they start running out of room for more candles? Will the cake get bigger or will there be additional cakes? We'd all have to hang around for awhile to find out!

Thank you to my friends who sent me Stars and Rosettes to honor my 3rd Catster Anniversary! All of my friends are special, but I do have to mention a very cute lil' doggie pal of ours named LUCKY, who, in her words, is obsessed with our family. She always comes over to Catster to visit with us and I bet she'd even come live with us if her mommy would let her!

Like Mercy, I will be sending personal pawmails to thank each of you, but in the meantime, have some cake!



Our Catster Cakes Grow Another Candle!!

August 2nd 2007 10:47 pm
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First, I want to say that I'm glad my younger brother Riley is having a good time celebrating his 3rd Birthday. He's really a good kid and brother!

Mercy and I also have something to celebrate on Monday, August 6th--our 3rd Catster Anniversary!!!! You may have some kitty friends who joined in August of 2004 like we did, but you may not know many who joined on August **6TH**, the first day that Catster went public, AND who are still active on the site.

We asked and received confirmation from our contact at HQs that they definitely have 3-candle cakes and that it would show up on our "create" date or maybe the next day, though we may have to give ourselves a treat to refresh our pages. Treat? Sure, we can do that!!

Thank you to HQs and our wonderful friends for making the site so fun for us! We're looking forward to another fun-filled year!

Don't forget to come by for CAKE!!



I'm Back!

July 27th 2007 9:11 pm
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I'm back from spending an entire day with Dr. Strubel for a joint tap and x-rays. First thing I did was eat because I was starving! She said I was a good cat today. I bet she says that to every cat! Maybe because I didn't leave her a present like I did last time. She didn't know that I had already left the present for Mom in the carrier on the way there!

The news is good even though the full results from the joint tap won't be back for a few days. My x-rays do not show significant inflammation like they did last time. Yeah!!! I had been taking 1 prednisone tablet a day and Vibramycin twice a day since the first time I was there. Now I can alternate between 1 prednisone tablet a day and 1/2 a tablet the next and still continue the Vibramycin. Then we will call Dr. Strubel to give her an update on my progress in a couple of weeks and we'll try to decrease the prednisone to 1/2 tablet a day. Mom is going to have to go and buy one of those pill dispensers with days of the week on them to keep it straight! Dr. Strubel also said I definitely look more comfortable when walking around and that I've gained almost a pound! I have to go back in a month for another recheck. Uggh!



Where Am I?

July 27th 2007 10:57 am
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I am stuck HERE again in the Campbell location for another joint tap so we can see if there's been improvement with the inflammation in my joints and to have x-rays taken again. I do NOT like it here, so I am on the phone complaining to Mom and having her write this diary entry before they put me down for a nap.

Having a joint tap performed on me means I couldn't eat past midnight last night so I am starving. I was standing in front of the food bowl this morning and next thing you know I was being carried off into the little jail cell and put in the car. As usual, I complained during the entire ride and instead of leaving the vet a present like I did last time, I decided to leave it for my Mom in the car! The car is being aired out all day now. *snickers*

I have been acting like I feel better as far as my joints go, but I could stand to gain a pound or two. Got any extra weight you wanna give to me? I just hope there really has been improvement so that I don't have to make these trips regularly.

Mom, you better be here to pick me up as soon as they're finished with me!

~Grumpy Milo


What's Up Doc?

July 20th 2007 10:12 pm
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That's what I'm going to say to Dr. Strubel, the vet specialist, when I go to see her again on Friday, July 27th. Then I'm going to leave her a nice present on the exam table like I did last time! Apparently, she wants to do a joint tap again to make sure the inflammation in my joints is gone. I think most of it is gone because I have been walking around alot more, but I guess I have to go through this to make her happy and make my parents happy. I've been so good about taking my pills and Vibramycin but I have a feeling I'll have to continue taking them for a very long time irregardless, but hopefully at a smaller dosage. Mom will be taking the day off so she can pick me up as soon as she can because of how much this stresses me out!

Stay tuned...




July 4th 2007 3:18 pm
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I have now received all of the results from the recent joint tap I had done. The good news is that the results came out completely negative for anything other than the inflammation in my joints, so I will still need to continue taking the anti-inflammatory meds for awhile. I have to say that the meds have made me feel soooo much better. I've been getting up more, sitting up more, and eating more. This makes my parents very happy. I know that means I'm going to have to get on that scale very soon for a weight-check.

I'll be going back to see the specialist in a few weeks to make sure all the inflammation is gone. I dread that visit, but have a little while to try not to think about it!



Oh My Bones!

June 23rd 2007 8:49 pm
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This past Monday, Mom took me to a special place referred by our vet to find out why I've been struggling a bit when I walk and why I cry when I'm being carried, especially since I've always loved to be carried in the past. I think most of my friends know how I hate getting in the car and being in the carrier but I had to go.

The place I went to was Veterinary Surgical Associates (VSA) in Campbell, CA. If you go to this site and click on the Campbell location where there is a picture of the reception area, you will understand how my Mom felt as soon as she walked through their doors! My appointment was with Dr. Strubel, who specializes in internal medicine, but they also have orthopedic surgeons which is good so that they can confer with each other as necessary. The first thing my Mom noticed when we walked into the exam room was the flat-screen computer monitor attached to the wall. She had not seen that before in any of the vet offices or animal hospitals that she's ever been to.

Dr. Strubel seemed really nice even though I was crying and trying to find a place to hide, but I was cooperative and nice. She had all of my medical records and talked to Mom about what's been going on with me. Then they did a full exam, plus a body x-ray and numerous tests. My blood and urine levels are normal as well as my bladder, liver, and kidneys. However, we looked at my x-rays on the computer monitor and they showed that I have an immune-mediated erosive joint disease in my wrists and hocks and it has been eating away my bones in those areas. I'm not contagious, there's no concern that I have cancer, and even if I can't be cured, the right combination of meds can help control the disease and make me feel more comfortable. But I wasn't given any meds after this visit because they recommended that I go back on Thursday for a joint tap before they prescribe anything. I sure was glad to go home and a few of my brothers and sisters must have missed me because I got alot of head licks from them.

Thursday came too soon. More crying by me and I was starving. I had to be asleep for the joint tap so I couldn't eat that morning. Mom took the day off and we arrived a half hour early because she wanted to try to calm me down before they did the procedure. When she mentioned that to the receptionist, she asked if we wanted to go in the "quiet room". Sure! It was a nicely decorated room with upholstered furniture and magazines. I got to come out of the carrier and just layed down next to Mom for awhile but then I had to be taken away. It was a long day but Dr. Strubel said I did really well. I was really wired after the procedure and very vocal. I just wanted to go home. This time, I was sent home with anti-inflammatory meds and antibiotics. Once again, as soon as I got home, I was welcomed and given lots of licks by my brothers and sisters. Then I ate because I was starving.

On Friday, Dr. Strubel called with preliminary results that showed I don't have bacteria in my joints but I definitely have inflammation. We will get the rest of the results on the culture early next week so that they can ensure that I get all the meds I need. Then I will feel better and then should eat more because I'll want to get up more. What I am taking now is fine and actually, I've been going up and down the stairs more the last couple of days to go back and forth to my favorite napping spots.

I will be okay. I may have more arthritis issues as I get older, but we'll deal with those when the time comes.



My Dad

June 11th 2007 11:08 pm
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At the movies! My Dad likes action and comedy movies the best. He'll only go and watch those "date" type movies for Mom, of course. Since my Dad is more of the strong, silent, but opinionated type, it's kinda "funny" that he would enjoy comedies, even on TV, but hey, he's got to have a sense of humor living with all of us!

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I hope Mom doesn't make you go and watch a chick-flick this weekend!


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